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Christians Must Support Israel

s the year 2007 ends, Bible prophecy oriented events are occurring on what seems to be a daily basis. In this letter, I'd like to provide you with a summary of events that have occurred recently, and what we anticipate for 2008.

"Christians Must Defend Israel"

         So screamed the headline of a recent Christian prophecy oriented newsletter. Within a month, another newspaper's blaring title read "Pro-Israel-Pastor blasts the Anti-Jewish Editors & Leaders."  Still another publication, For Zion's Sake, trumpeted the headline Iran: Israel's Worst Enemy. The latter article, written by controversial pastor John Hagee, prominently placed the words "Christians who love Israel must be ready to leap to Israel's defense."

         Meanwhile, popular Jewish Supremacist author Chuck Missler returned from a visit to Israel to "brief" a prophecy conference on why America will be cursed by God, if our nation is not willing to wage World War III on behalf of Israel. The Missler religious propaganda coincided with the release of rapturist Dr. Grant Jeffrey's new book extolling how Israel plans to rebuild a temple, and how the fate of the believer hangs in the balance. The implication consistently put forth by deceived apostates like Missler, Jeffrey, and a mountain of other false prophets is, if you don't support Israel, you'll miss the "rapture."

         Although I've barely scratched the surface, clearly there is an unprecedented wave of Israel-first sentiment sweeping through the Christian church. Having said this, I will issue a prediction. In the coming year, we will see an event so horrendous, and so completely horrifying in its intent, the population of believers will be outraged at the perpetrators. And the culprits will be seen to be Islamic zealots.

         Because of this forthcoming event, the Judaeo-Christian alliance that has been constructed within the Northern industrialized nations of Europe, and North America, will be fully committed to military support of Israel. At the same time, the Southern nations of Islamic states, Arab countries, and Socialist nations such as Venezuela, Cuba, and China, will be actively drawn towards military conflict against the North.

         Whether this is a surrogate series of wars, with client states doing the fighting (such as the Korean and Vietnam conflicts), or it spills over into an all out warfare remains to be seen. However, this alignment of Northern versus Southern powers is definitively described in the 11th chapter of the prophet Daniel.

Chaotic Economics

         The entire monetary system of international finance, anchored to the dollar, is in desperate disarray. The impending monetary meltdown is due to many factors, but the bottom line is, the dollar is rapidly losing its value. This means inflation will soar, and in an unprecedented fashion. Whether it will take the form of the old German inflation wherein the government just added zeros to the deutsche mark, or the government hastily transitions us to another currency (such as the Amero we've heard so much about) is difficult to say, but what is certain is we will all see a significant loss in purchasing power, coupled with skyrocketing prices.

         Oil recently pushed to just under the $100 per barrel level, and we've been told for years that translates to $5 per gallon at the pump. Even as we're all dreading higher gas prices, as the economy gyrates under the pressures that have been building for years, that price level may be considered cheap at some point in the not too distant future.

         Look for labor's last gasp, as unions will be forced to strike to try to keep up. The blind leaders at the District of Criminals (Washington DC) long ago placed automatic cost of living increases in their own wages, so the citizens will get hit worse than elected officials and other government employees.

         In this regard, housing prices are already in a virtual free fall, but still very few are able to buy a home. The bursting of the "housing bubble" may even cause rents to be lowered, as landlords scramble to retain tenants that can cover their payment on the property they own and rent out for revenue.

         Your best hope for economic relief is in the underground economy. The 'under the table' economy is already enormous, and you'll want to look for ways to develop revenues that are either cash based, or even barter based. Many have desired to run their own business, but have been unable to get all the elements together. For instance, here in the Northwest, I've met many a carpenter, or out of work logger, that wanted to get a contractor's license, but because of government barriers, such as expensive licensing and bonding, they couldn't afford it.

         We suggest they just proceed, with caution, without the proper papers, on a low profile basis. Remember, in a time of chaos, the regulators have their own problems! It's useful to recognize that an escalating inflationary environment will turn into a free for all, as the money tends to flow quickly because it's diminishing in value. This means people want to spend what they have in a decisive fashion, so anyone who can provide the service or product people want, can generate revenue.

The Medical

         The beast government already has the legal apparatus in place to make virtually any natural compound illegal. We've been documented the regulatory laws called Codex Alimentarius, but the bottom line is the FDA is in bed with the multi-national drug companies, and they're demanding control of every herbal compound by reclassifying herbs as drugs, in order to please their corporate masters.

