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Dr. Jekyll And Mr. McHyde

hen it comes to prophecy writer Tim McHyde, a close examination of his prophetic output shows us he is the proverbial double minded man detailed in the New Testament. Like the fictional character Dr. Jekyll who is regularly transformed into the hideous Mr. Hyde, author Tim McHyde deftly moves back and forth from reason to complete lunacy -- and he apparently does it all without drinking any special potions.

Tim McHyde is an internet author with a ministry operation called Escape All These Things. He has written a lengthy book entitled Planet X In Bible Prophecy which is published on his website. While it is evident Mr. McHyde is a sincere individual, he is so completely deceived on so many crucial doctrinal issues that to absorb his work would have to be considered spiritual suicide.

One of the problems with thinkers like Tim is, in the process of attempting to "think outside of the box" of mainstream Christianity, well intentioned believers frequently end up introducing heretical variations that can actually catch on. Worse yet, as the years go by, many sincere people fail to be brought back to a closer rendition of the truth, and their doctrinal errors then multiply. Others simply fade into obscurity long after they've done their spiritual damage.

Having started out my own prophetic ministry with several key errors that were progressively revealed to me, I sought to go back and correct those areas in a continuing effort to come to a fuller knowledge of the truth. It is my hope that Tim McHyde will follow that same course. Unfortunately, in the interim, he must be vehemently opposed for his false doctrine, because if it is left unchecked, it has the potential to lead less knowledgeable believers to the waiting arms of the Antichrist.

What Tim McHyde has done is to synthesize several key errors in prophetic thought in a new and interesting way. for example, he combines the post-tribulational truth of Christ's return with the Jewish supremacism that is inherent in Rapture Cult theology. Although he has another wrinkle which makes his doctrine unusual, this places McHyde in the category we've long referred to as stealth dispensationalists.

Many Christians have finally concluded the Rapture Cult is the primary fountainhead of false doctrine, but a significant number of cultists have simply pushed their theoretical rapture further and further back in response to the obvious Scriptural elements that more and more people have become aware of. McHyde is of this variety.

This is the inevitable mutation of the false doctrine of dispensationalism, and it's a more deadly variant that it's sinister parent. To put it another way, many former Rapture Cultists abandon the pre-tribulation rapture on the grounds that significant Scriptural texts, dealing specifically with timing, flatly contradict the doctrine. For instance, Jesus tells us he raises the dead (something that would happen at the theoretical pre-trib rapture when "the dead in Christ shall rise") on "the last day" in John 6. Since there is only one resurrection of the just (Acts 24:15), there is no way to raise believers twice -- before and after the tribulation.

The problem is, those that figure out the truth about the post-tribulational second coming of Jesus Christ frequently fail to recognize the underlying false doctrine that developed the so-called rapture. This is related to dispensationalism, the doctrine that says that God's promises to physical Israel require Him to "remember my covenant with thee in the days of thy youth" (Ezekiel 16:60) and bring about another "dispensation" of 7 years in which He deals with Israel after the so called "rapture."

This false understanding not only fails to recognize that Christ has already remembered Israel, and given them one last chance in the form of His only begotten Son, it introduces a fatal error in Christian thinking in that it allows the leaven of Judaism to be synthesized with Christianity to dialectically form dispensationalism.

However, Tim McHyde's clever writing does not settle for standard stealth dispensationalism, for he adds British Israelism to the mix to form another variant of what is called Two House Theology. He then marries the "two house" view with the ridiculous notion that the British Prince Charles is the Antichrist.

In this regard, he points his readers to the work of Tim Cohen, the author of the thoroughly discredited `Prince Charles as Antichrist' fiction known as Antichrist And A Cup Of Tea. A lengthy refutation of that particular nonsense is found on this website.

Back to the Two House/Lost Tribe nonsense, for those unversed in British Israelism, this is the so-called "lost tribes" doctrine long taught by the late Herbert W Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God that the Northern tribes of Israel, after being held captive in Afghanistan by the king of Assyria, migrated into Western Europe to form the white Anglo Saxons. Also called Christian Identity, or Israel Identity, this heresy places God in the position of drawing the white "Israelites" to him in a final "dispensation."

The identity fraud is related to the Jewish "chosen people" myth, a blasphemy that is thoroughly refuted in the New Testament. Those versed in the truth of Remnant theology already recognize the "Two House" heresy as an emerging system in which the Western Europeans (the so-called "lost tribes" of Israel) will supposedly join with the house of Judah to form the Two House kingdom of God under the leadership of a great man who will rule in Jerusalem. The only problem is, this system is virtually guaranteed to host the Antichrist.

