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Abraham-Faith Ministries International - British based Jewish group run by Rabbinical figure Simon Altaf. Like many contemporary Jewish groups, Altaf styles himself as "Messianic," and even includes the name Yahushua, with an image of a lion on the ministry logo. An apparent reference to the lion of the tribe of Judah, it is clear this poser actually sees Christ as the roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Just another unredeemed ministry figure, this Rabbi is caught in the Satanic view of Jewish supremacy which brought Israel to the rejection of Jesus in the first place. Simon Altaf writes that it is an error to believe "the Jewish people will die in sin and go to hell if they do not believe in the the Jewish Messiah that Christians call Jesus Christ!" In another bizarre manifestation of the emerging theology we refer to as the Two House Twist, and liberally quoting from the New Testament, Altaff concludes that Jews "do not need the Christian Messiah or any other Messianic Messiah."

Al Cuppett - Also known as Mr C, Cuppett frequents shortwave as a guest speaker. A former tour speaker with the Prophecy Club (see the ProFile under Ministries), Cuppett consistently espouses false doctrine. Utilizing his background in the US military establishment, Cuppett associates with and defends numerous false teachers such as Professor Tom Mack (see ProFiles under Wolves) and numerous other racists promoting the `chosen people' mythology that places their allegiance to the state of Israel before their own country. A Jewish supremacist not to be trusted. 

Al Quaida - International Islamic militant group said to be led by Osama Bin Ladin. More at Al Quaida

Agag - King of the Amalekites. Royal line results in Hammed-Atta, the father of Haman in the book of Esther. Linked to Arabia, and associated with the name Gog. See The Ten Sons Of Hammed.as well as the essay on Gog And Magog. Agag is also covered in Hadassah Of Shusan.

Ahasuerus - King of Persia prominently featured in the book of Esther. See Ahasuerus: The Seed & The Gatekeepers

American Free Press - See Media Figures & Groups in the ProFiles section AFP, See also streamwars.us

American Hiroshima - name of plans for terrorist nuclear assault on American cities allegedly seized by US forces in Afghanistan American Hiroshima

American Magog - Title of DVD from Christian Media identifying America with the Magog of Ezekiel 38. MORE.

American Voice Radio Network - Alternative radio net run by Francis Steffan in Eagle Point Oregon. Satellite presence (G11 T12 Audio 8.1), and low power FM. Carries political and Christian programs with relatively wide doctrinal variance under banner of free speech. AVR is remnant and patriot in worldview with a pronounced distrust of government. Also has a print presence. Current programmers include Colonel James `Bo' Gritz, Pro gun rights activist Rick Stanley, and Steffan himself (the Frank Report). MORE 

Ancient Wonders & Angels At War - title of Christian Media CD on Catastrophism, see more here.

Angels In Orbit - Title of Christian Media DVD on Biblical Catastrophism, and the association of the angelic host with the planets. See the article

Antichrist - Term found in New Testament with layered meanings, including collective ("there are many antichrists" -I John 2:18) as well as individual ("And the beast was taken, and...cast alive into a lake of fire.." - Revelation 19:20). See also the online articles Antichrist Attacked as well as Antichrist & The UN Security Council. For a more detailed examination concerning the identity of Antichrist, see the books The Spirit Of Antichrist as well as Waiting For Leviathan - See also the tape set Even He Is The Eighth and Interview With The Antichrist 

Avatar - Sanskrit term for a being projected into existence by a higher personality. The James Cameron epic science fiction film has broadly popularized the term, but most computer users already had familiarity with the concept, as their identity is frequently projected into "cyber-space" via an avatar (usually a computer icon) -- thus making man the higher mind. In spite of the fact the concept is routinely found in Hindu thought, the term has developed broader meanings, and due to cultural familiarity, may be applied in a Christian context. See The Avatar Of Truth, as well as the DVD on the same subject.

Avi Ben Mordechai - A practitioner of the priestcraft known as "messianic Judaism," Mordechai has departed from even Orthodox Dispensationalism. He has stated that the virgin birth of Christ is "difficult to accept." Teaches the New Testament is not actually scripture, but writes 

"...the `New Testament' speaks of or alludes to the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings as Scripture in many places (Luke 4:21, John 10:35, Acts 1:16, Acts 8:35, Acts 17:11, 2 Timothy 3:16, James 2:8, 2 Peter 1:20). Thus, all "New Testament" doctrines must line up with the written evidence that is found in the Law, the Prophets, or the Writings. If we accept anything else as Scripture, when there is no written evidence to call it Scripture, then we are guilty of violating Scripture according to Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32 (13:1 in Hebrew), thus making us liars (Proverbs 30:6). This does not, however, mean that we cannot glean important insights and knowledge from reading it." 

Worse yet, he denies the deity of Christ. He states "...is it possible to say, `Yeshua is God'? Not as I understand it. But, this does not preclude the fact that Elohim was working in Yeshua to show us the Father." Given these facts, Christian Media asks why any one considers this man to be even remotely associated with Christianity in the first place? For a thorough Scriptural analysis of Mordechai's Two House heresy, see the book The Two House Twist



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