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Virginia Eyes Switching Off Dollar

Cites 'Inevitable Destruction Of The Federal Reserve System's Currency'

ASHINGTON -- Virginia state Delegate Robert G. Marshall has introduced legislation to study whether the Commonwealth should make the preparations now to switch suddenly to an alternative currency in the event of an implosion of the Federal Reserve System and the destruction of the dollar. House Joint Resolution 557 is another piece of a growing movement among state legislators who are concerned about the dollar's demise. Ten states have considered similar bills, recommending a return to some form of a commodity-based currency, using either silver or gold. Marshall's Resolution 557 offers a list of worst-case scenarios to support the need for such a study, including:

  • "Many widely recognized experts predict the inevitable destruction of the Federal Reserve System's currency through hyperinflation in the foreseeable future."

  • "In the event of hyperinflation, depression, or other economic calamity related to the breakdown of the Federal Reserve System, for which the Commonwealth is not prepared, the Commonwealth's governmental finances and Virginia's private economy will be thrown into chaos …"

To avoid economic, social and political shocks Virginia can adopt an "alternative sound currency that the Commonwealth's government and citizens may employ without delay in the event of the destruction of the Federal Reserve System's currency."

"Inevitable destruction," "economic calamity" and "chaos" are not words used lightly when considering the fate of the nation's currency ...

Editor's Note: The above data is simply astounding, and the scoffers in our society, regularly refusing to acknowledge the depth of the nation's difficulties, would do well to take note. Patriots, Remnant Christians, Constitutionalists, and other social non-conformists have long known economic chaos will ultimately emerge in America, for it was prophesied to occur.

This writer, warning of the American economic calamity to come, penned the following words in the book Beyond Babylon, published in early 1992:

"The world financial system is about to completely disintegrate. Unemployment is soaring, prices are rapidly increasing, and the American government seems paralyzed. In a word, we are on the brink of a tremendous global financial upheaval. The underlying reality is that everything is actually going exactly according to plan. While many observers have long projected a financial collapse of the worlds economic systems, we are now closer than ever before to complete economic chaos." (Beyond Babylon, James Lloyd, page 154, 1992).

There is a certain satisfaction in hearing from folks who took my advice long ago, and are now in a significantly better position to weather the storm. However, for those just now waking up, the hour is indeed late.

It's obvious that gold and silver, purchased quietly for cash and kept very low profile, is the very best way to go. Unfortunately, most of us have no discretionary savings to convert, but that won't change the facts that a collapse is definitely "in the cards." However, if you have tiny assets, think small, and be faithful in the little things.

Low cost dry goods can be purchased, stored, and later sold (or bartered) for survival. For example, in a complete breakdown where NO goods are available, most people would barter something very valuable for a cup of coffee! How about some matches to light that wood stove, when no matches are available? Certainly ammunition will always be in demand. Thus, to borrow a phrase "all that glitters is not gold."

In an inflationary environment, which is sure to occur before a complete collapse, a bar of soap that costs 25 cents now, could be worth a highly inflated $25 then -- or $25,000 (those who doubt such things should read the actual statistics of what happened in Germany so long ago). Thus, the quarter you spent on soap now, would still purchase a quarter's worth of something then, even if it took $25k to do it. And that's just the point, for the fiat currency is all relative, with no anchor value.

And now that the state's themselves see it coming, isn't it time the rest of us wake-up, and do what little we can, NOW, while we still can?

For more on the subject of money, see the online essay A Dollar's Worth Of The Devil .

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