Thus, the doctrine of Tim McHyde and others like him is anything but a simple difference of opinion or interpretation. To put it bluntly, if the reader does not truly understand his or her position in Christ, and you think you're saved based upon racial considerations like those found in the "identity" system, you're on your way to the lake of fire -- a place where you'll likely meet Mr. McHyde unless he radically repents and seeks to make amends for his false doctrine.

A detailed review of Remnant theology is found in the Christian Media published book The Remnant Of Israel, and there are numerous articles online. For instance, see All Israel Shall Be Saved? (Newsletter # cmc77), as well as Who Confirmed The Covenant? (cmc64), The The Woman Is That Great City (cmc41), and Israel Inverted: All Israel Is Not Israel (cmc36).

Tim McHyde telegraphs his false spiritual output early on his writing. For example, on page 14 he refers to false prophet Chuck Missler's material, which he calls "excellent." Missler's proven intentional distortions of the anecdotal material on the Rapture Cult is documented in the book The Rapture Cult. Guilt by association is hardly conclusive, but if one is comfortable with the spirit that inhabits Mr. Missler, suffice it to say he or she is in grave peril.

McHyde is also guilty of utilizing the Alexandrian Cult's faulty manuscripts to buttress his misapplication of the Scriptural texts. Early on in his work, he cites from the HCSB Version (whatever that is) -- to make a point. By page 27, he's citing from the HRV which we might guess stands for the Hideously Reprobate Version. Two pages later, he trots out the best-selling Never Inspired Version (NIV), then 2 pages after that he goes back to the HRV. Then it's back to the NIV followed by the NKJV and some unknown garbage called the ISV!

This abusive and malicious application of just a handful of the thousands of translations is deceptive at best, and blasphemous at its worst. Using such tactics, a knowledgeable and clever writer could make the Guatemalans the chosen people, Prague the holy city, and Vladimir Putin the son of god.

Unfortunately, few people seem to remember the Scriptural adage that a little leaven leavens the whole loaf, but McHyde's abominations are just getting started. As a case in point, he hasn't even completed his 2nd chapter before he's citing favorably from writer Hugh Schoenfeld -- the same Hugh Schonfeld who wrote The Passover Plot -- a little gem that put forth the proposition that Jesus engaged in a conspiracy with his disciples to secretly take him down from the cross before he died so he could perpetrate a fraud called the resurrection!

By the time he gets to page 26, he's already introduced the 7th Day Adventist abomination known as "soul sleep" -- also known as the doctrine of annihilationism where there is no eternal torment as described in the many passages dealing with hell. The cult of Adventism (like many others) teaches an eternal non-existence for the lost -- and apparently so does Tim McHyde.

In addition to the abysmal false doctrines of 7th Day Adventism, McHyde even brings in pseudo-astrological nonsense. In chapter 2, he describes 3 asteroids that recently missed colliding with the earth, and notes they came from the constellations Libra and Ara - what he calls "the altars of sacrifice and wrath." Obviously, there is no Scriptural connection whatsoever with these particular identifications and the field of astronomy. However, McHyde betrays his source shortly thereafter when he quotes from apostate author Zechariah Sitchin when he indicates the theoretical Planet X will come from the constellation Libra.

Sitchin's research, while detailed and useful in terms of the underlying data, concludes the Genesis account of fallen angels was actually an ancient visitation from aliens. At the very least, a serious warning should always accompany any mention of Satanically inspired writers like Zechariah Sitchin, Hugh Schonfeld, and others that are cited by McHyde, but no such disclaimer has been found.

The deficiencies of the system developed by McHyde should be self evident to those that know their Scriptures, however, because he has combined several heretical doctrinal concepts within the confines of the Planet X scenario, the overall theme of planetary catastrophism tends to obscure the false doctrine. To put it another way, the Bible does teach catastrophism throughout, and the existence of Planet X as a key element in the end times destruction is quite likely to be accurate -- although McHyde's version of the mysterious planetary body is certainly speculative.

