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Hundreds Shot In Bahrain;
Israel Seizes Ship Loaded With Iranin Weapons

Iranian Intrigue Moves World Closer To World War

wo people died and hundreds were wounded on Tuesday in clashes between anti-regime protesters and Bahrain's security forces, as the king imposed a state of emergency a day after calling in foreign troops. Top Bahraini Shiite clerics sought Muslim and international help as they warned that anti-regime protesters would be targeted with a "massacre."

As the violence escalated, Iran - Bahrain's Shiite neighbour across the Gulf - protested the "unacceptable" intervention of foreign troops there. Apparently recognizing the effectiveness of Qaddaffi's hard line stance against the Libyan domestic uprisings, the OAPEC (Organization Of ARAB Petroleum Export Nations) member Saudis, have sent 3,500 troops to Bahrain. Accompanied by fellow OAPEC sheikhdoms the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, the battalion level mechanized brigade is clearly ready to fight on behalf of the OAPEC Bahraini throne.

The Iranian Shiite leadership (not a member of OAPEC, but a leader in OPEC, the oil cartel open to non-Arabs) is clearly sympathetic to the Bahraini Shiites who are agitating for political reform, thus continuing to escalate the conflict between Riyadh in Arabia and Tehran. In this highly charged environment, the OAPEC states, sans Libya (who is now receiving weapons from Iran via Syria to deal with their internal crisis), are highly motivated to provide logistical support to any full scale military action launched by Israel against the Iranian axis.

Meanwhile, the Israelis are furious over the massacre of a family of entire Jewish settlers at the hands of Palestinian gunmen, and news reports have linked the murders, in which Jewish infants had their throats cut by Palestinian militants, to US trained PA officers.

Almost simultaneous with these incendiary events, Israel has seized a naval vessel they claim is laden with Iranian originated missiles, which was allegedly bound for Palestinian forces along the front with Egypt. The weaponry was apparently ferried on the two Iranian ships which recently passed through the Suez Canal, and docked in Syria, where the arms were loaded onto a German ship.

Under the present extremely tense circumstances, the long expected move by Israel against Tehran could very well be imminent.

Christian Media and GEO have long identified Israel as the "little horn" power which plucks up 3 of the 10 horns seen in Daniel. With the Iranian triad of power consisting of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon now fully militarized (and arming for another move on Israel), and the world's attention is focused on the Japanese crisis, it is a distinct possibility this action is imminent.

For more on the alignment of nations when the devastating war we're examining erupts, see the video on THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT.

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