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The Path To Perdition

As I write this letter, every signal we have is pointing us towards cataclysmic destruction suddenly engulfing the world. Even as they talk peace, the nations are positioning themselves for war.

The United States has now positioned 4 complete battle groups in the Persian Gulf - an enormous amount of military firepower. Less than a week ago, Iran test fired numerous missiles in a significant military exercise. This followed North Korea's frightening nuclear weapons test, in which the first military nuclear bomb in years was detonated.

America's close ally Japan is so concerned about North Korean aggression they are openly discussing re-arming for the first time since World War II - an act of such magnitude it would require an amendment to their constitution. Japan is clearly considered a target by North Korea as the militaristic state has already test fired missiles into the Sea of Japan - a tactic that sent a clear signal of intimidation to their long time foe.  Those that have studied history know Japan brutally occupied the Korean peninsula during World War II, and sixty years later, the Koreans still publicly proclaim a significant animosity towards contemporary Japan. 

The UN Has Elected Ban Ki-Moon Of South Korea

The UN has just elected South Korean diplomat Ban Ki-Moon to assume the office of Secretary-General on January 1st 2007. This is a momentous event, with profound implications in Bible prophecy. At this writing, Ban Ki-Moon is scheduled to become the 8th leader of the United Nations - something I have categorically predicted will not happen.

Mr Ki-Moon was the foreign minister representing South Korea that was tasked with trying to persuade North Korea to abandon their nuclear development, and he is clearly seen as an American favorite.  To put it another way, North Korea has already been humiliated by the world body's selection of their rival. In the oriental mindset, losing "face" is a very serious matter, so North Korea's mad leader Kim Jong II has a distinct incentive to make his long planned military move before Ban Ki-Moon is inaugurated.

Even as South Korea, Japan, and the US sought to contain North Korea, Arab sentiments were ignited in Iraq as the puppet American government regime sentenced Saddam Hussein to death for his many crimes. Tens of thousands of armed Sunni Muslims marched through the streets of Iraqi cities - an event that clearly showed US forces do not have control of significant portions of the occupied nation.

Militaries On The March

Meanwhile, a little noticed event confirmed the fact the world's nations are approaching the crossroads of the path to perdition. On the strategic island of Cypress, American military forces are planning a major presence due to its tactical location. The Pentagon has already integrated Cypress based military intelligence capabilities into the global Echelon surveillance network.

The reason this is significant is the passage in Daniel that mentions naval assets from the land of Biblical "Kittim" - which is almost certainly a reference to ancient Cypress.  The variant spelling of Kittim (the KJV has it as Chittim), is cognate with Kition, a name that survives to this very day on Cypress. 

Daniel tells us this name suddenly appears during an important military conflict in the last days. In this series of epic battles between the King of the North and the King of the South, one of the two kings is said to "return" to the area of two former wars:

"At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter. For the ships of Chittim [Kittim] shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved, and return, and have indignation against the holy covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return, and have intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant." (Daniel 11:29-30).

Since Cypress has now been integrated into the intelligence gathering capabilities of the Northern Command's Echelon global military surveillance system, this reference to the king that has "intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant" is very interesting.

Some scholars have also taken this reference to Kittim to refer to a later era of Roman naval activities, and believe the term is simply a reference to naval assets in a generic sense, rather than a strict geographic reference. This is also interesting, for many believe the North American military power will eventually be brought to bear against Iranian/Korean ally Venezuela - which is in South America.

I have previously shown there is a hemispheric "layer" to these prophecies (see The Armageddon Script for a detailed analysis of this concept) that allows multiple fulfillments of the same prophetic text. 

For example, in a US intelligence effort of a few years ago, North American  intelligence agents managed to have South American communist Hugo Chavez of Venezuela overthrown in a coup, and US naval forces were stationed off the Panama Canal jamming Chavez' frantic appeals for help from his allies. Chavez eventually was brought back to power, and has repeatedly claimed the US is planning to assassinate him.  The reader may remember all the world's eyes were on Hugo Chavez when he strode up to the UN General Assembly last month and pronounced that George Bush was "El Diablo" - Spanish for the Devil.

Intriguingly, since the effort to overthrow Chavez, China has taken control of the Panama Canal, and now has significant naval assets in the region. The crafty Chavez has also arranged numerous oil contracts between OPEC member Venezuela (which I'll remind the reader is in South America) and oil thirsty China - thus ensuring Chinese naval assistance to counter a future North American move against Chavez.

