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Descent Into Darkness:
The Madness Of Michael Taube

ichael Taube was at one time associated with the Christian Media Network and and Internet ministry. An Eastern family man who was like-minded with Christian Media, Michael had run a health food store when his understanding of alternative health issues caught our eye. He was originally interviewed on the CMN health show Sound Body, and subsequently guest hosted for Susan Lenox on that program.

Michael's interest in prophecy became apparent, and during this same period, I (James Lloyd) decided to create another prophecy radio program where I hoped to provide a platform for others to broadcast on the subject. When I conceived and subsequently produced the first Threshing Floor broadcast, I envisioned rotating hosts that could bring new perspectives to the network. I saw Michael Taube as an ideal candidate to become one of the rotating hosts of the Threshing Floor. Over a year later, Michael Taube would boast that he created the Threshing Floor program.

At this time, Sue Patterson was rapidly developing a prophetic ministry as well. Sue had already written one book (Preparedness: Is It Biblical?), and was well versed in Scripture. Although both of them had hosted the show individually in the early days, I decided to pair her with Michael as regular co-hosts on the Threshing Floor. Later, I brought in Randy Maugans who already had some radio experience, as well as Jeff Cross out of Texas. Both had put their hands to the plow at the ministry, and were clearly moving in the power of the LORD. All four individuals (Taube, Patterson, Maugans, and Cross) were involved in the online Christian Media fellowship as well as radio.

After rotating in Sue Patterson and Randy Maugans as co-hosts for a few shows, it was clear the Scriptural depth of both individuals was superior to that of Michael Taube. However, Taube continued with the program periodically. In 2005, after the Christmas 2004 Sumatra quake and Tsunami swept over Indonesia, Michael began to publicly show a specific interest in Artemis, one of the ancient heathen deities. Over a period of months, Michael began to theorize that this spiritual entity was somehow associated with the Sumatra disaster because the proper name Sumatra, when spelled backwards, is Artamus. The logic of this escaped me, but Michael's enthusiastic, and rather excitable presentation of prophecy tended to mask the fact that he was beginning to posit some rather bizarre theories concerning fallen angels.

In March of 2005, a dispute erupted between several people in the Christian Media Internet Fellowship Group. The contention was over the correct timing of the Passover, and Michael was involved in a series of written arguments that became so vitriolic I had to intervene to stop the strife. In a rather intense series of Internet exchanges, Michael had clashed with Jeff Cross, who had disagreed with Sue Patterson's perspective on the timing of the feast days (among other things). These fires were extinguished as the parties all agreed to more civil behaviour, but all was not well with Michael Taube.

By the summer of 2005, Randy Maugans, who also lives in the Northeast, arranged to visit Michael Taube at his home. During this same period, the material on the 144,000 which was being developed in written form (see the book The 144,000 And The Multitude by Sue Patterson) as source material for broadcast on the Threshing Floor by Randy Maugans and Sue Patterson, was one of the primary subjects at the ministry. Although it is beyond the scope of the present writing, at this juncture it should be stated that those still adhering to the Jewish Supremacist model that separates "Israel" and the "church," are likely unaware of the fact the 144,000 described in the book of Revelation are actually Remnant Christians who are, in effect, Spiritual Israel.

Because we at Christian Media believe the Remnant believers are a part of the 144,000, it appears that Michael Taube appropriated that understanding, and took it a step further. It was during the summer of 2005 that Michael Taube began addressing the possibility that he, Randy Maugans, Sue Patterson, myself, and others were prophetically scheduled to lead the 12 divisions of the prophesied group - i.e. a Spiritual version of the "tribes" as designated in Revelation 7. In effect, this point of view began to suggest that people could actually identify which Spiritual "tribe" they belonged to.

Although other prophecy teachers outside of Christian Media have long pondered similar concepts, at that point I was unaware such things were being discussed between the Threshing Floor hosts and others associated with the ministry.

This error in thinking appears to be the seed of the spiritual tailspin that would later grip Michael Taube. To reiterate this important point, at the Christian Media ministry, we do indeed believe we are a part of the 144,000; however, after a careful consideration of the idea of a tribal division along Spiritual lines that we could discern at this time, the LORD has made it clear to me this is not a concept He would have us pursue. Scripture demonstrates that Spiritual ambitions of this nature are counter-productive (see Mark 10:37 for an example).

