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Persistent Reports That FEMA Is Stockpiling Survival Food

Survival Foods In Scarce Supply

ver the course of the last year, we've been hearing tales of food shortages among the various vendors who produce the various survival food supplies distributed among the underground community. Since GEO works alongside Remnant Christians, the Patriot Community, and the Alternative healing and nutrition crowd that thoroughly distrusts mainstream medicine, we are well connected to the pulse of those who are truly aware of just how much trouble this world is about to experience.

Anecdotally, we stopped distribution of the long term (20 + year shelf life) dried foods some years ago, and shifted to high nutrient value products, such as our Emerald Balance. There are dozens of great products like these from many vendors. It's usually in a powder form that's mixed with fruit drink and, although they don't have an extremely long term shelf life, the thinking is the nutritional punch comes first. After all, you can still get the heavy (and expensive to ship) stocks of rice, beans, and other items locally, and seal them up for storage for a lot less than the cost to ship such cumbersome items.

However, now we're seeing ingredient shortages in the high quality nutrient supplements. One after another, our suppliers said they were having difficulties getting the components needed for the formulas. Two key supplies went broke in the present economic disaster, and prices began to soar. We're always on the lookout for new suppliers, but right now our Emerald Balance supplier is producing a quality product and has managed to keep up with demand (see below).

Meanwhile, we keep hearing other radio hosts making excuses to their on-air customer/listeners as to why their orders were delayed. Now we're being told one of the largest dehydrated food suppliers has dropped all their dealers and distributors, because they received a massive contract from FEMA to provide survival food, and they simply can't service their existing dealers and the big government client.

The story goes that this order is so large, it's siphoning off raw food stocks elsewhere. As a bit of background, some time back, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), put out a Request For Proposals for a big food stockpile. Remember, FEMA is the agency comprised of those nice folks who always happen to be having emergency drills in the very place a catastrophe is about strike, so like so many other government tentacles, they're "here to help us." In other words, because they work for the same criminal outfit engineering death on a widespread basis, when they start planning for an event, it's because that "event" will soon be unleashed.

The RFP which FEMA asked for was for emergency food to provide a 10 day meal supply for 14 million people!

We're told FEMA has already maintained a food supply that could handle an emergency requiring 6 million meals, but this RFP spikes that number to a staggering 420 million meals. That's a huge pile of food.

I can't help but wonder what they know is coming.

Shortly after the RFP was issued, it disappeared from the Internet, so it's evident somebody got a billion dollar order for food. This rings the same alarm bell we heard when we learned the Oregon Cattlemen's Association (OCA) signed a contract to provide beef for the Russian military. We're in Oregon, and we learned the Ruskies insisted on the exclusion of a common clause in such deals, which allows the seller to renege in case of a local emergency. With the contract the OCA signed, if Oregon was starving, the food would still go to the Russians.

I can't help but wonder what they know is coming.

There's much more, but the song remains the same. Get food. Get all you can afford. Hide it, and don't tell anyone you have it, because there is big trouble coming on the food front, and it's dead ahead.

GEO recommends to all our friends they source the heavy dry goods (grains, rice, beans, etc) locally if you can, and then supplement with high nutrition products. We still have the Emerald Balance, which comes in a 6 month case lot which will supply of all the nutrients you need (vitamins, enzymes, minerals, etc) to keep you in good health for 180 days. For more, see the video on EMERALD BALANCE.

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