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Toxic Rain Via BP Oil Disaster Documented
Scientist Ira Leifer says the toxic rain phenomena is real, and is a serious threat to the health of millions.

he BP/Government propaganda says that all the oil is gone in the Gulf and that everything will be near perfect in another year or so. However, those who are aware of the real circumstances concerning how contemporary institutions routinely lie, know better.

So it is with the BP/Government Big Lie on the Gulf Oil Spill.

They have been lying from the start about the amount that was spilled and about the disaster. They have been lying about the Oil having disappeared. They have been lying about safety and the lack of a threat to the life of the region. Recently scientists have confirmed that most of the BP Gulf Oil hasn't disappeared but is sitting on the ocean's bottom killing the life that dwells there.

Now it is also being confirmed that the phenomenal of "Oil Rain" is real.

Scientist Leifer says that, after researching the matter and taking samples from the environment, evidence of the toxic rain showed up

" if they had almost a millimeter of oil in the cloud. And these hydrocarbon-laden clouds - when they reach land - would in fact rain oil."

Leifer thinks this oil rain is an unprecedented oil spill phenomenon - a combination of the Gulf's high humidity and the columns of thick smoke from burning oil. A lot of things about the BP blowout made it unlike other oil spills.

Most spills happen all at once, say, when a tanker or pipe ruptures. The BP wellhead kept spewing for 87 days, sending oil to the surface in a plume that Leifer says kept pushing the oil's toxic chemicals into the air.

"Air sampling that was conducted both on a boat and by NOAA [National Oceanics Administration] in the atmosphere showed that this plume contained numerous components and that these components were...many of them are toxic.."

Another alarmed geochemist named Sid Mitra, says that most research concerns how elements are transferred from land to sea, rather than the other way around, so little is know anecdotally as the BP disaster is unprecedented. Mitra says those who live in Northern states should not be confident concerning their safety due to a lack of direct proximity to the spill, because the air currents can spread the carcinogenic compounds thousands of miles under relatively common circumstances.

Although oil and water compounds generally don't mix, when weather is factored into the equation (particularly powerful storms), the hydrocarbons present can bond and he sees toxic rains moving into Northern states. The addition of the deadly effects of the chemical dispersants, to say nothing of the already released "oil eating bacteria" into this hideous witches brew, creates a horrifying scenario in which massive amounts of deadly compounds are rained down upon the American populace over large population areas.

Editor's Note: 2,000 years ago, the book of Revelation described toxicity of this nature would occur in the end times:

"The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth...." (Revelation 8:7)

Although the organic component of this Scripture has confused commentators over the centuries, the biologically engineered oil-eating bacteria provides us with the explanation. Thus, the corrosive effects of the dispersants, coupled with the hydrocarbons found in the oil, mingled with the fouled water and the bacteria are now being spread over large distances -- and this is occurring at t time when people are being told the cleanup was a success.

Christian Media and GEO have long stated that, prophetically speaking, it's much later than most people think. For more on the BP Oil disaster, and its significance in prophecy, see the video on The Bottomless Pit.

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