         Even the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), has taken steps to stop Colloidal Silver, one of the greatest, broad-based natural remedies against bacteria and viruses. The EPA moved in because silver is a precious metal, and not an herbal remedy. The truth is, the beast wants to stop it, because the antibiotics marketed by the billion-dollar drug industry are proving useless against new super bugs, while Colloidal Silver actually works.

         Ironically, with the mainstream "church" supporting corrupt practices and institutions through their ridiculous doctrine of obeying evil, because "God wants you to obey the government," we're set for a bizarre repetition of the Salem Witch trials. Herbalists, Naturopaths, and underground healers who recognize God gave us the natural remedies we may need, are already being persecuted by the witch-hunters that have "licensed" control of our social order.

         Many have noted that wherever you see a construction boom, there are always quite a few medical buildings. This is because the medical complex has developed around federal monies that guarantee care for vast population sectors in our nation. Incredibly, we live in a time when the working class has little, if any, medical insurance, but the large families of welfare recipients, and soaring numbers of illegal aliens, receive free medical care.

         A vast array of corporate interests have moved in to capitalize on that boom.  Everything from radiological laboratories, specimen testing services, pharmacies, and health care clinicians of every stripe are positioned to receive government funds.

         A personal anecdote may be helpful here. My own aged mother, who does not qualify for many services because she is not an illegal alien, recently needed some expensive dental work. Through careful planning, she made appointments for 3, one-day visits to Mexico, where a Mexican dentist performed the work at half the cost of any California institution. She told me several friends had similar work done, and the place was clean, professional, and delighted to have her business.

         When you think about it, if you're facing $5,000 in medical or dental costs, and you can get the procedure done professionally in a foreign country for $2,500, you could afford to fly there, get a first class hotel room, have a fancy dinner, and still save money! We've heard similar stories about US citizen's slipping into Canada for medical care.

Social Strangulation

         Statistics show one of the most common pitfalls in our callous social order is a predatory lawsuit. Lawyers advertise to find clients that have a beef with their employer, their neighbor, or just someone they hate. There are so many attorneys scrambling for clients, that it's now possible to be sued for the most innocuous of offenses, and find yourself saddled with exorbitant legal fees.

         We know of a party that was publicly slandered with outlandish accusations of everything from drug use to sexual perversion. When the victim claimed the accusations were lies, the slanderer sued them for calling him a liar!

         Legislation is moving forward in almost every state, forbidding parents to spank their kids, even as schools are giving children birth control without their parent's knowledge or permission. Christian businessmen who choose to refuse to do business with homosexual organizations are being threatened with discrimination charges.

         Meanwhile, even though the politicians claim our cities are relatively safe, anyone in their right mind knows to avoid being out after dark in an ever-increasing number of neighborhoods, and certain cities have horrendous murder rates. For example, Los Angeles authorities were recently embarrassed when it was disclosed that a whopping 92% of all arrest warrants issued for the crime of murder, were for illegal aliens!

         In Texas, in the highly publicized case of an unidentified dead child the media dubbed "Baby Grace," over 30 couples came forward, hoping the victim was not their missing child. Kids are being snatched right out of their bedrooms, and in the midst of this hideous wave of lawlessness, the morons in government keep trying to take away your right to keep a weapon to protect yourself and your family!

         As the economy contracts, we can be certain that crime will rise sharply, as the wickedness that is devouring our nation can only increase. Meanwhile, look for the churches to grow in power and influence, as deceived believers try to fight back politically. Few recognize the pseudo-Christianity that has leavened our churches is directly related to the woman that rides the beast of government.

         The truth is, we don't need more churches, and we don't need more religion. We need Jesus, and we need Him desperately. As Christianity becomes more and more politicized, due to threats within and without, the Spirit of Antichrist is moving the world closer and closer to Armageddon.

            Christian Media's enemies are growing, and we've been repeatedly sued, and repeatedly slandered. Complaints have been filed with practically every alphabet agency in the country. They say we're hate-mongers, anti-Semites, or just plain criminals.  When the Apostle Paul was accused, the religious authorities were angry as he had gone outside the established order because it was corrupt.  They said he was "a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes" (Acts 24:5). Similarly, Christian Media has provoked pastors, who claim to love Jesus, when in fact they "received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved" (II Thessalonians 2:10).

         True Christians refusing to yield their birthright to the so-called "chosen people" myth, are destined to be accused of being "a mover of sedition" (Acts 24:5). It matters not, for our God is faithful, and we will never give in to the ongoing barrage of Antichrist criticism that grows with each passing day. We ask you to continue to pray for us, and send financial support when you can. Susan and I thank each and every one of you for every prayer you put forth on our behalf, even as we continue to urge anyone who will listen, to turn to Jesus - the real one - while you still can.

- James Lloyd

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