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Scientists Blending Flu Viruses To Produce Greater Killing Power

he Reuters News Agency is reporting that Chinese scientists have stated the H1N1 Swine Flu virus has been successfully blended with the Avian Flu virus known as H9N2. The Beijing based researchers are, theoretically, looking at undesired mutations which could cause spontaneous pandemics. Such research is then focused on vaccines for the maladies they've produced.

The reality is such laboratory work is being utilized to release progressively deadlier versions of the viral agents -- usually within the vaccines themselves. As the governments of the world steadily move towards more totalitarian power requiring their populations to submit to vaccinations, it is now overwhelmingly obvious that a global, planned pandemic is in the works. It's only a matter of time.

In the most recent example, scientists made 127 hybrid viruses by mixing genes of the H1N1 and the avian H9N2 virus in a laboratory, and eight of the hybrids turned out to be more virulent than either parents when tested in mice. In what can only be described as a laughable statement to anyone who understands the WAR Beast's (World Antichrist Religion) plans to cull the population, the mainstream media release concerning the Chinese research said

"The H1N1 pandemic of 2009 turned out to be milder than feared and human infections of H9N2 in China in the past are not known to have caused severe disease."

What they really mean is, the secret goal of the H1N1 project was a significant failure, as the virus proved unable to kill significant numbers of people -- the true goal of most of these programs. Thus, the scientists are continuing to work on genetic "reassortants" -- which are variations in the the blending of Swine, Bird, and other strains of the flu virus. Knowledgeable observers would not be surprised to find Eye of Knute, and Wing of Bat in the Witch's Brew that is the world's "health care" research.

The sad truth is, more people die every year from the vaccines than the flu they are supposedly designed to thwart.Even more pathetic is how American drug stores, departments stores, and retail outlets of every stripe are now positioned to distribute the vaccines. The moronic mullets called Americans continue to dutifully shuffle in to get their "free" vaccinations everywhere. Simultaneously, lest any if that increasingly rare phenomena known as an intelligent individual resists the "tempting" offer to have a needle stuck in their arm for "free," the American government "health care" system is decisively moving to require vaccinations in various strata of society -- but don't worry, you can trust the government, right?

It is self evident the "medical" community will continue to work on such programs until they finally succeed in murdering hundreds of millions with a "successful" vaccine. In spite of the fact the vast majority if American citizens will undoubtedly ignore this horrific truth until its too late, Christian Media and GEO continue to urge all parties tocompletely distrust the health care machine, and plan and execute an individual policy of building up a defensive posture against the inevitable viral holocaust which is waiting in the wings.

Although a number of herbal remedies are effective, we have found the best all around barrier to viral compounds isColloidal Silver, and because the WAR Beast power has been moving towards control of alternative health outlets via the oppressive Codex Alimentarius world legislation (a legal protocol that will allow the government to stop health food stores from offering alternatives to vaccines), all parties are urged to personally develop the capability of producing Colloidal Silver at home.

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