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Chavez Of Venezuela:
More On The King Of the South III

hen Daniel's interpreting angel describes the internal betrayal of the King of the South by saying "they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him" (Daniel 11:27), we see this as being fulfilled in the military coup that occurred in Venezuela in April of 2002.

As pointed out in part one of this essay, the text specifically says it is "his army" that is involved, and the result are that "many shall fall down slain" (Daniel 11:26). This occurred during the tumultuous civilian protest against Chavez that coincided with the coup, and both factions agree that people were shot in the chaotic confrontation that ousted Hugo Chavez.

What is particularly interesting is the fact that the US Navy participated in the coup. According to the British publication The Guardian

"The US navy aided the abortive coup which took place in Venezuela on April 11 with intelligence from its vessels in the Caribbean. Evidence is also emerging of US financial backing for key participants in the coup" (Duncan Campbell, Guardian April 29 2002).

Apparently the Navy's publicly stated role was to be ready to evacuate US citizens - a firm indicator they were aware of what was to occur in the capital city of Caracas. The Guardian also indicated

"the navy helped with communications jamming support to the Venezuelan military, focusing on communications to and from the diplomatic missions in Caracas belonging to Cuba, Libya, Iran and Iraq - the four countries which had expressed support for Mr Chavez" (Duncan Campbell, Guardian April 29 2002).  

After much celebration in the Northern media at the fall of the leftist strongman Chavez, the coup was short lived as the people of Venezuela realized they had been manipulated by an outside force, and took to the streets to demand the return of Chavez.

It should be noted that Chavez had been elected with 70% of the vote, and the civilian protest that led to his ouster was evidently not representative of the majority of Venezuelans. Hugo Chavez was out of power for 3 days when the military Junta that ousted him was compelled by populist demand to return him to the presidency.

The Islamic-Socialist Connection In The South

What is also interesting is the fact that shortly after the failed coup attempt and the Bush/NATO/Spain designed Operation Balboa, the Madrid train bombings occurred. Readers may remember the horrendous attacks on Spain in which many citizens were killed by an Islamic terrorist cell group.

Those bombings were timed to coincide with the presidential election in Spain, in which Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar stood for re-election. Aznar had been a staunch supporter of the Iraqi war and had committed Spanish troops as part of the Northern coalition fielded by the King of the North.

Aznar was also the key architect of Operation Balboa., the NATO/USA engineered plan to invade the South "with a great army" (Daniel 11:25). 

Shortly after the bombing, the election was held and Spanish voters installed a new Prime Minister who had promised to withdraw Spain from the Northern coalition forces in the Southern country of Iraq.

Predictably, the bombing was traced to Islamic Al Quaida operatives, and suddenly the connection between Venezuela, Libya, and Iran begins to come into focus. The Islamic-Socialist cabal that is seen in the Bible as The King of the South had just struck back, and Chavez enemy Aznar lost power - while Hugo Chavez has been growing stronger by the day.

To put it another way, the serial wars between the King of the North and the King of the South have been going on all along - I just never made the connection to the Armageddon Script found in Daniel 11 until relatively recently.

Obviously, the fact that Venezuela was originally a Spanish colony should not escape the reader's attention. In fact, as US President George Bush intentionally recruited Spain in the Northern "Balboa" plan to take Venezuela, we can now see this ancient connection opens up the entire colonial era to a revisionist look in the light of the Armageddon Script.

The Northern European colonial powers, as personified by Spain, were the primary invaders of Central and South America - what is now considered the South. Even the British and the French would have been considered Northern powers, as they sought to exploit the natural riches of what was then called "the new world." To put it bluntly, when we recognize the multi-layered pattern of the Armageddon Script, it becomes clear the formula has been running all through the last two millennia.

This ties in rather nicely with the color coded four horsemen of Revelation 6, which I have long declared to have already arrived. I've repeatedly proposed the horsemen are the same as Daniel's four beasts in chapter 7 - the lion kingdom (colonial era White Horse), the bear kingdom (Bolshevik era Red Horse), the leopard kingdom (Fascist era Black Horse), and diverse strange beast (globalist era Pale Horse).

As the Armageddon Script demonstrates, the continuing collisions of the predecessor systems (colonial, collectivist, fascist, etc) are still in conflict as they seek to resolve themselves, using the political dialectic, into the global kingdom of the Antichrist.

October 12 2005 -- James Lloyd

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