It wasn't until October of 2005 that I became acutely aware that a genuine problem had developed within our ranks, and Sue Patterson was the one that brought it my attention. The Threshing Floor program was scheduled to air a live show featuring Michael Taube and Sue Patterson on October 24th, and Sue would later relate to me the details of two telephone conversations she had with Michael in preparation for the program. Significantly, the subject of the show was to be "spiritual fornication in the churches."

Sue later wrote to me in some detail what had transpired, and I am appending some excerpts from that correspondence in this writing. Composed just about two months after the events themselves, at my request, Sue recollected the chronology. She wrote that Michael

"...expressed to me that he was going through "hell" concerning a spiritual testing or battle he was involved in. He would not give me any details at that time. I noticed that during the broadcast, Michael was not his usual self. He seemed very withdrawn and quiet. Concerned about this, I called Michael that evening.


"I pressed him to share with me what was bothering him. The floodgates opened and he told me the following: The Lord was showing him that the 144,000 was to possess power and that the Lord was moving us into that power now.


"That part of that power was vested in a spiritual marriage partner that the Lord has chosen for each one of us. Different than our partners that we were married to now. [He said] that the Lord had divorced him from Beth (his wife) and married him to Kathy S. It was driving him crazy, not being able to be with Kathy. Michael stated that part of his dilemma with this, was that he (Michael) knew that this was breaking one of the 10 Commandments, and would pray to the Lord about it and the Lord would answer "It's okay, I am bringing this about." or something to that effect. All he could think about was Kathy and how he wanted to be with her. He then went on to tell me that I was not supposed to be married to George. I was supposed to be married to another. I pressed him and he told me to guess who my partner was. I guessed Randy, and Michael confirmed this. At this point, I ended the conversation, saying that this doesn't really make sense and I would pray about it.


"The next evening Oct. 25th, 2005, Michael called me and told me that he had called and spoken to Randy about this. He was very excited. He was telling me that he has now two witnesses to this and he felt the pressure that had been on him was lifting. I kept questioning Michael on "How could the Lord say it's okay to break one of the 10 Commandments?" Michael would reply "I don't know, He just told me it was okay, He is showing me something."


"While this conversation was going on, I could hear Beth in the background, crying and pleading with Michael. One of the coherent statements from Beth was "Michael, I can't take any more of this." I then heard Michael say to Beth "You have to be patient, the Lord is doing something here." I ended the conversation stating that I will wait for the Lord to lead me.


"On the morning of Oct. 26th, 2005 at 6 AM MST, Michael called me, he was very excited and said that his trial was ended. When he had told two witnesses, (myself and Randy) the Lord released him. The Lord had also divorced him from Kathy and remarried him to Beth. All was fine." (Sue Patterson Letter, 12/23/2005)


After Sue Patterson spoke to Michael Taube during Michael's initial disclosure of the heretical concept that had crept in to his thinking, Michael had a conversation with Randy Maugans on the same subject. On October 25th 2005, Michael called Randy, and in a very agitated state, told him he needed to reveal something to him. He also indicated he had already spoken with Sue Patterson on the same subject.

Once again, I cite from a written account that I later requested from Randy Maugans concerning the details of his interaction with Michael Taube. The following is Randy Maugan's recollections of statements, made by Taube to Randy, on October 25th 2005:

"Michael started by stating that the Lord revealed to him that at the fall (eden) the original sin was an act of copulation. Specifically, he stated that the Nephillim raped Eve AND God.


"That sex had been corrupted by this act, but that it was being purified now (at the "transition") and that we (the elect/144,000) would all have new spouses, as our present spouses were not our "eternal wives"---that God was re-sanctifying the sexual union THROUGH this new "arrangement".


"That God told Michael he was to divorce his wife Beth and "marry" Kathy S (a CMN listener in Tennessee, not of my acquaintance, but whom Michael had told me previously he spent a lot of time on the phone with). He also said each of our spouses were to to be united with THEIR "eternal" spouses, but we would still recognize our children from these unions.


"That the 144,000 would all be living in a communal living arrangement where we would all interact as a "family".


"Michael stated that he had undergone an "exorcism of the flesh" where he went into convulsions, sparks flew out of his head and that this "exorcism" and the period of time of this "revelation" were all part of an act of atonement for the original sin in the garden and to re-sanctify the marriages of the elect(!)


"Michael told me that he and Beth were now living as "brother and sister" temporarily until they were connected to the new spouses and that, even though Beth has had 3 children, her female organs were assuming a form of "virginity"---he also stated that his wife was "OK" with this....


"Michael alluded that Sue Patterson and I were supposed to be "eternal spouses"...


"He stated that his wife and children were "changing..." that their eyes were "changing"...


