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Daniel 11 Predicted
North Vs South Conflict

he prophet Daniel details an overview of the major conflict of our time in chapter 11. While most Christian prophecy teachers are still teaching the fiction of the "revived Roman empire" as articulated by Hal Lindsey and other false prophets, the serial conflicts between the industrialized North (read the G8 developed nations such as the USA and NATO) and the developing South (read the Islamic and so-called "third world" countries such as Iraq) is threatening to envelop the entire world in a huge conflagration.

As NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), headed by the leader of North America continues its military, financial, and corporate exploitation of the nations of the South (as epitomized by membership in the multi-national South Centre organization), the predictable backlash is already well underway.

Islamists view the North as "Christian" crusaders coming to destroy their faith and their families, even as the agrarian societies see the international lenders seeking to pull their backward countries into the 21st century as global "carpetbaggers." The world debt bomb continues to tick as dozens of nations face default on their development loans -- even as the Northern nation's are demanding the South's natural resources and their UN votes in exchange for debt extensions.

As the greed of the international bankers escalates, the inevitable collision of these groups of nations is looming, and in Daniel 11, we see a series of wars between the two factions that creates the chaotic conditions (read the great tribulation) that facilitates the rise and eventual dominance of the global power structure (the United Nations) that will soon enthrone the Antichrist.

-- James Lloyd

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