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Catastrophism - General term associated with the view the entire planet has been repeatedly menaced in a stellar context during ancient times. Most contemporary catastrophists owe much to Immanuel Velikovsky's writings from the 1930's through the 50's. See the books Rampaging Planets and Catastrophism In The Old Testament as well as Recent Organization Of the Solar System and In The Beginning. for more. See also the tDVD Saturn And Star Seed Conspiracy and Planet X And The Powers Of the Heavens.

Catlin, Dan - Leader of Messiah's Branch ministry. Feeds poor and homeless through Wichita KS outreach, and has a radio program of the same name. Consistently teaches false doctrine via unscriptural emphasis on militarization in support of state of Israel. Regular promoter of Jewish Supremacist doctrine, and many Two House heretics such as Eddie Chumney, Stan Johnson of the Prophecy Club, and False Prophet Tom Decker. See Dispensationalism, and the Two House Twist

Cecil Ducille - An Eastern pastor and author of a book on prophecy, Ducille is examined in the False Profits area of the ProFiles. MORE

Character - An individual's pattern of behaviour, related to reputation. Scripture speaks of men of "good report" in Acts 22:12 and I Timothy 3:7. See the essay Character Counts.

Charles Carlson - Carlson is the leader of We Hold These Truths, and the Strait Gate Ministry, organizations active in Internet ministry and email. WHTT organizes protests against US Christian churches for their support of Israeli actions against the Palestinians. WHTT is an avid opponent of the Jewish state, and its email newsletter Pharisee Watch is aggressively sent out on the net. Although an antagonist of what is usually called Judeo-Christianity, Strait Gate is not remnant oriented and espouses several apostate doctrines such as the observance of Easter and Christmas. Furthermore, in its zeal to oppose the racism inherent in dispensationalism, the ministry has unfairly (and unrealistically) defended Palestinian actions. WHTT is essentially mainstream in their configuration as they advertise all major credit cards are accepted for donations to become involved in a "partnership with helping Philistine Refugees in Syria." Apparently, in their zeal to oppose the Jewish supremacism inherent in dispensationalism, they've gone too far over to the other side of the age old conflict over the land of the Middle East.  

Chavez (Hugo) of Venezuela - President of OPEC member Venezuela, and a candidate for the prophesied role of the King of the South found in Daniel 11. See Chavez Of Venezuela   

Chick Publications - Long time tract publisher. For a theological examination, see Battle Cry the Chick published newsletter.

Children Of God - Also known as the Love Family. Cult founded by Moses David, aka David Berg, Jewish reprobate that used carnal methodologies in recruiting -- most notably teaching the young females caught in the cult to use seductive system he dubbed "flirty fishing" to attract young males. At its heart, the cult's Christology confused the two natures of Christ (humanity and deity). This ambiguity as to the nature of Christ defined Him as having a beginning -- a position inconsistent with the deity of the LORD. This error was historically referred to as Nestorianism.

Chris Blodgett - Former Shortwave radio host, Blodgett and his wife Sharon were the leaders of a 501c(3) ministry called Perfect Gift Ministries. They were exposed for financial and sexual improprieties. After public disclosures from more than one couple stating the Blodgetts were quite interested in being naked with them in a hot tub, the Blodgett's left radio and opened a Christian "food bank" with large stores of food they stole from another ministry. See the Wolves area under ProFiles. More On Chris Blodgett.

Christadelphianism - In this non-trinitarian sect, Jesus atoned for his own sins and was perfect only with respect to his divine nature. Christadelphians deny any unique divine nature in Christ. This is a contemporary form of Arianism and Nestorianism in the early church.

Christian Science - Separates Christ from Jesus saying you too can have the Christ spirit! In this modern form related to ancient Gnostic error, Jesus was a clever fellow who lived and died two thousand years ago. About a century ago, founder Mary Baker Eddy taught the material world was only an illusion and the spirit world was the only reality. This was applied to health issues. Then the LORD allowed this liar's teeth to fall out before she died to remind her of the "reality" of her physical existence.

Christian Witchcraft - The practice of the dialectic in a "Christian" context. Christian Witchcraft

Chuck Missler - Important Rapture Cult leader who is notorious for brazenly lying to his audience to curry favor. An entertaining public speaker popular on the cult circuit, Missler rolls out detailed and elaborate prevarications to pump up the Rapture Cult lie the doctrine was taught in the early church. In a typical presentation, in a rapid fire fashion, Chuck Missler will cite over a dozen ancient Christians (Irenaues, Hippolytus, Jerome, etc), with dates that sound authentic, and categorically state they all taught the pre-tribulation fraud. To an unlearned Christian, such a presentation is compelling.

Christian Media's James Lloyd, compiled recordings of the aforementioned presentations and reduced them to transcript form. He then tracked down the actual statements from each historical figure, and discovered not one ancient teacher or writer cited taught the pre-tribulation rapture! The results of that research, including the actual transcript of statements, formed a significant portion of the book The Rapture Cult: Dishonesty In Dispensationalism by James Lloyd. The bottom line is, Chuck Missler is a very clever liar, and the Bible says "whosoever loveth and maketh a lie" is found in the eternal company of "dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolators...." (Revelation 22:15) 

Chuck Smith - Founding pastor of large rapture cult ministry Calvary Chapel. Has clung to the Antichrist doctrine of Jewish Supremacism for decades and refuses to realign his teaching to conform to the Scriptures. Beware. See Chuck Smith: Sound Doctrine or Strong Delusion?

