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Syrian Upheaval Ignored By Mainstream Media

admidst japan radiation, Libyan civil war, and soaring gas prices, the media is conspicuously ignoring the massive revolt in syria

s the world ignores the Arab revolt in Syria, and Oil Exporters are uniformly calling on Qadaffi of Libya to step down, Syrian dictator Bashir Assad continues to militarily butcher his civilian opposition.

In the latest development, tribesmen from Assad's own ethnic group, the Alawite tribe, has now demanded his resignation. Another ethnic group, a mountain based people known as the Druze, have also joined in the political upheaval. The Kurds, the contemporary descendants of the ancient Medes, who inhabit portions of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq, are also active in the revolt.

In Aleppo, a larger city in the ancient nation, an estimated 10,000 protesters have taken to the streets. Meanwhile, Damascus University has seen violent conflict all this week.

Assad's response has been brutal at every opportunity, deploying tanks, military, and private paramilitary units to crush the revolt. Detailed current news is very difficult to obtain due to the isolated nature of the country's political power structure, but it is apparent Syria is in chaos.

The status of the secretive nuclear weapons program, which was traced to a hidden locale within the city of Damascus where radiation was detected last year, is unknown. It is known that Iranian intelligence is active in Syrian domestic policies.

Editor's Note: The almost complete lack of interest in the military onslaught against civilians is understandable only in the light of Bible prophecy. As the Northern Command of NATO and the USA (the King of the North in Daniel 11) has already decided that Damascus will be leveled in a forthcoming conflict, no effort is going to be expended to support freedom in the tyrannical state.

Syria is working in close lockstep with Iran, who is also a key component to a master plan in the Middle East. The third power of Hezbollah controlled Lebanon completes the triad of nations which will be "uprooted" by the "Little Horn" power seen in Scripture (Daniel 7:8). That nation is clearly the tiny state of Israel, and the cataclysm is just around the corner.

The truth of the Little Horn prophecy, and the fact that Christian prophecy teachers around the world routinely deny this identification, is a powerful indicator that virtually every church in the world is already inhabited by the Spirit of Antichrist. For more, see the online article THE LITTLE HORN REVISITED.

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