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Egyptian Troops Hunt Hamas Gunmen Fighting To Control Northern Sinai ... Two Captured

gyptian reinforcements reached northern Sinai Monday, January 31 to hunt down Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip battling Egyptian forces for control of the territory. Two were captured. The gunmen of Hamas' armed wing, Ezz e-Din al Qassam opened a second, Palestinian, front against the Mubarak regime on orders from Hamas' parent organization, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed by its bosses in Damascus. The Muslim Brotherhood is therefore more aggressively involved in the uprising than it would seem. Hamas gunmen attacked Egyptian Interior Ministry Special Forces (CFF) stationed in the southern Egyptian-controlled section of the border town of Rafah and the Sinai port of El Arish.

Saturday, Bedouin tribesmen and local Palestinians exploited the mayhem in Cairo to clash with Egyptian forces at both northern Sinai key points, ransack their gun stores and free prisoners from the local jail. Officials in Gaza City confirmed Sunday, that Hamas' most notorious smuggling experts, including Muhammad Shaar, had broken out of the El Arish jail and reached Gaza City . . . Our military sources further report that the Multinational Force & Observers (MFO), most of whose members are Americans and Canadians, are on maximum alert at their northern Sinai base, while they wait for US military transports to evacuate them to US bases in Europe. This force was deployed in Sinai in 1981 for peacekeeping responsibilities and the supervision of the security provisions of the 1979 Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel under which the peninsula was demilitarized except for Egyptian police. Ending the MFO's mission in Sinai after thirty years knocks down a key pillar propping up the relations of peace between Egypt and Israel ...

Editor's Note: It is predictable that Hamas and other Islamic militants would attack Egyptian government forces as the Muslim Brotherhood has come out in the open to attempt to exploit the revolution for its own purposes. The "Brotherhood" was indicted in the Sadat assassination after Mubarak predecessor Anwar Sadat became the first Arab head of state to make peace with Israel. Just like Hezbollah in Lebanon, they put on a civilized mask when it suits them, but their aim is clear and unequivocal: the total domination of the entire world by Islam. For more, see the book Islam And the Antichrist.

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