"He stated that this was the beginning of the "transition" and that he, as "the elder of the 144,000", was undergoing the changes first. "He also stated that, while he initially thought the above was "sin", the Lord told him it was "O.K." (his words). (Randy Maugans Letter 1/1/2006).


Randy Maugans did not respond to Michael in any detail, other than to say this was "very weird" as he sought to get off the phone. Within a half hour, Sue Patterson called Randy to try to make some sense of what had happened to Michael Taube. The following morning, Taube emailed Sue Patterson with the following email:

"I'm much better today.  I UNDERSTAND ALL the stuff that the Lord has shown me. This has been a nightmare, but it is over.  I talked about weird thing about the Lord showing me "another eternal wife".  WELL THAT WAS NOT WRONG AT THAT TIME.  I am not going anywhere and the other person we talked about is not going anywhere either.




ELDER OF THE 144,000" - (Michael Taube Email To Sue Patterson, 10/26/2006)


Later that same morning, Taube apparently re-composed the same email, and sent it to Randy Maugans. This version added several details that had been covered in the prior interaction with Randy:

"I'm much better today. I UNDERSTAND ALL the stuff that the Lord has shown me. This has been a nightmare, but it is over. I talked about weird thing about the Lord showing me "another eternal wife". WELL THAT WAS NOT WRONG AT THAT TIME. BUT, I am not going anywhere and the other person is not going anywhere either








ELDER OF THE 144,000" (Michael Taube Email to Randy Maugans, 10/26/05, emphasis and typos in the original)


In reviewing these two emails, I noticed for the first time that Michael Taube had changed email addresses. For most of the time I had come into contact with him, Michael was using an account named "Michbeth" - an apparent compound name of Michael and his wife Beth's names. Although there may be earlier examples, I noticed the above email was from an email account named "Joseph144" - what I can only presume is a somewhat veiled indicator of Michael Taube's alleged "spiritual identity."

Since Michael's email actually styled himself as "Elder of the 144,000," it seems self evident that he now sees himself as a latter day Spiritual version of "Joseph." After discussing the contents of the above email with Sue Patterson, Randy Maugans determined a "Matthew 18" reality check was in order for Michael Taube. On 10/26/05, Randy sent a lengthy email to Michael:

"Michael - As disturbing as the conversation was, which we had last night, this message even more clearly points out that you are operating in "another spirit". How explicit do I need to be in this regard? By now I am certain Sue has spoken with you and relayed that we are in agreement that you are totally out of line in continuing to embrace these unscriptural heresies you attribute to the Lord.


"I had hoped that I would hear from you a confession of sorrow for the great hurt you are causing to, first, your own family and the other family involved; also to those of us who love and respected you and more importantly to the disrepute you bring to Our Lord and His Word. It had been my fervent prayer over the last 24 hours that the Holy Spirit would minister to you a brokenness over this debacle, that it not be necessary for Sue and I to intervene. Sadly, nothing I have seen or heard indicates that to be the case." (Randy Maugans Email to Michael Taube, 10/26/2006)


This correspondence went on at some length with much Scripture, and it was written in a firm but gentle fashion as Maugans clearly sought to spark a repentant spirit in Taube. Indeed, the subject line on the email was "toward restoration." Randy also urged Michael not to respond quickly, but to take the matter before the LORD. The response was quick in coming as the following morning Taube lashed back:

"Actually Randy I have "broken ties" as you put it with ALL person(s) involved already and have no intention on changing this. And among the two families in question there is not an atmosphere of "scandal"--- as of last night I was in good standing with the people involved and have broken appropriate communications as you requested--before you sent this....


"If there is something more that you think that I am supposed to say to you or Sue then feel free to express it.  But if I'm sitting here telling you that Mat 18 has been met by true repentance of ALL and ANY improprieties then what more do you want? I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTIONS on "un-doing" my broken ties with ANY of the individuals that have been involved in this matter (and yes that includes the "other woman").


"...We already moved on and don't need anymore than Christ. My wife is FINE. I have no intentions on "festering" on this issue OR changing my current ministerial activities as I have already been in communion with the Lord on the whole thing and see no reason not to press on without stopping.  If this is something that you guys cannot understand then there is really nothing I can do about that. Once again, the blood of Jesus either covers or NOT. I am not "waiting until next week, next month etc" for Jesus to cover. It is already finished. It was last night.

"...And YES I do challenge your authority on this, but that will be settled by the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in due time. For now I'm not pondering it much. Michael (Michael Taube Email To Randy Maugans, 12/27/2005).


