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Easter (Passover, or Pesach) - Those that dishonour the Lord's Old Testament calendar frequently use this issue to launch an adjacent attack against the true Word of God, the King James Bible. While the English text found in the KJV plainly delineates between the two religious days, the association between the term Easter and Ishtar is self evident. For more on the textual criticism of Easter versus Passover, see the essay Easter Or Passover?

Eclipse - See Eclipsing The Sun God, essay on the symbolism of the solar eclipse which occurred at the crucifixion.

Elijah The Tishbite - Not to be confused with the genuine Biblical character by that name, an individual claiming to be Elijah made the prophetic rounds a couple of years ago. Those that knew him noted his toothless smile. The evidently deranged religious figure (we've never seen any of those in the last days, have we?) was jailed in the Caucasus for various disturbances, and there was no evidence he was able to call fire down from heaven. He was presumably en route to Israel where numerous others show up on a regular basis so they can be "recognized" as the Biblical fulfillment of various prophetic figures. The obvious fraud gained a modest following on the Internet with several American proponents known to be already deceived promoting him. A prophecy figure named Jim Searcy embraced the counterfeit Elijah, and then when the phony faded away, we heard no explanation from Mr. Searcy. 

Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia - Also known as Apostle Elisabeth, this is another person that says they are Elijah working the Internet. This one has challenged the other Elijah saying, in effect, `you can't be Elijah, I was here first!' This one takes Mastercard, Visa, and promotes the "lost books of the Bible." Oh yeah, almost forgot -- she's a Messianic Jewish proponent of the rapture. 

Ellen G White - See the detailed account under False Prophets in the Christian Media ProFiles. MORE 

Extraterrestrial Contact - Anecdotal evidence indicates a long term plan to re-introduce the Nephilim as visitors from another world is a significant part of the tribulational cycle. See The Armageddon Script In Daniel 11 Presages Extraterrestrial Introduction. See also Where Angels Dare To Tread.

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