Chumney, Eddie - Author and ministry figure in the Antichrist Two House movement. Although there are several variants in the Spiritual dance we call "the Two House Twist," Chumney's version is close to the doctrine of Monte Judah, teaching the Christian church is actually Ephraim, and is to be joined in the near future via Ezekiel's two stick prophecy (Ezekiel 37) to the house of Judah. In this fashion, Chumney is able to seek to retain Jewish primacy in the Gospel era -- a heresy that has infected the body of Christ from the very beginning. For detailed statements from Chumney, see the Two House Twist

Clay Douglas - A patriot figure, Clay Douglas hosted a Shortwave radio broadcast for several years moving from network to network -- frequently leaving under antagonistic circumstances and mutual accusations. Clay published a newsmagazine called The Free American for years until he was critically injured in a crash on his motorcycle. In a coma for weeks, his wife and son attempted to continue the Free American and a parallel biker magazine. After awakening, Clay apparently accused his family of improper behaviour and became estranged from them. The patriot magazine, the Free American is now defunct. 

Clement, Kim - Young Whore Of Babylon television evangelist growing in popularity due to his appealing on stage presence. Clement is drawing large crowds by providing the message itching ears want to hear, but his rare doctrinal statements show him prophesying in the Spirit of Antichrist. He recently wrote "The Spirit of God says that I've planned a great Christmas for My people. You will see the sign upon the tree. It will bring them together as one because of Me. Strongholds and forces of hell who would try and detune the pleasurable sounds of Christmas; this prophet prophesies nothing shall be successful in your attempt to bring blood over the Christmas season.." Since the Tammuz tree is inextricably linked to the Spirit of the Devil, the power that occupies Clement is like a dog marking a bush as he passes by, and in the process that wicked has plainly shown Kim Clement to be a child of the Devil.

Cloud, David - See D for David.

Clouds - Term used to describe evildoers, e.g. "clouds without water" (Jude 1:12) as well as the righteous, referencing a "great...cloud of witnesses" (Hebrews 12:1) testifying of the Gospel. Also an often used alliterative word utilized to describe elements associated with the return of Jesus Christ. See He Cometh With Clouds.

Columbia Christians For Life (CCL) - A South Carolina based pro life political group, run by one Steve Lefemine, who maintains an extensive Internet presence. Under the clever cloak of pro life activism, CCL presents false doctrine, usually in a reactionary and inflammatory fashion. Single Source Scapegoaters (see the SSSSSS article on the subject) say the Jesuits are responsible for all sin in the world, and if you don’t agree with that ludicrous point of view, YOU must be a “Jesuit Coadjutor,” and YOU are probably secretly working directly for the Pope, the Knights of Malta, Project Mockingbird, or any one of a hundred other nefarious groups you’ve never heard of.


CCL relies on incredibly dubious sources, such as Eric Jon Phelps, Jack Chick, and Dave Hunt who have all “proven” that iniquity begins and ends at the Vatican (see the links to articles on all three of these pretenders in the Snapshots section of cmediaresearch.com).  


Since all the individuals mentioned are insufferable SSSSSS’rs similar to CCL, few notice the common denominator is the Rapture Cult. Thus, the hidden link is the Jewish Supremacism (a key part of the Antichrist beast system) which, under the mask of exposing the massive misdeeds of the Vatican (a key part of the False Prophet beast system), seeks to draw the unwary into their dialectically driven infernal conflict. The dragon lives in the hyphenated conflict which exists between the two beasts, and through the single source fixation on only one faction (providing the antithesis of the Hegelian version of the Spiritual equation), CCL is doing the bidding of the Devil.  


While there is certainly a place for Scriptural refutations of the widespread, historically documented apostasies and murderous tactics of Rome over the centuries, CCL and their compatriots are unfit and unqualified to lead in any part of that function.


Company Of Nations - Part of a promise made to Jacob concerning the future of Israel in Genesis 35:11). Frequently cited by "Identity" groups to associate Israel with Western European nations in the British-Israel heresy. See the article Company Of Nations

Conspiracy - The concept of a clandestine group of individuals with a secretive agenda working together to bring about some hidden objective. Scripture speaks of conspiracy 10 times, so those that mock conspiracy enthusiasts are essentially denying a Scriptural premise. See II Sam 15:12, Jeremiah 11:9, Ezekiel 22:25, etc. See also how governments can conspire against their own citizens through unwanted and ungodly laws. See the article The Conspiracy Of Law. See also the tape series The Conspiracy Of War and the tape The Conspiracy Of Law as well as The Conspiracy Of Money

Craig Portwood - A former Shortwave radio figure, Craig Portwood and his housemate Linda Kristich are active in a "ministry" called The Beacon Of Truth. Their story is detailed in a lengthy essay in the Wolves area of the CMR ProFiles. MORE

Christians Behaving Badly - A common contemporary occurrence, see the essay Christians Behaving Badly. See also Criticism of Christians By Name article below. For related examples, see the entire ProFile category Wolves. See also the related subject of anonymity in a public reproach covered in the article on Steve Zychal which includes a look at Christians suing other Christians. 

Christopher Bowman - Author of commentary on Revelation I Don't Want This City.

Criticism Of Christians By Name - Many errantly believe it is unscriptural to publicly oppose another believer, however, the New Testament shows numerous examples of a public reproach. See the essay Criticizing Christians By Name

Cult - From the Latin Cultus, commonly used as a pejorative term, but the term has evolved from it's basic meaning of devoted attachment to a religious principle or group. Due to the proliferation of American cult systems, the term has developed a negative connotation. See The Culting Of Christianity. See also The Rapture Cult.

Cutler, Gary - Publisher and writer of the doctrinally false Amillennialist periodical The Lord's Coming Herald out of Sheridan IN. Not to be confused with the person of the same name that runs the Christian oriented Aquarain survival water filter group in Missouri.

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