Venezuela has already signed mutual defense pacts with North Korea, Iran, and Syria so he is clearly an enemy of the "King Of The North" (presently George Bush), and is most likely the "King Of the South" repeatedly referenced in Daniel 11. These two "kings" loom very large in Bible prophecy.

The Endgame Is In View

To be sure, although some have identified him as the Antichrist, neither George Bush nor Hugo Chavez fits the Biblical description. The fact is, the conflict between the North (the industrialized democracies of the US, Europe, and Russia) and the South (the resource rich developing nations coupled with Islamic powers) will bring about a synthesis of the two approaches to dominion. We call this "The Third Way," and it is epitomized by the United Nations.

This brings us back to the new leader of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon. For many years, I have shown in books, tapes, and videos how the beast with 7 heads sequence culminates in an eighth head that Revelation tells us "is of the seven."  I have also shown the cycle of six kingdoms seen in the Scriptures (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome). Our work deciphering the lion, bear, leopard, and diverse fourth beast mystery of Daniel 7 has shown these four kingdoms are England (lion), Russia (bear), Germany (leopard), and the USA (diverse beast). For more on this, see The Sand And The Sea DVD or book of the same name.

These four contemporary empires are paralleled with the ancient four - i.e. Babylon/Britain, Persia/Russia, Greece/Germany, Rome/America. That makes six kingdoms, and the seventh is the transitional phase of the USA coupled with the UN. The seventh "head" receives the "deadly wound" (Revelation 13:3), and the "healing" of that wound brings in the eighth and final kingdom - the global empire of the Antichrist in a resurrected UN. This will be physically located in Jerusalem.

This means America (and probably Rome as well) will receive the deadly wound and it will be focused on New York and surrounding Northeastern power centers such as Washington. I have long predicted we will also see Miami, and Los Angeles hit as well. This will almost certainly be a nuclear terrorist strike, and in the ensuing conflagration, the UN will be destroyed. In this scenario, we will lose Ban Ki-Moon and the present Secretary-General Kofi Annan as well.

The devastation will be monumental, but the UN will be resurrected under an interim government, and it will be in Jerusalem.  The US will continue under terrifying tribulational conditions, and the nation will be divided up among the ten regional leaders of FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) as well as parallel ten-region federal agencies such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and others.  

 This terrible event will bring in the 8th "head" or manifestation of the beast - and as Revelation says, it will be comprised "of the seven." The ten kings which will come to power at the same time as the Antichrist are embodied in the expanded UN Security Council seats that have already been announced (see the book Blood Beast Of Babylon for details).

 I have long believed the 8th Secretary-General must be one of the previous 7 Secretaries-General in order to complete the "of the seven" (Revelation 17:11) portion of the prophecy. The only possibility is the 6th leader, the Egyptian Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali. For details on Dr. Ghali, see the book Waiting For Leviathan.

Because we expect this deadly wound to strike before the end of the year in order to fulfill this entire cycle, it could happen at any time. The most likely date is Christmas, as the "deadly wound" prophecy also fulfills the passage concerning the burning of the "whore of Babylon." This is the judgment of apostate Christianity, and it will devastate corporate church systems around the world.


Christmas Is Pagan


I have previously written about the hideously evil origins of the Christmas "holy day" (holiday) as it has been definitively tied to the worship of the various sun gods Tammuz, Kronos, Saturn, Attis, Adonis, Osiris, and dozens more (see the book The Star Seed Conspiracy for more on this). The women "weeping for Tammuz" ceremony was a recognition of the young deities' premature death, that was commemorated by the erection of a green tree (which kills the tree) topped with a star for Ashtaroth, the star goddess. Jeremiah 10 flatly tells all the LORD's people to


"learn not the way of the heathen...for the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest...They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not" (Jeremiah 10:2-4)


Without a doubt, this is the last chance for American Christians to stand against this abomination, but the vast majority will not respond. In view of the fact the Scriptures speak about a sealing of the LORD's servants to protect them amidst a widespread judgment (Revelation 7:3, Ezekiel 9:4), there will never be another Christmas tree in my living room. As for this house, we will serve the LORD.

 I pray that every person that reads these words will heed this ominous warning, and turn to Jesus - the real one - while you still can.

- James Lloyd

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