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Debt Crisis Dialectic

t a time when decisive action is required to head off the impending disaster in the present world economic order, the two party system is failing miserably. Or, we could say, the secretive hand behind the two party system is wildly succeeding in its hidden agenda -- an unseen design that has determined the present order must be completely destroyed as part of a larger sinister plan.

As the First Dirtbag continues to blame the lying Republicriminals for the burgeoning economic disaster which has explosively accelerated under his watch, we are consistently amazed at the sheer stupidity of the citizenry. In the last couple of weeks, we actually heard a left-leaning American citizen stupidly say the current mess is "all George Bush's fault!" Meanwhile, the Demoncratbranch of the double-minded Beast which controls the government, has been running commercials showing Republicrats pushing a wheelchair bound Grandma over a cliff.

At this point in time, neither political party is in any position to tell the public the real truth. The real truth is, what we are witnessing is two people fighting in the living room of a burning building. Unfortunately, you and I live in one of the back bedrooms in the house that's on fire, and all the doors are padlocked.

While there are numerous outcomes which could develop, the broad based momentum is towards a complete collapse of the existing monetary order. Few people are prepared to cope with such a devastating transition, for most people have no idea of what is actually occurring -- and that's part of the problem. However, the demise of the present American dominated world order is going to continue regardless of how many individuals understand it, and it is inevitable.

While most are running to and fro in bewilderment as the American Titanic sinks into the abyss, even the believers in God have little understanding of what is actually happening.

In metaphoric terms, the Scriptures speak of the world, and its political and economic system, as a body, or even a side of beef hanging in a cold room. They also speak of believers in Jesus Christ as a form of Salt, which was the primary preservative in ancient times. This is, by the way, where the famous phrase concerning the salt of the earth originates.

"Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men" (Matthew 5:13)

The incorporated churches of Jesus Christ have long since lost their savour, or to put it another way, the body of Christ is about to be trodden under the feet of the evil men who are leading the way. Sequentially, this phase of prophecy is found at the martyrs of Christ (Revelation 6:9), who are revealed in the fifth seal of Revelation. This imagery immediately follows the fourth seal, also known as the Pale Horse, who we have already identified with Barack Obama, among other things.

Thus, the prophetic cycle is unfolding in precisely the way we have stated for years. However, the vast majority of the "Salt" refuses to embrace the truth we've been shouting from the housetops for a very long time. The why of it all is complex, but the short answer is, the Salt has lost its Savour -- which returns us to the first part of the present writing, which is the Dialectic.

To put it another way, as the Dialectical give and take of the two party system continues to swing the pendulum back and forth, the allegorical Salt has been swept into the Spiritual power of the cycle, and that is how they lost their "savour." As I write these words, I already know that regardless of how the inevitable economic collapse arrives (either through an explosive inflationary spiral, or a sudden cataclysmic closure of just about everything financial), the so-called Salt will join in the pendulum swing back to the supposedly conservative right in the future.

Ironically, most of the churches claim they have the truth, still love Jesus, are praying for revival, blah blah blah ad infinitum. However, the truth is self evident. If the salt has not lost its savour, why then do we see the proverbial two leaders fighting in a burning building? Why the is the house still metaphorically on fire?

The truth is, hardly anyone has even called on the only one who can truly put out the strange fire the Devil has ignited. Instead, the Salt went to church, where they're having a Dialogue, in order to discuss the problem. And, once the building has been thoroughly burned, those evil men will come back to what's left of your door, and if you're the Salt that has lost its savour, you're the one who will be "...cast out, and...trodden under foot of men" (Matthew 5:13)

For more on the concept of how the friction generated between two factions forms the prophetic platform described as the Dialectic in the above essay, see the online video DECEIT AND THE DIALECTIC.

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