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Obamasama Story Unravels At The Seams

Dazed And Confused Citizens In Obamalon, Amidst Floods, Fires, And Tornados, Were Too Busy Looking At The Chemtrails To Notice The Truth

s the media driven fraud of the century associated wtih the "assassination" of Osama Bin Ladin has been held over by popular demand, the Obama White House story has been revised so many times, it is simply astonishing how the American public can be so incredibly gullible as to believe a single word issued by the government.  In view of the current Babelian circus being broadcast via the corporate media confusers, it's a distinct possibility that, given the proper production budget, the people of America could be convinced that Elvis killed JFK.

For example, when the story was first "reported," we were told that Osama had offered armed resistance -- a short form answer to the obvious question concerning why he wasn't brought back to the states for a high profile interrogation, terror trial, and conviction. Later, the Obamabots changed the story, and said the culprit was unarmed -- but they shot him for good measure.

The first version had the assault forces in a fire fight, but after days of exuberant celebrations by citizens rejoicing in the fact that we still know how to fight, it turned out that was false as well. Thus, since there was not a pitched battle, and the Navy Seals planned to come home anyway (as opposed to retiring in some hell hole in Pakistan), they could have just as easily retrieved the broken down greybeard for a victory parade down 5th Avenue with the international offender in chains.

Remember how Bin Ladin was first reputed to have used his wife as a human shield, in a scene scripted out of a Hollywood screenplay? That turned out to be false as well. Indeed, the corollary to that concoction was that Bin Ladin's wife was killed as a result. That version also ended up on the cutting room floor, for apparently, she's just as alive today as Bin Ladin was dead 10 years ago.

We were told one of the Amalekite's sons was killed as well, but then they changed the name of the struggling offspring, so it's unclear which son, if any, was actually killed in the episode. We were told an expensive, top secret helicopter was lost due to "mechanical failure." That story changed as well, as the media is now reporting the bird crashed because of something to do with the temperature at the location of the house where Bin Ladin supposedly lived.

By the 2nd day of the celebration, the mainstream media shills showed us footage of the First Dirtbag with his entourage, supposedly watching live video feeds of the operation. Yet PBS later carried an interview with the CIA head who admitted there was a period of about 20 minutes when the political brain trust had no idea what was happening. Most now believe the situation room footage was high theater, staged to raise the stocks of the corporate press. Predictably, Wall Street responded, and the markets sharply improved.

Then, poorly constructed Photoshop versions of Osama's body were circulated, probably produced by the guy that did that cheesy birth certificate for the Beast, and senators and stations alike ran with it. Then the fact that it was a forgery eventually emerged.

Then the government Goebbels told us they hurriedly buried the body at sea in accord with Islamic traditions -- another lie, as Islam finds that practice offensive. The red-faced liars in mainstream media, clutching their corporate stock options and benefit plans, are now defensively back pedaling as the facts become known. Unfortunately, they're still committing the same sins of omission, even as they're being exposed for the media whores they are.

Meanwhile, the foreign media has recently reported the man who owns the house next door to Bin Ladin's supposed refuge has publicly stated he doesn't believe the famous fanatic ever lived next door -- "to be honest, it's not true," he recently told Al Jazeera.

Unfortunately, in the Disneyland existence of the lemmings in American Babylon, the facts are inconsequential, and the double-speak dialogue reigns supreme. 

For more on how America is being bamboozled by the Obama administration, see the the short video on BARACK OBAMA IN BIBLE PROPHECY.

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