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Japan Disaster Creates Prophetic Feeding Frenzy

piritual Blindness Reigns As Prophecy Teachers Selectively Sort The Data

The steadily escalating disaster in Japan has provided all prophetic positions with fresh ammunition to use in the ongoing stupidity that steadily blares from Christian pulpits, radio stations, and print throughout America.

As observers comment on the latest round of bad news from Tokyo to Tripoli, virtually no Christian leaders are changing their approaches to Bible Prophecy -- instead, opting for assimilating each bit of news into their existing paradigm. Astute individuals recognize the almost surreal stupidity that is the inevitable result.

For example, this ministry just received a scathing rebuke for statements made in this very media just days ago, as an arrogant individual excoriated this writer. Worse yet, the accusations were grossly inaccurate, even as the moron vehemently urged us to voice the position of one Gary DeMarr, author of a significant book on Preterism. For the uninitiated, Preterism says the prophesied Biblical period known as the Tribulation occurred in 70 AD at the Roman sacking of Jerusalem. The critic was obviously unaware that this writer has previously publicly clashed with DeMarr on radio.

In that revealing encounter, because he claimed the Tribulation has supposedly already occurred, DeMarr was asked to describe conditions shortly before Christ's second coming. Mr. DeMarr stated "the world will actually be a pretty nice place." According to that obviously blind worldview, Christ won't be here anytime soon, as the world I live in isn't looking like a terribly "nice place" at this point in history.

On the opposite end of the stupidity scale, we have Rapture Cultist extraordinaire Greg Laurie, of the hugely popularCalvary Chapel corporate pyramid. He refers to those few who are sounding the alarm as "looney tunes" -- even as the opposite side of his double-minded worldview says "The world isn't quite yet at the seven-year Tribulation Period."

In the midst of significant opposition to the Rapture Cult that has dominated American evangelicalism for the last century, Laurie, along with most cult teachers, now downplays the pre-tribulation rapture fraud, instead opting for couching it within more subtle terms (Genesis 3:1). When he says the world isn't "quite yet" at the tribulation, he means he believes the so-called pretrib "rapture" can occur at any time, then the tribulation can begin.

This "confusion of faces" places all Rapture Cultists, Preterists, and everything in between in one of two, no-win positions. The Preterists figure Christ won't be here anytime soon, for DeMarr's description of the "nice place" that precedes Christ's second coming is obviously nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, the 50 million Rapture Cultists have placed themselves in the position of the anchor which determines absolute truth (usurping the LORD's position), by defining all prophecy in conformity to the fact that they have not yet been "raptured." Thus, the following exchange could take place:

Truth: There are 20,000 dead from the latest Earthquake.

Rapturist: This can't be the tribulation, because I'm still here....

Truth: There are 100,000 starving now.

Rapturist: This can't be the tribulation, because I haven't been raptured....

Truth: There are 14 million dead from the nuclear missile attack.

Rapturist: This can't be the tribulation, because I haven't been raptured.....

Truth: The surviving nations have clustered in Jerusalem, and the new ruler represents a consensus as to how we will proceed.

Rapturist: That can't be the Antichrist, because I haven't been raptured.....

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