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Blackwater Bounty Hunters Hired To Hunt Hezbollah?

he World Net Daily published G2 Bulletin from Joseph Farah has published reports suggesting the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater (now known as Xe) is seeking a contract for the delivery of Lebanese based Hezbollah militants who are expected to be indicted for the murder of Rafiq Hariri, the former leader of Lebanon.

Although such a development sounds like a chapter from Blade Runner, the science fiction film where bounty hunters maneuvered through a high tech futurist world order chasing genetic miscreants, the perspective is not altogether implausible. Farah's G2 has noted Xe representatives were recently spotted at the Hague, for apparent meetings with legal representatives of the World Court preparing the Hezbollah indictments.

Founded and recently sold by a man named Erik Prince, the corporate culture at Xe is believed to be in Prince's image, a man that sees himself in the role of a modern day Christian Crusader. Blackwater was shrouded in mystery, and the American based company (with offices in North Carolina) was frequently embroiled in international controversy -- usually involving espionage, sabotage, private military style operations, and even murder. Rebranded as Xe even as Prince sold the firm, Xe is thought to be courting the court in an effort to privatize the unprecedented indictments against Hezbollah operatives working in Lebanon.

The concept of a profit driven-religiously synthesized Crusade against Islamic figures is consistent with Xe's public persona. In connection with one of many litigations involving the firm, one signed affidavit in Virginia stated the firm's founder 

"views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe."

With an extensive history of operations in Iraq, Pakistan, and other volatile states, the firm has a considerable track record in black ops functioning within a Muslim landscape. A cross between Dog the Bounty Hunter and Godfrey d Boullion, the Jewish Supremacist brand of "Christianity" seen in these  globalist corporate swashbucklers is thoroughly Antichrist -- and unfortunately, we may be entering an era when an international version of such bizarre mutations could flourish.

The Hariri indictments of Hezbollah are being aggressively pushed by the Obama regime, and the Hildebeast, Barry's present US Secretary of State, is aggressively massaging the UN hierarchy for prosecution of Hezbollah in  the World Court. For more on the commercial aspects of the emerging globalist order, see the video on The Blood Beast Of Babylon.

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