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Stuxnet Returns To Bushehr Reactor ... Russia Warns Of Nuclear Explosion

ran's atomic energy chief Ali Akbar Salehi said on January 29 that the Bushehr nuclear power plant would be connected to the national grid on April 9. He "forgot" about Tehran's promise to fully activate its first nuclear reactor Tuesday, January 25. On that day, Iran's hand on the switch was held back at the last minute by Sergei Kiriyenko, chief of Rosatom (the Russian national nuclear energy commission which oversaw the reactor's construction). He came hurrying over to warn Tehran that Stuxnet was back and switching the reactor on could trigger a calamitous nuclear explosion that could cost a million Iranian [lives] and devastate neighboring populations. He complained to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the Iranian nuclear and engineering staff were ignoring the presence of the malworm and must be stopped.

Kiriyenko told the Iranian president that the Russian engineers employed at the reactor notified Moscow that Stuxnet was again attacking the Bushehr systems after apparently taking a rest from its first onslaught last June. There was no telling which systems had been infected, because a key feature of the virus is that the systems' screens show they are working normally when in fact they have been fatally disarmed. Activating the reactor in these circumstances could cause an explosion far more powerful than the disaster at the Russian reactor at Chernobyl, Ukraine in April 1986, which released 400 times more radioactive material than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The impression the Rosatom chief had gained from his staff at Bushehr was that the Iranian teams had been ordered to activate the reactor at any price to prove that the Islamic Republic had beaten Stuxnet. This concern overrode security. The consequences of ignoring this fearful hazard, said Kiriyenko, were unthinkable and would destroy the revolutionary Islamic regime in Tehran in their wake . . . Our Iranian sources report that, after seeing the Russian official off, Ahmadinejad ordered the reactor to stay shut down.

Editor's Note: What if the Stuxnet virus were actually designed to seize control of Iran's nukes, and cause them to self destruct as a way of discrediting the regime's braggadocio concerning their technical prowess? German sources have already revealed one phase of the virus is designed to record the ongoing monitoring of the nuclear plant in its safe and normal mode, and then send false readings to the nuclear operators indicating the plant is running normally, even as the computer worm is manipulating the nuclear centrifuges.

Prior Christian Media Daily news postings have also traced the worm to American and Israeli intel activity at Dimona, where Israel has a complete duplicate reactor, built to the same specs as Bushehr. The German Siemens firm, a credible source, has admitted providing the Northern power faction of DC/Dimona with the specs for Iran's (read the Southern power -- see Daniel 11 for details) reactor controls.

As the Stuxnet is said to be the most advanced computer coding ever deployed, it's a distinct possibility it has a "third" function, one which has still gone undetected. Since Iranian computers control their weapons systems, and Israel knows they will eventually go to an all out war with Iran, it's feasible Israel could actually cause Iran to launch missiles against themselves at a time of their own choosing. Such an event would cause chaos in Iran's military command, but Israel's plan would anticipate the confusion, and their counter-strike would remove the Iranian, Syrian, Lebanese axis once and for all. It would also provide justification for the decimation of three nations.

We have said for years the prophetic text of a Little Horn power (which is clearly Israel), uprooting three adjacent powers (the Iranian triad), is due to occur at any time. Incidentally, in spite of the political turmoil, this event should not include Egypt, as there are additional prophecies which are relevant, and they show Egypt in a continuing role after the fiery event about to occur. 

The bottom line is, a conspiracy to cause Iran's systems to initiate a nuclear event at a time and place which is known only to Israel, has a prophetic precedent in the book of Esther (see the short video on Hadassah Of Shushan for details), and there is a very real possibility of this occurring in the near term. Under such circumstances, the only "reasonable" response would be to retaliate in what would then become the most destructive 'false flag' episode in world history.

The high stakes poker game being played can only end in tragedy. It's not a case of if, but when, and if the international cabal that is scheming on world dominion gets its way, it's likely to be sooner than later. For more on the end of the age, see the book The Reckoning.

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