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Mark Hazlewood - Author of 2 books on Planet X - Blindsided and Delicate Earth: The History And Science Of Planet X.  Mark is a frequent guest on numerous radio shows speaking regularly on the subject. His father is the well known songwriter and recording artist Lee Hazlewood.

Mark Koernke - One of the original underground patriot radio igures, he was known as "Mark from Michigan" in his early videos. A broadcaster on shortwave with the original Republic Radio Network, Koernke was convicted of bank robbery in the late 1990's under rather suspicious circumstances; and as of 2005 was still incarcerated. Mark's wife Nancy has continued the work with shortwave and internet patriot broadcasting.

Martyrs - From the Greek Martyria, meaning witness. See The Martyrs Of Jesus, and The Multitude And The Martyrs.

Martin Hunter - Newsletter publisher promoting false prophetic doctrine through something called the National Institute For Inventors. Hunter has no discernment whatsoever, and once wrote he did not care about the source of any prophetic inspiration, but taught we should "draw victory from this [supernatural knowledge] regardless which side produced this supernatural miracle..." referencing the so-called secrets of Fatima, he has claimed that he "secretly received the Third Secret of fatima from Sister Lucia shortly before she dided." Since Lucia was in Europe, and this small time peddler is in Seneca SC, we might guess she "appeared" to him. Clearly a propagator of false prophecy, Hunter should be avoided.

McHyde, Tim - Internet author with a book on Planet X. See the online essay Dr. Jekyll And Mr. McHyde.

Mel White - White is the professional writer that wrote The New World Order for Pat Robertson. Ironically, it's an excellent examination of the political establishment marching the world towards globalism. An embarrassment to Robertson and Jerry Falwell (who he has also ghost-written for), White is a practicing homosexual that lives with another man in close proximity to Falwell's church (look for them at the great white throne judgment).

White has written a book entitled Stranger At The Gate, where he seeks to reconcile Christianity and homosexuality. An interesting case history of just how far a person can allow themselves to be deceived, most believers scoff at the oxymoronic term "Queer-Christian" -- yet those same "believers" that lie, or steal on a regular basis never apply the hyphenate term "Lying-Christian" or "Christian-Thief" to themselves. Following on the slippery slope of `lightweight grace' without the requisite repentance mandated in scripture, it won't be long before America sees Transvestites for Christ, or some other equally abhorrent assertion.

Meyer, David J - Writer of Last Trumpet newsletter. See the online essay in ProFiles section on David J Meyer And The Last Trumpet.

Michael Boldea - Related to the late Romanian prophecy figure Dimitru Duduman, Boldea runs a 501C3 relief organization that is the legacy of Duduman. Trading on Duduman's name since Dimitru died some years ago, Michael has made numerous statements that plainly indicate he propagates false doctrine. Predictions related to Duduman's Prophecy Club activities were continually propaged by Boldea until they were proven false. On specific radio interviews (particularly on the Steve Quayle show and the David Lankford shortwave programs), Boldea has also made claims that are clearly false. Claiming prophetic dreams, few have connected the simple fact that Boldea runs a mainstream, state sanctioned non profit organization -- a clear indicator of the spirit that inhabits this pretender. When faced with genuine prophecy, Boldea has publicly criticized the truth of Remnant theology. See also Dimitru Duduman.

Michael Rood - Messianic Jewish leader. Began with Prophecy Club, plays heavily to Jewish prophetic expectations through priestly garb. Widely demonstrated to be corrupt with heretcial doctrines. What Rood lacks in Sound Doctrine he more than makes up with in financial chicanery. Beware this man. See The Michael Rood Brand Of Ministry.

Michael Taube - Under False Prophets, see Descent Into Darkness: The Madness Of Michael Taube

Michael The Archangel - Michael is evidently a senior angelic presence in that he is called upon for special work in Daniel 10 and Revelation 12. Contrary to the false doctrine of the Rapture Cult, Michael is almost certainly the spiritual intellect referred to as a he in the restrainer passages of II Thessalonians 2. See The Emergence Of Michael - See also The Prince Of America

Midnight Herald - A Christian newspaper corrupted by "Professor" Tom Mack, the former prophecy club speaker that manipulated the female owner of the paper to sponsor his Bible Code apostasies. The paper was controlled Joanne Reeves in Texas before Mack moved in. For a detailed look see Tom Mack under the ProFile section Wolves.

