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New Flu Vaccine Moves Government Closer To Mandatory Universal Inoculation

ne of the obstacles to the Beast Governments of the world requiring universal vaccines is the variety found in strains of flu which spread each year, but a new British vaccine may is being represented as effective against all known flu strains.

The new vaccine, developed  by scientists at Oxford University, differs from traditional treatments by targeting proteins inside the flu virus rather than proteins on the flu's external coat. The two proteins within the virus are similar across strains and less likely to mutate, meaning new vaccines would not have to be developed for each new strain of the illness.

This ability could put government in the position of stockpiling huge volumes of a universal flu vaccine so they would be in a position to inoculate the entire world. Although many governments do not have the legal authority to force vaccinations on all parties, various sectors in society are already being compelled to receive these vaccinations -- shots which many experts say cause untold damage to men, women, and children every year.

The vaccine agenda has been successfully used to involuntarily sterilize women in third world countries without their knowledge as a hidden depopulation agenda, so the anecdotal record shows the evil which is nested in the international medical community is more than willing to utilize vaccination to serve its malevolent, globalist goals. 

However, every vaccine has been heretofore restricted to application to counter a specific perceived malady. With a universal flu vaccine, it is theoretically feasible that a massive Beast Government agency, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), could eventually be in the position of requiring every human being to receive an inoculation at a particular time and place.

For a brief history of how the Swine Flu vaccine was exposed as having some of the same components as those found in a Russian biological warfare laboratory, see the notes on the television program American Genocide.

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