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UN Corrupton Continues Unchecked Under Kofi Annan

riday's announcement that another one of the myriad UN investigation committees probing the Oil For Food disaster at the UN found "gross mismanagement" and "possible corruption" in the program, should be in primetime as a sitcom. Perhaps it could be repackaged as a remake of the Keystone Cops, those bumbling representatives of the law from yesteryear. Those following the scandal already know that, this side of the Federal Reserve System, Oil For Food may be the biggest scam in history.

For those not paying attention, Kofi Annan, the 7th Secretary-General at the UN, has been shown to have lied to investigators when he told them he had nothing to do with the awarding of a lucrative contract to the Swiss outfit named Cotecna -- a firm that paid his son Kojo Annan $400,000 for "consulting." That figure started out much lower, but Kojo and Cotecna had to come just a bit cleaner as data emerged showing them both to be liars. 

Iraqi documentation says Benon Savan, Kofi's hand picked administrator of the program, got a million dollars under the table from Saddam Hussein -- not a bad day's work for a UN bureau-rat. The short story is, the UN under Kofi Annan has become a cesspool of corruption; but the real mystery is why the US and others don't remove him when he's clearly on the take.

The short answer is, while Security Council members Russia, France, and China also took bribes from Saddam for their UN votes against the invasion of Iraq, the Bush-Blair cabal has undue influence over Kofi, and do not want another in his chair as sensitive negotiations for who will rule the world come up at the UN summit in September of this year.

Annan's corruption keeps him in the Bush grip, and the Republichristians hope they can continue their shaping of the form of globalism now being reconfigured through the UN Security Council reforms as a result. But God is not mocked, and the prophets have indicated this leader will go when his time comes. Exactly how that will occur remains to be seen, but Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary General of the UN will be out, and the eighth head of the beast will soon be in.  See Revelation 17:11 for details. 

July 18 2005 -- James Lloyd

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