Mike 'Doc' Witort - Radio broadcaster that has been on several of the satellite and shortwave networks. Witort practices alternative medicine through individual interaction, and billing himself as a "sports therapist," he has run afoul of government as a result. Not a doctor, he goes by the moniker "Doc Mike," and at least one piece of literature states he is an "alternative physician." Utilizing accupressure, Witort has many defenders that claim his treatments have helped painful conditions such as Fibromyalgia. Since we also believe people should be free to practice their abilities with whatever skills and knowledge they have obtained - even if such skillsets were developed outside of the established medical profession - we see Doc Mike an interesting, if not eccentric, individual. He is presently on American Voice Radio.

Mike Hoover - Pastor Mike Hoover has a Baptist church in Payson Arizona. An outspoken critic of government, he is pro King James and anti 501c(3). Formerly with the Christian Media Network, in spite of the fact that he was straightforward and honest in his dealings with CMN, the network chose to lose the revenue and removed him from the network for preaching the false pre-tribulation rapture doctrine. While his anti-government stance is admired at CM, that won't get you to heaven; and embracing the Jewish supremacism inherent in the cult will ultimately bring about the wrath of God.

Millennium Storm  - For a look at the catastrophic weather that has heavily impacted the world in recent times, see the article The Millennium Storm.

Mingling - Term seen in the Old Testament accounts associated with God's people "mingling" themselves with the nations, a phenomena repugnant to the Lord. Important association with Daniel 2 prophecy of the iron and clay that does NOT mingle together. See the essay The Mingling, or the 2 hour audio of same name.

Missler, Chuck  - Important Rapture Cult leader who is notorious for brazenly lying to his audience to curry favor. An entertaining public speaker popular on the cult circuit, Missler rolls out detailed and elaborate prevarications to pump up the Rapture Cult lie the doctrine was taught in the early church. In a typical presentation, in a rapid fire fashion, Chuck Missler will cite over a dozen ancient Christians (Irenaues, Hippolytus, Jerome, etc), with dates that sound authentic, and categorically state they all taught the pre-tribulation fraud. To an unlearned Christian, such a presentation is compelling.

Christian Media's James Lloyd, compiled recordings of the aforementioned presentations and reduced them to transcript form. He then tracked down the actual statements from each historical figure, and discovered not one ancient teacher or writer cited taught the pre-tribulation rapture! The results of that research formed a significant portion of the book The Rapture Cult: Dishonesty In Dispensationalism by James Lloyd. The bottom line is, Chuck Missler is a very clever liar, and the Bible says "whosoever loveth and maketh a lie" is found in the eternal company of "dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolators...." (Revelation 22:15) 

Monte Judah  - A pastoral leader in the Jewish supremacist movement that masquerades as dispensationalism, Judah pulls from the remnant through a post-tribulational message that rapture cultists frequently find attractive. In recognizing the texts that show pre-trib to be a fraud, many fail to recognize the underlying false doctrine of separate "dispensations" for Jews and Gentiles. Mainstream in structure, Judah's ministry organization Lion and Lamb Ministries is incorporated and sanctioned by the beast. In spite of the fact he has been repeatedly sent literature on the Star of Satan (Acts 7:43, Amos 5:26) that he embraces, the Satanic symbol continues to be placed prominently on his literature and website. A visible proponent of the 'Prince Charles as Antichrist' false doctrine, he is clearly a false prophet and should be avoided completely. See also The Two House Twist.

Multi Dimensional Prophecy - The concept of looking beyond the immediate superficial layer of prophecy into the underlying communications that speak in a non-linear fashion. See Multi Dimensional Prophecy and Apocalyptic Linguistics.

Music In The Bible - For a look at the research indicating certain accent markings in the Masoretic manuscripts of scripture are associated with an ancient form of music notation, see the essay Lost Music Of The Bible.

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