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Battle Cry - newsletter produced by Jack Chick of Chick Publications. See the essay on the newsletter under media or click here.

Barbara Richmond - Former American Messianic Christian writer working on the Internet. Richmond moved to Israel to discover more of her "Jewish" Christianity, and then repudiated Christ and converted to Judaism -- and sought to persuade others to the same position. A classic example of the strong delusion (II Thessalonians 2:11) wherein dispensationally oriented "Judaeo Christians" and "Messianic Christians" are deceived concerning the role of Israel. The so-called "Hebrew roots" mindset is an open sepulcher inhabited by the Spirit of Antichrist. For recent articles on "Hebrew roots," see Shem Tov.  A detailed analysis is found in the books The Two House Twist and The Spirit Of Antichrist

Bible Codes - Occultism that has significantly penetrated contemporary Christianity. Derived from Jewish apostasy and Kabbalah with a high tech spin. See Bible Codes Bomb Again - See also Tom Mack under Wolves in the ProFiles section.

Beacon Of Truth Ministry - See the ProFile on Craig Portwood under Wolves

Berean Call - Newsletter based on reference to Berea in the book of Acts. Incorporated, 501c3 Rapture Cult ministry letter published by Dave Hunt. See the ProFile on Dave Hunt under False Prophets.

Beast - Term used to describe the governments of man, as well as the individual Antichrist -- who is described as "the beast" in Revelation 19:20. Variations exist with the usage, but the term is usually connected to man's attempts to live apart from the LORD. For instance, Peter refers to the lost as "brute beasts" (II Peter 2:12) whereas Daniel sees 4 beasts, representing governments rising out of the sea (Daniel 7). The ultimate effort amalgamates prior systems into one final global "beast" as seen in Revelation 13. See the ProFile book Bloodbeast Of Babylon. See also the online essays The Beast With 7 Heads and The Beast Is Bleeding; also see and Who Is Like Unto The Beast? and A Beast With 10 Horns. For details on the "layering" of the 7 heads aspect of this prophecy, see also the tape set The Beast With 7 Heads, the book The Armageddon Script, and the online essay The Beast With 7 Heads: The 6,7, & 8 Cycle under Doctrines.  

Bill Brumbaugh - A radio host that has been proven to be a pathological liar, there is a lengthy exposé concerning the continuing fraud that Bill Brumbaugh has perpetrated on the listening audience in the Wolves area of our ProFiles section. MORE

Bill Cooper - The late Bill Cooper was a much admired Shortwave radio host who was shot to death by Apache County Sheriff's Department during a raid on his home in November of 2001. Cooper was a member of the Office of Naval Security and Intelligence serving as a Harbor and River Patrol Boat Captain at Danang and the Dong Ha River Security Group, Cua Viet, Republic of Vietnam. He served on the Intelligence Briefing Team for the Commander In Chief of the Pacific Fleet. In addition to several documentaries he produced on various conspiracies, Cooper wrote a book entitled Behold A Pale Horse in which he espoused many conspiracies in government, religion, and economics. Christian in perspective, those close to him claim he was murdered in retaliation for his many disclosures of government misdeeds. An outstanding film biography of Cooper's life was released on DVD and is found in the CM Catalog. See The Hour Of Our Time.

Billy Graham - See False Prophets in the ProFile section. MORE

Bo Gritz - See Media Figures in the ProFile section. MORE

Boldea, Michael - See M for Michael.

Branham, William - Founder of what has been known as Branhamism, he propagated the view he was one of the angels mentioned in the final book of the Word of God. He taught Oneness Theology, the concept that God is one person and one essence that has been manifested in different modes. In ancient times, this was called Modalism, or Modal Monarchianism, as well as Sabellianism. In this heresy, God changes modes so the Father became the Son, the Son became the Holy Spirit, etc. This "angel" of Revelation died in a car crash decades ago, but he still has a significant following.

Brother Stair - "Brother" Ralph G Stair is the leader of a ministry in Walterboro SC. The HQ in South Carolina is a commune where many members gave everything they owed to the ministry to join. At one time, Stair was the largest shortwave broadcaster in the US, if not the world. Stair's independent 501c3 state sanctioned corporation has financed his posturing as "the last day prophet" -- apparently in accord with the teachings of William Branham (a false prophet extraordinaire from the 1950's) that a single prophet would presage the end time events. 

Stair is a false prophet through and through. A few years ago, he began a wave of legal problems when he was caught having sex with underage girls on the commune. He was also repeatedly accused of seeking to seduce married women as well. Criminal charges were brought, and he was briefly jailed. The criminal prosecution has been settled, but he is still embroiled in civil suits by disgruntled former followers apparently seeking to cash in on Stair's sexual indiscretions. There is no such thing as a single "last day prophet" -- there is only a non-prophet corporation based in Walterboro that continues to deceive the unwary. See the ProFile Brother Stair - see also the tape commentary Stair Wars

Butch Paugh - A pastor, Paugh has been on Shortwave radio for years with his Call To Decision program. Deep in the `patriot' movement, he seems to delight in the `pistol-packin preacher' label with his West Virginia colloquial expressions. Butch Paugh, while preaching out of the New Testament, does not seem to have any problems with associating with the reprobates at the Genesis Communications Network. 

GCN stole their network equipment from a "friend" of Paugh named Loris Thompkins. When Ms Thompkins (now Mrs. Brad Metcalf, an imprisoned patriot figure) was at a crossroads with the predecessor network to GCN before the theft of the studio, Paugh personally assured Thompkins of his support. In reality, it appears he was worried he might lose his satellite feed for his radio program. Shortly thereafter, the criminals at GCN actually stole the studio equipment when Thompkins was out of town, so they could form what is called in the industry, the Genocide Network. 

In spite of his vows of support for Thompkins, Butch Paugh instead chose to affiliate himself with GCN. When confronted live on the air over his embrace of the evil at the network that he helps to sustain through his association, he lied to his listeners. Paugh was asked `what about the ripoff of Loris Thompkins and her network?' Paugh brazenly lied and stated "it's the first I've heard of it." 

When Paugh was privately rebuked by James Lloyd at Christian Media (in accord with Matthew 18 admonitions) for his gross dissimulation in associating his "ministry" with Ted `Goldfinger' Anderson (of Midas Resources and GCN), his response was to circulate that private letter of rebuke written by Lloyd to Paugh to his newsletter readership in an unscriptural attempt to distract from the central issue of the rebuke itself. There are other substantive issues such as Paugh's apparent collusion with other radio hosts in a staged and carefully timed event in which half a dozen hosts pulled their commercial support from Christian Media simultaneously in a thinly disguised effort to destroy a competitor of GCN. That information is detailed and documented in the book Shortwave Wars Volume I by James Lloyd. Information is also heard on the Shortwave Wars Radio Program, and information found at the Shortwave Wars website. The bottom line is, the problem with Butch Paugh is not what he says (most of the time) on the air, it's what he does when no one but the Lord is looking. 

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