Like others we've encountered that have sought to use a contrived and shallow repentance as a smokescreen to affect a form of damage control, Michael began this email with a lie, as he never "broke" with the married woman which was the apparent object of this bizarre form of "Spiritual" marriage. As we later discovered, Michael was corresponding with at least one other person at the same time, and attempting to propagate the same heresy.

Randy Maugans then emailed Michael again, and sharply confronted him on the false doctrine and his supposed repentance. Randy noted that Michael had issued no retraction of his doctrinal statements, had not taken any responsibility for the inevitable consequences of his actions, and showed little contrition at all. In place of such desirable statements was rebellion and denial.Michael Taube responded with the following email:

"I thought about all of this. Here is my answer. Tough shit! I stand on the first e-mail I sent. I don't owe you anything else. Quite whining and crying because you can't get your way. You don't even have any authority to write this crap your spewing out. What? Don't You have any discernment to figure out what sin is? Can't you figure out false doctrine yourself? I said it is covered under the Blood of Jesus. That is all I need to say. So cry on, but I'm not listening. And quite sending me your snibbling shit or I'll put you on block senders list. I'm done hearing you cry about it.

"Sue called Bethel and was amazed at how fine she is. We are ALL fine and the two families have worked all out and we are covered and all fine--so what's your problem? The only ones not fine are the ones who can't deal with the fact that Jesus covered everything and we moved on. Can't you deal with the fact that ANY AND ALL improprieties have been admitted and forgiven? YOU don't have ANY authority to ask for ANYTHING else. My first e-mail says it all. I don't owe you anything else. So shut-up. Michael Taube (Michael Taube Email To Randy Maugans, 10/28/2006)


The next day, he sent Randy another email:

".....ALSO, you and Sue kept telling me that there is NO scripture for what happened.  You are correct! YOUR RIGHT, there is no scripture. But also it made me see that there is also no scripture for "12 elders" of the tribes of the 144K. So I REPENT of ever telling you and Sue that you are elders of those tribes. I have no idea what tribes you are both in. I'll let the Lord tell you. And I repent of ever saying that you were elders. So as of now your not elders. Seek the Lord on what you are. Michael (Michael Taube Email to Randy Maugans, 10/29/2006)


Presumably realizing this material had reached me shortly after the clash came out in the open, Michael Taube then emailed me and told me he was taking the month of November off, and going on an extended hunting trip. His communication indicated he would be seeking the LORD's direction for his life. He also indicated he planned to resume his place as co-host on the program upon his return.

Knowing I could never allow him to do any more broadcasts until the matter had been thoroughly dealt with, I determined the best course of action was to defer a confrontation until his return in December 2005, as I hoped he would come to his senses during the month long retreat.

I also hoped to restore Michael to fellowship, but it was not to be. Even though I had tried not to publicly rebuke Michael in our Internet group, in December 2005, I learned of friends of Michael Taube that had heard of the conflict (probably through Michael himself) that began to make public posts that attempted to point the group's attention to Michael. I severed Taube from net access, as well as all those that appeared to be sympathetic, but I had no way to know just how deeply he had infected our ministry with his heresy. Later, it became evident someone was sending him our Internet fellowship posts, or he was subscribed under an assumed name, and he was evidently waiting for an opportunity to attack Christian Media.

In the fall of this year, a coordinated attack on our ministry materialized as several individuals began to post provocative messages in an organized fashion on our net forum that were highly critical of Randy Maugans and Sue Patterson. This tactic of attacking the individuals that are aware of the problem is one we've encountered before.

One of the critics of Maugans and Patterson, a man I'll only identify as Peter, was immediately removed from the net fellowship. This provoked an email from Taube to Maugans - a clear indicator Michael Taube still had access to our fellowship group. In this correspondence, I see indications that Michael Taube has completely yielded to the unclean spirit that has plagued him since the Summer of 2005:

"Randyapollo, Now somebody who criticizes your BULLSHIT needs some contrived qualification from you.......? John can stand just fine on his own and does not need your permission to tell you your all stupid. He has the right to criticize your crap without asking any questions to any of you........What the hell do you think? You are god's or something?? HA! that concept *could not be further from reality that is for certain*

"Have you ever wondered WHY we are on the radio doing Bible prophecy? ........ WHO CARES WHY YOU are on the radio!! What BS. The radio is FULL of idiots of which you contribute to...... ha! as if you being on the stupid radio means you are someone special who actually knows something....? How pathetic. Donald Duck can be in the radio too......... what the hell are you thinking.......? John does not need ANYTHING from the likes of you two before he stands up and makes a whole-cloth declaration that you are full of hell.........

