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Latest FBI Memo Release Claims UFO Connection To JFK Assassination

Following UFO Roswell Memo Release Last Week, Old FBI Documents Point To JFK Probe Into UFO Secrets As Motive For Murder

new bombshell has emerged from what many view as a government propaganda vehicle designed to gradually release secret data on UFO's. Following up on the recent Roswell memo mentioning 9 "alien" bodies connected with the 1947 crash, another just released "memo" suggests that John F Kennedy had intended to take control of government/alien interactions, and was killed by entrenched black budget interests.

The trigger for the release was related to research for a book on JFK by William Lester, who received documents written by JFK just days before his death. One memo from the president went to then CIA director Richard Helms, requesting UFO files. The other was to a NASA official suggesting he wanted data on UFO's for a proposed program of mutual cooperation with the Soviet Union.

UFO sightings were deadly during the Cold War as each side worried the other might be behind the strange craft sightings, and Kennedy indicated he wanted to share UFO data with the Kremlin as a pre-emptive measure. Conspiracy theorists have long suspected a CIA involvement in the Kennedy murder from the very beginning, making connections with JFK's unpopular moves in Cuba, and other hotspots in which the CIA was active, so the CIA connection to the JFK death is not exactly novel.

Years ago, another CIA memo implicated George Bush Sr as a CIA section chief of a "wet operations" group called the Black Rose, and he was allegedly in charge in Dallas the day Kennedy died. The Bush lineage also has Nazi connections linking the family power base with black budget programs associated with Project Paper Clip, in which Nazi war criminals, smuggling out secret files from the Third Reich, were absorbed by the American intelligence apparatus. It is widely documented this group actually became the CIA.

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