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War Beast Planned Libyan Attack Back in 2001 Under
Black Horse Bush

ranscripts of an interview with General Wesley Clark, who spoke candidly with journalist Amy Goodman back in 2001, indicates the World Antichrist Religion (WAR) Beast power's plans to encircle the Middle East with military force, are unfolding in essentially the same chronological order envisioned a decade ago.

At this writing, the Republicans and the Democrats continue to play the Dialectic shell game, as both parties criticize America's involvement in Libya. These protestations are obviously a complete facade, as this data shows a definitive plan was in place long ago, and the puppet-masters "behind the curtain" continue to instruct Punch and Judy (the Republicrats and the Democans) to do their bidding.

In the interview, Clark acknowledged the initial invasion target, Iraq, was not chosen because of 911 -- but was selected to be the first Arab state to be invaded based upon some other criteria.

Clark described a now lost memo which stated the WAR Beast would invade 7 countries over the next 5 years -- a subtle indicator the plan would be carried out regardless of which party was in power. Indeed, the very fact the Obama regime has continued to execute the plan in lockstep with the Bush military rollout, is indicative of the political bankruptcy of the "two party system" -- a system clearly controlled by a single hidden hand.

In the interview, Clark specifically admitted the plan to invade the Middle East had a specific order in mind, and the memo -- allegedly handed down by the Secretary of Defense, revealed a long term policy of establishing a military presence throughout the Arab world. When asked to reiterate the list and the order of states to be invaded, Clark responded

"Well, starting with Iraq, then Syria and Lebanon, then Libya, then Somalia and Sudan, and back to Iran."

Analysis of this list is revealing due to the common denominators which are easily seen (Islam is at the top of the list), but the most notable thread is the list of geographic locales associated with the ancient place-names found in Ezekiel 38 -- the notorious Gog/Magog coalition described as being annihilated through military conflict in the "latter times."

For more on the Gog and Magog cabal of political powers predicted to be associated with a devastating conflagration in the near future, see the video on AMERICAN MAGOG.

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