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The Edge Of The Precipice

Dear Christian Media Friends, 

As 2006 came roaring in, we can see the same trends that characterized the last half of 2005 have continued. In fact, based upon the many world circumstances that are converging together to the detriment of all human kind, it's difficult to see how this year will be anything but tribulational.

The Weather Wars

Most know in the last couple of years, the weather has turned positively chaotic. The world media has widely proclaimed "the coldest weather recorded" on several specific days. Here in Oregon, we had one of the worst snowstorms I can remember, with snowfall that was so heavy, large trees (including one that just missed my mountain cabin) were falling in several locales. Even though it was only Fall, we had an extraordinary amount of snow.

 Then Winter arrived, and the temperature rose sharply - and all that precipitation became rain. As I write these words, we are in a deluge. It should be the other way around. Wet cooler temperatures (with rain) in Fall, and colder temperatures (with snow) in Winter. Meanwhile, in Texas, it was so hot (in December!) that they had wildfires that burned numerous homes and killed quite a few people.

In Russia, I read where the temperatures were minus 45 degrees, the coldest in a century. It's so cold there the homeless are assaulting police in an attempt to get arrested - reasoning it's better to be alive in jail, than dead out in the cold.

The solar scientists, while trying to convince the public the things the sun is doing are "normal" and part of a pattern, have no idea what will happen next.  For instance, the program called Earth Changes TV, which monitors solar activity recently wrote there was "something not quite right with the sun," and although that sounds rather unscientific, ECTV has serious statistics concerning unexpected sunspots, solar storms, and X and M class solar flares.

This group (and many others) has concluded the strange weather conditions are related to unpredictable activity occurring on the surface of the sun. Others have data indicating the weather is being artificially manipulated to serve a political (and military) agenda. The one thing they're all sure of is, it's going to get far worse.  Even without scientists telling us the sun is precariously unstable, many of our readers have written in and told us how the sun-earth relationship seems to have changed as sunlight that usually comes in a certain window now misses it, or a seasonal pattern they had seen for years no longer seems to apply. Remember, Jesus Christ did say there would be "signs in the sun" as the end approaches.

Yet Once More I Shake The Earth

The well-known verse in Hebrews wherein the LORD says "Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven" (Hebrews 12:26) is rapidly coming into focus. Many know the great tsunami-quake in Sumatra actually moved every island a tiny distance. Scientists also tell us the Earth's spin rate actually increased a fraction of a second, but few know about the much more ominous changes in what the scientists call the Earth's "wobble."

Planet Earth has always had a bit of a "wobble" because it is not perfectly round. The phenomena, named after its discoverer, astronomer Seth Chandler, was first documented in 1891. Scientists have been regularly measuring the Earth's wobble ever since. But now, something has changed.

In fact, many of those that have been measuring Chandler's Wobble have become alarmed as the previously predictable pattern of the Earth's spin has changed dramatically. These changes in the pattern prompted one astronomer to recently publish the blaring headline "Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006."

This "anomaly" has been found to be an acceleration of the pattern of the wobble, and may very well indicate that a significant shift in the spin of the world is about to occur. This particular observer stated the implications of this major change when he wrote this change in the wobble pattern is

"a relatively large, developing anomaly in the spiraling motion of the spin axis, including an huge phase shift, a shortening of the length of the normal 7 year cycle, the tightening of the spiral motion into an exceptionally small spiral, and a major acceleration in the drift of the Spin Axis.  This anomaly is on-going and portends major changes in tectonic activity during ensuing years." (Michael Mandeville, Earthmonitor, polarmotion, January 19, 2006 Internet posting).

While this is very technical material, what this person is saying is there exists solid technical data suggesting the spin rate of the Earth may be about to speed up dramatically. This is a stunning development, and it has received almost no coverage at all in the mainstream media. For those unfamiliar with the prophetic pronouncements we've been making for many years here at Christian Media, it should be re-iterated that we have long stated the 4th trumpet of Revelation specifically predicts a radical speeding up of the rotation of the world:

"And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise." (Revelation 8:12)

While most prophecy teachers have failed to recognize the true nature of this amazing verse, and continued to propagate the erroneous concept that this describes a partial eclipse of the sun and moon, the passage actually states there will be a one third reduction of "the day" and a one third reduction of "the night" - in short, we're going to move from a 24 hour spin rate to a 16 hour spin rate.

