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Obama Demand Israel Return To Pre-67 Border Demonstrates Unrealistic Worldview

roposal Resembles Cops Telling Unarmed Citizens "We'll Protect You" If You Testify Against Criminal Syndicates

The Obamasama proposal that Israel diplomatically retreat to Jerusalem's pre-1967 borders, staged just as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahuarrived in the District of Criminals for political consultations, illustrates the Washington usurper is clearly out of touch with the realities of our time.

While Tel Aviv has previously demonstrated a willingness to sit down and parlay with the Jewish state's ubiquitous enemies, it would be insane for Israel to even consider the proposal. With massive antagonism arrayed against the Jewish nation via the plethora of Arab and Islamic power structures vowing to destroy them, the only sensible solution is to negotiate from a position of strength.

Consider the Semitic mindset being manifested in the so-called "Arab Spring" -- the widespread series of civilian revolts presently erupting around the region. In Egypt, for example, the new rulers are threatening to stage war crimes trials against former President Hosni Mubarak -- a man who relinquished power without a bloodbath. Likewise with deposed Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. Indeed, both Ben Ali and Mubarak have resorted to the "medical" retreat via hospitalization, where they are presented as incapacitated in the hope they (and their families) won't be butchered by the victors. 

Conversely, Moammar Quadaffi and Bashir Assad of Libya and Syria respectively, virtually swimming in blood, remain in power, even as they vow to fight to the death. Their hideous resistance is almost pragmatic, as if they are saying to those who would overthrow them, "you're going to destroy us anyway, so we'll make it painful every inch of the way." Having said that, the thought of being a Jew in the midst of such an "Arab Spring" in Jerusalem makes my Gentile skin crawl.

The truth is, there's nothing "spring-like" about the violent nature of Middle Eastern people groups, and that's just the way it is. Perhaps Barack Obama, fresh from another hot check writing binge freely giving away American's hard earned dollars to foreign infidels, should consult with reporter Lara Logan concerning her eyewitness testimony of the true state of the emerging "democracy" in the Middle East. In the middle of Egypt's capital, Logan was raped by 300 wild animals dressed as men, enduring the fury of the violent mob shouting "Jew, Jew" -- even as they savaged her sexually.

Ironically, GEO and Christian Media are not blanket supporters of Israel, as we reject the "chosen people" myth of theologically driven racial primacy; however, no person or nation should be compelled to cooperate with their own destruction -- and that certainly includes Jews -- so the ObamaBeast's political solutions are as short-sighted as most of his other foolish policies (Zechariah 11:15), and Israel would do well to steer a course completely independent of the pretender presently in power.<

For more on the future course of world events, and how the nations are following a somewhat predictable Script, see the video on THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT.

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