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Deciding To Decide

When We Thought About Brain Nutrition, We Learned We Need Nutrition In Our Brain In Order To Decide We Need Brain Nutrition.....We Decided

n a recent issue of our Alternative Health publication known as Sound Body, we produced a theme issue on the subject of what we entitled Mending The Mind. We had begun to notice certain buzz phrases going around, and the one that caught our attention was Brain Fog.

Unsure of exactly what this condition entailed, but certain we didn't want it, we began to realize the shortage of good nutrition in the food supply was contributing to a general deterioration in mental awareness and clarity of thought.

Even though we take all sorts of natural goodies to strengthen and internally cleanse our organs and our various systems (circulatory, respiratory, and even lymphatic), we had never considered the fact that the shorting of nutrients in the food supply was also working on our minds, so we got into a serious study of the vitamins, minerals, and natural compounds the brain needs in order to replenish itself. We then sought quality vendors, bought quantities of the brain supplements we selected, and added them to our Sound Body catalog.

Even though the economy is obviously in the cellar, every time we print a Sound Body and highlight a particular aspect of alternative health, our readers respond with orders, for we've demonstrated excellent judgment in the past, and most of them trust us. Thus, we were surprised to find the brain supplements sold very poorly when the Mending The Mind issue was distributed.

In analyzing just what happened, we had overlooked the obvious. The people who need the brain supplements the most didn't realize they needed them because the decision making processes involved in making such a choice are directly related to the mental clarity we're seeking to restore with this very product!

As I stated earlier, it's self evident that money is tight, but in difficult times, you want to be on your best game. Thus, we revisit the subject, in order to urge our readers to seriously consider the idea that the choices we make are more crucial now than ever before. 

In other words, we decided we can't afford not to be wide awake, and we've now learned that, without a doubt, the brain needs nutritional supplements in order to function at optimal efficiency. And remember, a wise man once said

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour..." (I Peter 5:8)

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