I call this 666 time since the world will be functioning at .666% of the cycle we presently experience. There are not adequate terms to describe the scale of destruction involved in a radical increase in the spin rate and a sharp decrease in our daily cycle. The fact is, the Scriptures are telling us we are going to have 8 hours of daylight, followed by 8 hours of night when the 4th trumpet begins. Incidentally, this is precisely what Jesus Christ predicted when he stated

"And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days." (Mark 13:20).

An Electro-Magnetic Pole Shift

For many years, geologists have told us the magnetic field of the planet is drifting, or wandering away from its true North position. This is a powerful indicator that we are about to see a pole shift. While this is, once again, a rather technical issue, the inner compass of vast amounts of animal life (including human beings) function based on the magnetic field of the planet.

When the magnetic field reverses as scientists have told us it most likely will at some point in the future, the entire magnetic field of the world could collapse for an unknown period of time before it reconfigures itself. Because the magnetic field shields us from harmful stellar phenomena, we will almost certainly see catastrophic results. There are already reports of animals behaving very oddly - birds flying North for the Winter, unexplained mass animal deaths, and even the now well-known case of large numbers of frogs being born with only 3 legs.

Animals act as a sort of "canary in the coal mine" warning device - a reference to the long-standing practice of keeping a canary in case an odorless gas vein was opened. If miners noticed the canary was dead in his cage, they would immediately flee the mine. So it is with the animal kingdom.

Because the human brain works with a very low electrical current, and the magnetic field of the world functions with electro-magnetism, it is quite likely a pole shift will cause huge numbers of people to become completely disoriented - or worse.  The fact is, some scientists are telling us the latest data on Chandler's Wobble is pointing us to an imminent pole shift in the magnetic field of the world.

The Mindshift Of Man

Mankind is practically swimming in electro-magnetic fields. AM and FM radio creates artificial electrical fields. Satellites, radar stations, cell phone towers, and electrical power generating stations are creating huge waves of electrical energy that strike man every single day. Even the notorious HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) system is raining down a river of electrical energy on a continental level.

Television sets, broadcast stations, microwaves, and computers all generate waves of energy. Indeed, for many years, airlines have required that cell phones or laptop computers be turned off as the pilots are concerned with electro-magnetic "pollution" interfering with their navigation and tower communication systems (which also generate electrical fields). We now know these electrical fields disrupt the DNA processes of human cellular reproduction. In other words, all this electricity is killing us.

It has already been established that HAARP system engineers have experimented with this amazing weapon at brain wave frequencies. In fact, research indicates that military oriented mind manipulation projects have learned how to stimulate the portions of the brain that affect mystical experience. 

Decades ago, vast numbers of people around the world learned that psychotropic drugs (such as hallucinogens) like LSD, Mescaline, Psilocybin, and others put them on a "trip" that affected the brain centers that govern mystical experience. Millions of people still believe they had a religious experience while experimenting with these compounds. 

When the military wanted to know about mind control, they financed a laboratory that produced LSD as an artificial version of more organic hallucinogens. For example, "black budget" mind control projects such as MK-ULTRA and Project Monarch learned that LSD affects the Pineal Gland in the mind through a manipulation of Serotonin levels.

At the same time, Dr. Jose Delgado, a university scientist famous for his work attaching electrodes to the brains of living bulls, learned how to affect this portion of the brain through electrical stimulation. These hideous experiments have now taught scientists how to manipulate men's minds through wireless waves of energy. In short, it is beyond dispute that certain frequency transmissions can induce a religious experience. These technologies are what will generate the forthcoming mindshift.

These facts should make any sane person deeply concerned, as it is self-evident that governments that would kill and maim human beings through war would hardly stop at mind control. Obviously, the Bible tells us when the Antichrist comes to power, he will seek to enslave the entire world. We can now see that through the agency of high technology, it may very well be possible for the Beast to bring about a global initiation into his evil agenda through the tools that man has acquired.

As Jesus Christ said, Watch and pray that ye be counted worthy to escape all these things -- for we are standing at the edge of the precipice.

February 13 2006 - James Lloyd

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