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The Beast That Was

Dear Friends,

      My long-time prediction concerning the new leader of the United Nations did not come to pass at the beginning of 2007. Many of you recall we believed Revelation's description of the 8th head of the Beast seen in chapter 17 applied to the prior Secretary-General, Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and that he would return to power after the exit of the 7th leader, Kofi Annan.

      Because this event did not occur as anticipated, it does not necessarily follow that the underlying prophetic patterns are invalid. In fact, it even remains to be seen if we've heard the last of Dr. Ghali, for a variation of the prophetic pattern connecting the 6th "head" of the Beast system with the 8th "head," is not only still possible, it's extremely likely.

He Is Of The Seven

      In just one of what we have referred to as repetitive "scripts," Revelation 17 tells us the "Beast" has 7 heads, of which "five are fallen, one is, and the other is not yet come" - for a total of seven (Revelation 17:10). The text then tells us this Beast will come out of the bottomless pit, and "even he is the eighth, and is of the seven." While we've learned these sequential "heads" can be kings, empires, or even eras, this demonstrates a peculiar association between the 8th head and its predecessors, or at least one of its forerunners. We have long determined the key figure is the 6th head, for he "was," then he "is not" (sequentially during the term or era of the 7th head), and "yet is" when he returns as the 8th.

      It is at the end of this cycle that the pattern is either concluded in a great finale, or the system renews itself and begins another cycle with the emergence of the 8th "head." This means the 3-step process dealing with "the beast that was, and is not, and shall ascend" is concurrent with the 6th, 7th , and 8th heads. This pattern (or "script") has been running for centuries.     

      In fact, based upon the information we currently possess, we can now suggest the 3 steps to a complete world dominion run by the Antichrist will most likely not be a reformed version of the United Nations, but an entirely new structure, based on the principles of the UN charter. Dr. Ghali, himself, has repeatedly stated that what is needed is a "third generation" form of the UN - with the failed League Of Nations step one, the present United Nations as step two, and the third and final version of world government something totally new.

      The question was never whether or not we will have world government run by the Antichrist, it is when, and in what form it will take. Thus, the installation of the 8th "head" at the existing UN indicates a new pattern has just begun. 

Six, Seven, and Eight

      At this point, it might be useful to reiterate this amazing 3-step pattern that has been influencing human history for so long. We have at least two examples of it in the American Presidency. The cycle is closely associated with another key event in the Beast prophecies of Revelation - what we usually refer to as "the deadly wound."

      Revelation tells us of this Beast, "I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death " (Revelation 13:3), and this repetitive event is closely associated with the 6, 7, and 8 pattern that continues to recur until the very end of time.

      Because the deadly wound is said to be by a "sword," we can presume some sort of violent event.  Theorists at our prophetic research group (, have recently put forth some compelling work on this front. For instance, the US Presidency of Abraham Lincoln was marred by his violent murder (a "deadly wound") and we have determined this inaugurated a cycle of seven heads of the US version of the Beast.

      Lincoln was succeeded by Andrew Johnson (1865-1890) which would make him the 1st "head" of the new pattern. Johnson was succeeded by Ulysses Grant (the 2nd in the pattern), then Rutherford Hayes entered the White House in 1877. Hayes was followed by James Garfield (the 4th "head"), who was, in turn, succeeded by Chester Arthur as the 5th in the chronological pattern. Grover Cleveland became the crucial figure as the 6th President. Cleveland left office as his successor Benjamin Harrison was elected.

      In a stunning political resurrection, after Harrison concluded his term, Grover Cleveland was re-elected as the 8th "head" in this pattern, and he became the only United State President in history to serve two non-consecutive terms in the White House. This makes Cleveland the 6th and the 8th "head" in this eerie pattern.

      Many of our readers already know of the bizarre and seemingly mystical connections between John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, but we can now connect them based upon this prophetic pattern. Beginning with the "deadly wound" suffered by Kennedy, he was succeeded by Lyndon Johnson (note how Lincoln's successor even had the same last name) who became the 1st head.

      Richard Nixon came next as the 2nd, and he was followed by the late Gerald Ford (the 3rd "head") then Jimmy Carter came in as the 4th. Ronald Reagan strode forth onto the world stage as the 5th in the pattern, followed by the crucial number 6, which was George Bush Sr. President Bush the elder was ousted from a desired second term by Bill Clinton (the 7th  head), then the pattern repeated with the curious association between the 6th and the 8th head as George W Bush was elected to the US Presidency. Coincidence?

Into The Mystic

      Long time Pope watchers have noticed a fascinating variant of this same pattern. Instead of the deadly wound inaugurating the cycle, the "healing" of the wound may be in view in the resumption of temporal power seen at the Vatican in the treaty that was signed in 1929 granting the Vatican the status of a national government.

