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GMO Pesticides Linked To Birth Defects, Disruption Of Male Hormones, And Cancer

atural News, a leader in alternative health, is reporting that numerous studies in recent months have tied agricultural pesticides (and herbicides) to reproductive and other serious health problems. Citing a new study out of Argentina, the evidence is mounting that such chemicals are a widespread public health menace.

Andres Carrasco, head of the molecular Embryology Lab at the University of Buenos Aires, recently presented a report explaining that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, is responsible for causing birth defects, infertility, sperm destruction, and cancer.

For the study, Carrasco and his team tested the effects of glyphosate on animal embryos and found that the chemical alters and impairs proper embryonic development. The paper also explains that "glyphosate itself was responsible" for causing the birth defects, and that the results of the study suggest similar outcomes for humans as well.

Shortly after Carrasco released his report, The Ecologist, a British environmental magazine, released its own report about the devastating effects of glyphosate both on the environment, and on human and animal life.The Ecologist article also noted Carrasco's experience of being "assaulted by a mob" when arriving in the town where he was to present his findings.

"I didn't discover anything new," said Carrasco in an interview. "I just confirmed what other scientists discovered. In spite of the evidence, they tried to run down 30 years of my reputation as a scientist....There is scientific proof and, above all, there are hundreds of affected towns [that] are a living evidence of this public health emergency."

Besides glyphosate, the whole slew of other toxic chemicals  applied to conventional and genetically-modified (GM) crops are also a severe threat to human health. A report published in Scientific American back in February explains that the vast majority of pesticides are endocrine disruptors. The chemicals affect male hormones in particular, blocking or mimicking them, and ultimately leading to all sorts of very severe health problems.

Editors Note: Susan Lenox of the Sound Body ministry, addresses the ecological threat of GMO's and toxicity in a world in which Monsanto has the power to do as they please. For more, see the video on CRASH COURSE IN 21st CENTURY SURVIVAL.

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