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Fear Of God - Scripture says this is the beginning wisdom. During the tribulation, the angels call out "fear God and give Him glory." The apostate church has disparaged those that preach the fear of God as "fear-monger" but the wise are afraid of God and are preparing their hearts and their houses for His wrath. Note Hebrews 11:7 as a model where we see that "Noah...moved with fear, prepared an the saving of his house." Mankind will soon re-learn the fear of God.  

Fear Of The Jews - An ancient as well as a modern phenomena. As the prime opponent of Christianity in the New Testament, the Gospel flatly states this basic truth. See John 7:13, 19:38, and 20:19. Many equate this with the mythical "chosen people" heresy, yet never see the inconsistency as they fear the Jews, who hate the Gospel, but don't fear God who has condemned the Jews (see John 12:248). See also the essay on the Fear Of The Jews

First Amendment Radio - Patriot Radio network with C Band Satellite and internet streams. Formed as a spin-off from Truth Radio Network by Nicholas Arthur, long time TRN manager. TRN owner Richard Palmquist accused Arthur of many things (including equipment theft) at his departure to form FAR. The net carries programs hosted by several completely despicable characters with the notable exception of Randy Yarbrough - a marvelous and Godly man broadcasting on weekends. 

Unfortunately, Randy's weekly show is buried by daily programs from the pathological liar Bill Brumbaugh see the lengthy ProFile on Baloney Bill), Jackie Patru (who has stated the Bible is a book of fables written by a bunch of stupid old Jews), and a real gem named Dennis Fisher. Listed on the FAR schedule as David Fisher, this dirtbag has repeatedly proclaimed Nelson Rockefeller as the Antichrist utilizing indefensible exegesis. 

Utilizing the ministry name of Jeremiah 33 for many months on radio (prior to the program's placement on FAR), Fisher and an associate named Bob McDonald ran up a substantial Shortwave radio bill with WBCQ out of Monticello Maine. After repeated requests for payment and being as lenient as possible, Allan Weiner, the station owner, was forced to remove the program for non-payment. Fisher's "Christian" response was to curse him as a "dirty Jew Bastard." While radio networks are commonly faced with difficult and sometimes potentially compromising decisions on programming selection, First Amendment Radio didn't scrape the bottom of the barrel when they assembled their schedule -- they shoveled the outhouse to find this bunch. 

Francis Steffan - What a difference an honorable leader makes! Steffan is personally known by this writer to have turned down a lucrative offer to purchase time at his American Voice Radio Network because the potential programmer, although representing himself as a Christian ministry, was known to Steffan as a sleazy character. Frank simply valued the reputation of AVR too much to take the slimy guy's money. AVR (See the snapshot on the network under A), also has a direct mail program wherein the radio hosts contribute their own written material to a co-operative print periodical that each then mails the publication to their own constituency. AVR then blankets the country with the periodical to attempt to widen the listener base to the radio network -- a very clever idea. 

Steffan has also edited and published patriot oriented materials including The Commerce Game (about the commerical redemption process), Psycho-Political Warfare, Fluoride, Teeth, And The Atomic Bomb, and other titles. While there are programs on AVR we do not care for, he is without guile as you always know where you stand with Francis Steffan -- and that's refreshing. 

Fossilized Customs - Sacred Name book that has been widely distributed espousing many heretical concepts. Written by a man named Lew White, see the snapshot on the subject of the Sacred Name.

Foxes Book Of Martyrs - This is a 400 year old book by a man named John Foxe that put together biographies of all the major Christian figures that died in defense of the Gospel. He started in the New Testament and worked his way to his own era -- where he eventually joined the ranks of those he wrote about. A monumental work! While many know how many `low-lifes' there are masquerading as Christians in our time, this book demonstrates the religious hypocritical scumbags that consistently do the wrong thing have been around for a long, long time. A real eye opener. MORE

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