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Al Quaida Attack Using Nukes Prophesied

he announcement earlier this week that a former Israeli intelligence agent believes Al Quaida will hit American targets domestically with suitcase nuclear weapons in the near future fits perfectly with the scriptures that describe a "deadly wound" inflicted upon the "beast" government of our time.

It is very likely the present deadlock over negotiations concerning the United Nation's Security Council reforms are directly related to the impending attack on the US. We have long believed that multiple long range conspiracies exist that consist of plans to maneuver the nations into accepting the UN power structure with a ten nation configuration installed on a permanent basis.

The idea of a "temporary" emergency is a tried and true method to bring about undesirable radical change. The "temporary" financial state of emergency that has been renewed every year by the White House comes to mind. The fact is, we are about experience what Revelation calls a "deadly wound" (Revelation 13:3), and the radical form of world government that will emerge as a response may be justifiable in most people's reckoning because it is only temporary, or brought about due to the state of emergency generated through the attack.

Intel agencies have admitted they believe terrorists have approximately 8 suitcase nukes presently deployed on American soil. It's more likely there are 10, and the assault will be rolled out over a a period of 10 days, i.e. "ye shall have tribulation ten days" (Revelation 2:10). Just imagine a nuclear detonation in one American city followed by a demand posted on Al Jazeera to release all Islamic prisoners around the world! Such a threat might suggest another unnamed American city will be set ablaze every 24 hours if the radical's demands were not met.

In any event, Revelation describes this 10 "horned" beast government and tells us "his deadly wound was healed" (Revelation 13:12) -- a rather vivid description of the resurrected kingdom of the Antichrist. With the prophetic sequencing we have already repeatedly studied here at the Christian Media ministry, it appears as though this "deadly wound" is closely related to the "hail and fire mingled with blood" that is said to be "cast upon the earth" in the first trumpet of Revelation 8.

But a retelling of that account will have to wait for another day.

July 15 2005 -- James Lloyd

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