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Snapshots - D

An Alphabetized Index Of Groups, Individuals And Doctrines


David J Meyer - Writer of Last Trumpet newsletter. See the online essay in ProFiles section on David J Meyer And The Last Trumpet.

David J Smith - Pastor and publisher of Newswatch Magazine, and host of television broadcast. See the online essay in ProFiles section on David J Smith.

Damage Control - Political process that seeks to minimize damage when unflattering information is made public. Also found in spiritual issues. For an example, see Defending The Star Of Satan?

Dan Catlin - Radio broadcaster (on American Voice Radio on Sundays) and leader of Messiah's Branch ministry in Florence KS. Has a food ministry for the homeless. Publishes a newsletter on prophecy. Dispensational in perspective.

Dave & Donna Carrico - Leaders of Followers Of Jesus Christ ministry in Evansville IN. Involved in deliverance from demonic possession and ritual abuse. Authors of several books including The Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection, a work connecting Freemasonry with ritual abuse.

David Cloud - Rapture Cult liar that has gained a degree of undeserved respectability in remnant circles due to his defense of the KJV. Associated with a newsletter called O Timothy! with the ministry name of The Fundamental Baptist Information Service out of Port Huron MI, Cloud recently trotted out the stereotypical on any music other than hymns his 501c3 congregation approves of. For instance, a recent Cloudism indicated that specific "music forms" are "secular or sacred" -- and apparently the Baptists (preferably those over 65) are qualified to decide what "form" of music is "sacred." His spiritual blindness spills out into absolutely false statements such as the following: "the strange idea that music is neutral is only a few years old." This is pure baloney, but every generation apparently needs someone to carry the torch of stupidity, and apparently David Cloud is our moron du jour.

David Eells - Prophecy teacher that emerged after touring with the Prophecy Club. Post-Trib but still largely dispensational as he speaks of a "Jewish remnant" -- and errors don't get much more serious than that. Predictably, erroneously identifies Daniel's 70th week as the now thoroughly repudiated 7 year tribulation -- presumably accompanied by the faulty treaty with Antichrist doctrine -- a classic error of the Rapture Cult. Still teaching believers to go to church when it's obvious the whore of Babylon runs the organized systems. David Eells embraces the demonic system of the Bible Codes, so his discernment is apparently non-existent for the Bible Codes are a form of witchcraft. He was still utilizing the apostate NIV as recently as December 2004. He denies the Nephilim account of Genesis 6 as referring to fallen angels -- another crucial error. When confronted with the Prophecy Club association ("what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?" - II Cor 6:14), he demonstrated his mastery of the dialectic in defending his position. Until he wakes up, why bother?  

David Franz - Bills himself as "evangelist" Dave Franz, the owner of multiple Shortwave transmitters under the WWRB banner. An engineer that started out with "Brother" Stair, broadcast Genesis and Alex Jones for years until they ripped him off as they did every other Shortwave station they've ever broadcast on, then marketed his frequencies to a rapture cult corporation. Now states he will only sell airtime to organizations with "a board of directors." Franz will not allow broadcasters on his frequencies to mention their streaming audio addresses or any other frequencies they're on -- and he will censor them. This is clearly unrealistic as it's unlikely he'll put the Internet out of business with his policies, but his clients can never expand beyond Franz' own frequencies. Some think he's been standing too close to the transmitter for too long.

Dave Hunt - Best Selling Rapture Cult author, speaker, and primary contributor of the cult newsletter The Berean Call. See the lengthy ProFile under False Prophets on Dave Hunt.

David Roberts - Pastor David Roberts runs the "victory community" in a fashion similar to "Brother" Stair's commune. Embraced the Sacred Name heresy over the last few years. Also broadcasting on Shortwave radio. 

David Wegener - A prophecy teacher, see the lengthy ProFile under False Prophets - MORE

David Wolfe - A rapture cult pastor, see the lengthy ProFile under False Prophets. MORE 

Denial - Psychological term coined to describe a process in which people refuse to acknowledge the obvious. See Denial In The Bible 

Dialectic - The dialogue. Also dubbed Diaprax, the Praxis of the Dialectic. The latter term created by scholar Dean Gotcher of the Institute For Authority Research, examines how the Hegelian Dialectic has been used to corrupts the absolute truth of scripture. See The Diabolical System Of Diaprax. See also the online article on Diaprax as well as Dean Gotcher's second in-studio CD of Dean with James Lloyd entitled Diaprax:The Practice Of The Dialectic, the book Dragonspeak, and the 2 hour DVD Deceit And The Dialectic.

Diaprax - See Dialectic 

Deagle, BillSee The Deadly Medicine Of Dr. Bill Deagle under False Prophets in the ProFiles section.  

Dean Gotcher - Scholar, Writer, Public Speaker, and Bible teacher Dean Gotcher tours extensively teaching how to recognize Satan's incursion into the church utilizing the Dialectic, or the process he has dubbed Diaprax. Based in Herndon Kansas, Gotcher broadcasts a weekly hour long radio broadcast on the subject on The Christian Media Network. Dean Gotcher is one of the most astute, dedicated, and under-appreciated Christian leaders in the nation. See also Dialectic and Dragonspeak. 

Defilement - The condition many alleged believers are presently walking in. Obsession, and the notorious root of bitterness leads to this state. See Sidewinder Seeking Salvation and Defilement.

Demeter/Tom - Functioning under the ministry ID of "godsmystery" (as well as other net names), Demeter is a complete fruitcake that writes on various web-pages. He is consistently abusive in his email practices as he is certain God wants him to force his views on others, so if he finds your email, he will send his nonsense regardless of repeated requests for list deletion. In this way, he tries to interact with anyone he can. 

In his articles, occasional true prophetic statements help to mask ridiculous statements such as "You must know that Satan is not an `enemy' of our Creator, but his obedient servant." Demeter may have a demon, for the confusion in his abundant statements make his arguments become almost incoherent at times. For instance, speaking of the two witnesses, he writes "these Two Witnesses are at least three Prophets" -- thus 2 means 3. With his recurring emphasis on the two witnesses, it's probable Demeter believes he is one of them. For instance, he writes "Only God's First Witness of His Two Witnesses obey God's laws, and live by `God's Way.'" In that same paragraph, Demeter points to himself, apparently perceiving himself to be that "First witness of His Two Witnesses" when he writes "Since no others were willing risk their reputations, I had to do Christ's work I had to make this announcement." In short, Tom Demeter is out of his mind and should be avoided like the plague.

Demon - From the Greek Daimon. Commonly translated devils in the KJV, demons were thought to be disembodied spirits that were associated with the angelic portion of the offspring of the Nephilim that died during the flood of Noah. There term has come to mean evil spirits that can inhabit many spheres of influence beyond possession of human beings. For an example, see the essay The Media Demon 

Dobson/James - See J in snapshots

Dragonspeak - Term dubbed by James Lloyd to describe the use of the Dialectic as an instrument of Lucifer in maneuvering the world to Armageddon. See Dragonspeak the audio series, and Dragonspeak the book for a thorough treatment of the subject. Also note the comments on the Dialectic on this page.    

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