"And how about Peter, he is pretty smart isn't he?? He totally sees your contrived bullshit has nothing to do with the spirit of the living God and is just more of YOUR BULLSHIT Opinions. I think Peter called them...... well he is a bit kinder than I am. We both know that--- I know your "opinions" are pure bullshit...........I like the way Peter does not back down, heck he is not even phased by you fools........ this is a good man........ I can use him. ............. *time keeps getting shorter like a fuse on an  Adam Bomb .......... and it's getting shorter all the time.....much much shorter...

*Mikhael *

"P.S. What did you think of my excursions with my wife for those few days.......???? There will be more soon ............*:) We are learning very quickly you know........... and we won't forget what has happened........... " (Michael Taube Email To Randy Maugans 10/17/2006)


The perspective of this email gave me the distinct impression we are dealing with an unclean spirit in Michael Taube. Obviously, my hope that Michael would just fade into obscurity and I could avoid having to publicly expose him because of his continued attempts to influence the many people that are associated with our Internet fellowship group was futile. Because over a year had gone by since the turmoil with Taube began, it was now painfully clear that Michael Taube was going to sink even deeper into his desolation.

Because he was known to many members through his involvement in the radio program, it was clear he must be vehemently and publicly opposed, so those in our fellowship could be warned of his dissimulations. After receiving the previously cited bitter diatribe which was composed by Taube and sent to Randy Maugans, with many new members that were unaware of the history of the conflict, I was forced to further denounce him to our Internet group - even as I was forced to remove a couple of net members who I deduced were sending Taube our Internet materials. The aforementioned "John" and "Peter" were two of them.

Shortly after removing the offending parties from the fellowship group, Michael Taube emailed me the following bizarre demand:

"Hey, Lloydsatan,

This e-mail is to inform you that our ministry involving the "multitude" has grown and is taking focus. As a result you need to divert funds and give them to my wife and I so we can further our ministry. You are required to divert at least $2,200.00 (two thousand two hundred dollars) per month to us for an undisclosed amount of time.

"The parameters of this will be set up and controlled by the Most High God ---you know: the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Mikhael............. THE God --- he is where I look to for all legal counsel and requirements etc. so all of my personal legal affairs etc. will be established by the Most High God from henceforth. Things are moving quickly so don't delay.

Regards, Mikhael Taube" (Michael Taube Email To James Lloyd 11/07/2006)


There is definitely something other-worldly about the strange demand for money issued by Michael Taube. Once again, this is a significant indication there is another entity at work in this conflict. This is hardly new to us, for a number of our enemies have exhibited erratic and irrational behaviour over the years. In fact, even as Michael Taube resurfaced in the last few months, several of the parties that had been previously removed from our Internet fellowship group over the years began to cluster together on an outside Internet forum apparently dedicated to attacking Christian Media. Michael Taube began to post on this group, and it is clear the dozen plus individuals on this group are like-minded with Michael Taube.

This should be a rather frightening indicator, for if a person is comfortable with the presence of Michael Taube in their ministry activities, one can't help but wonder what that says about the spiritual power driving that ministry.

Indeed, no sooner had Taube begun to resurface in a public venue, a long-time opponent of our ministry named Craig Portwood, an individual that has slandered and libeled us so viciously that we filed suit against him (see The Rise And Fall Of Craig Portwood), arranged to interview him for a radio program that was produced in early December 2006. In that program, Taube appeared to be relatively lucid and coherent, as he bitterly attacked, criticized, and misrepresented his involvement with the Christian Media ministry. In this regard, Taube is obviously of one accord with the multiple parties that continue to attack and criticize virtually every aspect of the Christian Media ministry.

It is very likely the story of Michael Taube is not yet concluded. However, as of this writing, our last contact with Michael was an email received from his "Joseph144" email account on December 18th 2006. We'll close with the correspondence from that unclean spiritual entity:


Subject: heinous

"you are wicked evil and disgusting and stupid and heinous.................

I don't love you stupid J. Lloyd. I have a beautiful kitten and I love you not at all..... like 0% J.cutsuhlloyd................" (Michael Taube Email to James Lloyd, 12/18/2006)

As this communication demonstrates, there are powerful spiritual forces that are completely dedicated to the destruction of those associated with this ministry. Thus, we would repeat our ongoing call for prayer for our household, those that are in leadership positions at the ministry, and all those that God has chosen to join with the Remnant group that is Christian Media.

James Lloyd


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