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An Alphabetized Index Of Groups, Individuals And Doctrines

G8 - The Group of 8 Northern industrialized nations. Formerly the G7 + Russia, the G8 is seen in prophecy when the King Of The North faces off against the King Of The South, to force a synthesis of globalism in Jerusalem.  other writer's work. See Daniel 11 Predicted North Vs South Conflict.

Gamble, Marlene - Minnesota writer of newsletter Watch & Pray. A complete reprobate, Gamble has plagiarized other writer's work. Oriented in the false doctrine known as Christian "Identity," she espouses universal reconciliation, i.e. all are saved in the cross. Teaches "there is no eternal damnation recorded in the Bible" and "Ultimately God is going to be all in all." Beware. 

Gangs - Urban vessel of God's judgment on America. For a detailed description of the hidden hand signals and cryptic language of inner city gangs, as well as gang affiliations and how to read graffitti, see the book Youth Violence & Gangs in the catalog at In the context of the King of the North versus the King of the South conflict precedent to the rise of Antichrist, see also the article on Latino Gangs on this site.

Gene Scott - The late Dr. Gene Scott, based in Southern California was one of the earliest `outsider' types of preachers that started his own ministry without `applying for permission' from the Pharisaical `good ole boys club' that corporate Christianity has become. the flamboyant Scott built a significant media organization encompassing radio and TV stations - including his own network. He died in early 2005 and without him, the ministry will almost certainly be disassembled, so a theological analysis is moot at this juncture. 

Generation Of Vipers - Well known phrase from the gospels referring to the offspring of serpents that John the Baptist repudiated. For the contemporary equivalent under the prophetic parallel model, see the article on A Generation Of Vipers

Genesis Communications Network (GC) - A radio network built on theft, deceit, and false doctrine funded by a gold and silver broker to advertise metals. The net was launched with equipment stolen from another network (Republic Radio) whose owner sued GCN and won. In at least one instance, even the metals brokerage GCN fronts for has been implicated in impropriety. A well heeled man named Steve Papol sought to invest 1.25 million in numismatics in October 2003. After months of apparent stalling, he received a significantly lesser amount in non-numismatic (low grade) metals not authenticated by the various numismatic trade groups (PLGS, NGS, ANI). Complaints were filed with the FBI, the Postal Inspector General, and the Security And Exchange Commisssion. 

On the radio front, GCN has been caught attempting to sabotage competitors Internet servers, and much more. They've gone to programmers at other networks (programmers pay nets for their time), offered them free airtime, then after they switch handing them a bill. The net has placed ads for psychics on the programs of their "Christian" programmers, yet several continue to support GCN (see Butch Paugh, David Lankford, et al). A complete and thoroughly documented look at GCN is found in the book Shortwave Wars.  MORE

Genetics - Science of how life is constructed in the physical plane of existence. Corrupted by the Nephilim in Genesis 6, the statement "Noah was perfect in his generations" is likely a reference to his genetic line being uncorrupted via the Nephilim incursion. In Revelation, as the Nephilim that have been bound in the bottomless pit are released, they appear to indwell the genetically engineered creatures described in chapter 9 - e.g. "locusts [with] faces of men" (Revelation 9:33,7). The genetic manipulation of man was the primary element described in the pre-flood account, and as Jesus said events preceding his return would be "as it was in the days of Noe" (Luke 17:26), we have prima facie evidence of a return of the Nephilim and further genetic manipulations. See the book Chupacabras: The Devil's Genetics, as well as Genetic Armageddon for detailed examinations of this activity. See also the tape set Portals: Return Of The Rephaim

Gnostics, Gnosticism - From the Greek "gnosis" for knowledge, Gnosticism was and continues to be a lethal challenge to the true nature of God, His redemptive plan, and Jesus Christ. The Gnostics were largley occultists who believed that secret knowledge would advance one in the spiritual realm. The antecedent of all secret societies as well as mystery religions, the Gnostics trace back to Old Testament times with a significant Egyptian connection. The Jewish Kaballah has Gnostic links, and with the incarnation of Jesus Christ, Gnosticism took on a twisted version of the Gospel. See Gnosticism Reborn In The End Times.

God - English translation of a generic term for deity. The Hebrew term Elohiym is widely used in the Old Testament, occurring hundreds of times. Sacred Name enthusiasts frequently spell it G-d as they have become convinced the term is defiled as it is also applied to the ancient deities and devils of the unclean nations. The KJV translators capitalized the G whenever the context clearly demonstrated the LORD Yahweh was being described. For more, see the online article on the Sacred Name as well as the lengthier treatment in the book Speaking The Sacred Name or the 2 hour tape set on the same subject.

God Is Missing In Esther? - Critics of the book's pro-Jewish perspective claim the LORD is never mentioned in the book. See the book Hadassah Of Shushan.

God Of Forces - Term utilized in Daniel 11 indicating the deity worshiped by the Antichrist. See essay The God Of Forces. See also the studio recording on The God Of Forces II: The Synthesis Of Science And Spirituality.

Gog & Magog - Famous names associated with Bible Prophecy in Ezekiel 38 & 39 said to lead a coalition of nations attacking Israel in the last days. Republichristian pastors have identified Russia in this role for decades, but dissident antiquarian research places the locale in the former trans-Caucasian Soviet republic of Georgia - a key ally to George Bush's American empire. MORE

Government - The Bible teaches the government of God as articulated in the law and the New Covenant is to be adhered to. God is a trinity (3) and man was made on the 6th day (6) and falls short of perfection or completion, represented as a 7. Man's government is now in total opposition to these precepts as man attempts to raise himself to the level of God -- thus man, represented as a 6, seeks to make himself God, represented as a 3 -- or 666. For more, see The Government Who Would Be God.

Government Disarms Citizens - For the requisite methodology of the disarming of the populace in order to initiate tyranny, see the book How Governments Disarm Citizens

Grace - The unmerited favor in which the LORD, exercising the sovereignty which He possesses, chooses to receive those He will receive. The gift of God is grace, meaning free gift. Although Grace is unconditional, we can demonstrate ourselves to be unworthy of it, and make the work of Christ of no effect through our rejection of His gift -- see Hebrews 10:29 for details. The concept is prefigured throughout the Old Testament. For a picture of OT grace, see The Grace In The Garment.

Grant Jeffrey - TBN host and prophecy author. One of the most offensive of the Rapture Cult leaders, Jeffrey fulfills the stereotypical quip concerning how one can tell when Grant Jeffrey is lying. The answer is, his lips move. Few of the Rapture Cult leaders have the audacity to claim the ante-Nicene fathers taught the pretribulation rapture, but Grant Jeffrey will say anything to sell another book. In short, they don't get much worse than this deceiver. Under False Prophets in the ProFiles section, see The Masterful Graft Of Grant Jeffrey

Gravity Well - Term used at Christian Media to describe a spiritual collision of power. See the article  The Gravity Well.

Grigor Scott - An Australian based preacher  reaching out to North America through the Internet, this man (no relation to Gene Scott) is preaching Branhamism -- the doctrine that the late William Branham was truly a prophet of God. The Scriptures says otherwise. Branham was completely mad, teaching that he was one of the angels of Revelation, denying the deity of Christ, etc. Among other heretical things, Grigor Scott claims that "Branham, the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 restored the faith once delivered to the apostolic saints, and that brought us back to Pentecost." The cited text in Malachi, of course, refers to Elijah and his return prior to the second coming of Christ; so those knowledgeable in Scripture know that "Elijah" didn't die in a car crash in 1965 as Branham did. (See William Branham under W) 


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