      Almost two centuries ago, the Catholic Church clashed with the Italian government, and as a result, lost the political power they had enjoyed for many years. This sharp restriction of Papal power can be seen as a grave political "wound."  In 1929, in what became known as the Lateran Treaty, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini restored the Vatican's temporal power. This treaty made the "head" of the Vatican into the head of state - a position more frequently referred to as a king.  Remember, Revelation's prophecy speaks of "seven kings" (Revelation 17:10).

      After the Lateran Treaty, the first "head" was Pope Pius XI (1922-1939), who was succeeded by Pius XII (the 2nd head) and John XXIII (the 3rd head). John's successor Paul VI would be the 4th head, and the brief Papacy of John Paul I would then be the 5th head. This makes the late John Paul II the 6th head since the "healing" of the "deadly wound." The 7th head, Pope Benedict XVI was elderly when he took office, and his Papacy has been characterized as that of a caretaker in the wake of the most popular and powerful Pope in history - John Paul II.

      This data indicates another pattern of 6, 7, 8 is underway in the office of the Papacy, and certainly merits close attention to the events that transpire there in the near future. There are many ways in which the next Pope, the 8th head, could be tied to John Paul II, so the way this pattern will move has many possibilities. Indeed, because the adjacent Scriptures dealing with the False Prophet as well as the Antichrist tell us his rise will be accompanied by "lying signs and wonders," I have publicly noted that even demonically or artificially engineered apparitions of the late Pope are not out of the realm of possibility.

      Under this perspective, the UN and the USA are both now on their 8th head. The Papacy is on its 7th, so it's extremely likely we will see a radical shift in terms of the present world order in the very near term.

The Wicked World We Live In

      Although it may sound wildly far-fetched, scientist and researcher Dr. Nick Begich, in his new DVD Mind Control: A Brave New World, documents a military technology that is able to beam images and audible communications directly into the minds of human beings.  Utilizing such incredibly persuasive power, it is not inconceivable that "miracles" (such as convincing apparitions) can be artificially generated using these sophisticated new technologies.

      Furthermore, we have long believed that cities such as New York and Rome, as centers of financial and spiritual activity respectively, could be militarily damaged to such a degree that a relocation to Jerusalem would be necessitated. Such a consolidation of power would sharply move forward the emerging world order of the evil men that serve the Beast that was.

      Jewish Supremacists that believe and teach the people of Israel are somehow "chosen" in a special way on a racial or familial basis are frequently comforted to find the Papacy and Catholicism implicated in the Antichrist deception. Conversely, anti-Semites routinely blame the Zionist Jews for the self-evident conspiracy to enthrone world government in Jerusalem. The truth is, both factions (and some others not mentioned in the present work) are working in lockstep to bring about the global dominion that will ultimately reside in Jerusalem.

      It is apparent there must be a massive cataclysm to make the leap to a unified world government - and it is obvious to thinking individuals everywhere that  militant Islamic power structures have been raised up for this very purpose.  When the smoke clears after the forthcoming reckoning, we will see the surviving powers settle in Jerusalem, and the endgame will be fully underway.

      The process of the Beast rising out of the bottomless pit is almost certainly already occurring in a Spiritual sense. This is the rise of the Spirit of Antichrist, and as it consolidates its power on the various institutions of man, those that truly belong to Jesus Christ will see and recognize the Spiritual signatures of this nightmarish power.

      Since most believers continue to link their belief perspectives to the corporate churches of this world, we believe the overwhelming majority of Christians are deceived. Indeed, huge numbers of Christians are still following the false idea of a Jewish temple being rebuilt, complete with a European Antichrist and a 7-year treaty. This is despite the best Scriptural evidence indicating the passage in II Thessalonians tells us the "man of sin" will enter into the "temple" in a Spiritual sense.

      Because Paul tells us the collective body of believers are the true "temple" ("ye are the temple of God" - I Corinthians 3:16), the New Testament indicates this great apostasy from the truth is a subtle entrance of false doctrine that enters into the churches of the world. This is already occurring as the churches now "preach another Jesus" (II Corinthians 11:4).

      It is a given that those who have fallen into the grasp of the Antichrist deception genuinely believe themselves to be saved.  That great "falling away" is already well underway, and the evangelical churches of America are leading the way. Those that find themselves on the outside of the established order have now been driven into the Spiritual wilderness, as they are the remnant of the true body of Christ. We believe the Spirit of Antichrist is about to "sit in the temple of God" (II Thessalonians 2:4) in a big way, as the so-called "church" has largely refused to hear the desperate truth of our times. Those "Christians" that remain in the established order that has become the religious harlot repeatedly referenced as "Babylon" in Revelation, will be harshly judged.

      As Revelation predicted, the Beast has risen, and may God help us all.

- James Lloyd

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