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Get Ready - HAARP Has Been Turned Up Again

There Is Evidence That HAARP Has Been Turned Up Again And Its Target Is The New Madrid Fault Line

f you are in the New Madrid fault line areas in Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, or Tennessee, be on the look out for glowing clouds, which are a signal of HAARP energy coming through the clouds and being directed into a particular location.

There is now strong evidence coming from the HAARP induction magnetometer that shows several distinct beams which are being transmitted into the region on full blast.

These signals were seen in the Haiti earthquake, and forty hours later there was a devastating earthquake. In Japan the induction magnetometer again showed a beam, and fifty-five hours later we saw the recent Japanese disaster. Now we are seeing these signals again, only now there are four distinct signals reading off the scale, all going off at once. Whatever it is they are doing, it should be huge.

If this attempt is successful, very soon we will see a tremendous earthquake, and it's self evident that it will be in the New Madrid fault line area.

You may be interested to know that FEMA is also conducting a large weeklong exercise in the New Madrid region that will simulate a catastrophic earthquake.

A quote pulled from the FEMA website states the following:

"The NLE 11 functional exercise, which will simulate a catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, is scheduled to take place at venues in the national capital region and throughout the central U.S. These exercise activities are being carefully balanced with the current flooding and tornado-related disasters that FEMA and its partners are responding to, and adjustments have been made to exercise plans accordingly."

You may remember that just before 911, the government also just happened to be conducting exercises that simulated a similar attack on the area.

All signs point to an attack on the New Madrid fault sometime in the immediate future. Be vigilant and pray.

GEO, Christian Media (and now V) have been warning the world about the HAARP technology for many years. The definitive work on the subject is a book entitled ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP.

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