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UN - The  United Nations is a unique organization seeking to be vested with the power and legal authority to address the needs of humanity through administration of the resources of the planet. A corrupt organization, see Kofi Corruption At The UN, and Kofi Gone.

The Security Council, as opposed to the General Assembly, is where the real power is held. In spite of the fantasy version of prophecy posited by the Rapture Cult with their fallacious and unscriptural account of the "revived Roman Empire," the UN provides the best example of man's primary organizational approach to global dominion.

Although it once appeared the UN Security Council permanent members would voluntarily yield power, and be reconfigured into the Ten King alliance seen in Scripture, it now appears the vision of former Secretary-general Dr. Boutros-Ghali of a third generation form of global governance will fulfill the Antichrist-Globalist dream. See The Third Way for specifics. See also UN Security Council Push For 10 Kings, and the essay UN Security Council Reform Insures Fiery Furnace. See also Ten Kings Shall Rise, and The Government Who Would Be God. For chronological clues, see also Antichrist Will Arrive When UNSC Reform Is Complete

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