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UFO Lights Hover Over Jerusalem And Moslem Dome Of The Rock

n the midst of the political turmoil emanating out of the Middle East through the violence in Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon, most major media ignored, or downplayed a mysterious UFO "flap" (the term for an unusual sighting) which occurred on Monday January 31st, 2011. Multiple amateur shot video clips have been posted on the Internet -- mostly brief sequences showing a very bright light hovering over the city.

The account has UFO watchers intrigued as the bright light does not appear to come from a conventional source (i.e. a helicopter, blimp, or other slow moving object). In recent years, UFO sighting over Israel have dramatically increased.

Editor's Note: The often discussed Nephilim story, in which the fallen sons of God (Genesis 6) intervened in human history, is scheduled to be repeated in the end times. the burgeoning UFO phenomena is directly related to prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. The greatest prophet said the end would be as the days of Noah -- a time characterized by angelic incursions, and genetic manipulation, so the unexplained flying objects (UFO's) are clearly a manifestation of the at prediction.

A return of the angels whose activities have been restricted does not preclude human engineered technologies which are so far advanced they appear to be supernatural, so the data concerning the subject is complex and mysterious. The best blueprint is the Holy Bible. For more on the UFO connection to prophecy, see the video clip drawn from the feature length, 2 hour documentary, UFO's, Angels, and Gods.

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