I might note at this juncture the Planet X scenario is addressed in my books Rampaging Planets, and Saturn: The Shield Of Solomon, as well as the 2 hour studio audio Planet X And The Powers Of The Heavens This is in addition to several books carried by Christian Media such as the more speculative material found in Mark Hazelwood's Blindsided: Planet X Will Pass. The latter writer published a sequel called Delicate Earth:The History And Science Of Planet X. We also distribute Christian writers Claude Burghen's Nemesis: The King Of Terror as well as Donald Patten's Catastrophism In the Old Testament and its sequel The Recent Organization Of The Solar System

I mention all of these to demonstrate I'm not opposed to McHyde because he is covering such an exotic subject, as we are very interested in this topic. Indeed, my first published essay on Planet X was 10 years ago, so I am well versed on the subject.

However, it must be stated that because of the electrifying enormity of the subject matter (Planet X), it may be relatively easy to overlook the glaring doctrinal fallacies that Tim McHyde has cleverly woven into the Biblically sound catastrophist scenario.

In this regard, grossly inaccurate statements with no Scriptural foundation whatsoever emerge rather abruptly in the work. For example, in chapter 3 he mentions the "Messianic/Hebrew Roots movement through which much understanding was restored" without a shred of documentation as to how that conclusion was reached. In actuality, the swing towards what is commonly called "Judaeo-Christianity" is actually a huge departure from the historic truth of the Gospel -- and that is indeed predicted in Scripture (II Thessalonians 2:3).

On that same page 40, he references the faulty Catholic doctrine known as replacement theology which teaches the so-called "church" replaced Israel in the Lord's salvific plan. Utilizing the literary tactic of setting up the straw man of replacement theology, then knocking it down with another whopping lie (in this case dispensationalism), he writes

"there is no stronger denial of this than when in 1948 God rebirthed his covenant nation in its covenant land, in a single day through the the first act of the United Nations. God had not cast away his people Israel just as Paul said (Rom 11) and he really meant forever when he said forever."

This is pure dispensational drivel, for it is readily apparent the Antichrist nation of Israel has most certainly not embraced the one true Saviour Jesus Christ -- and God has not "rebirthed his covenant nation" as unbelieving physical Israel. At least he got the United Nations part right, for the "rebirth" of the nation of Israel was prophesied to occur, but it was to be a creation of the Antichrist UN, as witnessed by the prophet Isaiah:

"Wherefore hear the word of the Lord, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem. Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through , it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves." (Isaiah 28:14).

This issue goes to the heart of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. McHyde's false doctrine, for this "covenant" is seen in Revelation where the pale horse's rider, leading the world government as the point man for the United Nations, is therein identified under the capitalized proper name of "Death" -- and the prophet John confirms Isaiah's identification by telling us that "hell followed with him" (Revelation 6:8). Thus, it was the directive from the Antichrist global body known as the UN (with its ultimate leader the Antichrist and his False Prophet) that brought the Antichrist nation of Israel into existence after two thousand years of the diaspora.

The false doctrine of the Pharisees is everywhere in McHyde's Antichrist doctrine. For instance, he cites from Jewish websites that are run by Jewish people that flatly reject Jesus Christ as LORD, calling them "Hebrew scripturists" whose spiritual research offers "a great place to start" in the study of his version of apostate Judaeo-Christianity.

This perspective allows huge false statements to run throughout the work, such as this garbage from page 41:

"...only books written in the late 1990s by teachers influenced by the Messianic Judaism and Hebrew Roots movements show fresh new interpretations of the prophecies that fit better than anything before. It is these teachings that have the greatest influence on my ideas about prophecy which you are now reading."

The only truth in this outrageous statement is the admission that such false teachings have had "the greatest influence" on his ideas. In a broader sense, the idea that the "only" valid work that has emerged in Bible prophecy has come out of Messianic Judaism is preposterous on its face. This bald faced lying assertion marginalizes mountains of prophetic efforts by numerous individuals with a genuine prophetic mantle -- most of whom it is quite likely this moron has never heard of. Incredibly, Tim McHyde's ludicrous prophetic output gets even worse.

Under the chapter heading "Our Instructions For Surviving Wormwood" (which he identifies as the theoretical Planet X), he quotes the prophet Joel in an unstated translation that reads "whosoever shall call upon the name YHWH shall be delivered"  -- thus McHyde moves from the Identity apostacy, coupled with the Jewish supremacist heresy of dispensationalism that has been blended into Two House theology, into the positively surrealistic perspective of what is usually called Sacred Name.

This heresy posits the true pronunciation of the actual Hebrew Tetragrammaton (the scholar's term for the name of God) is required for salvation, but McHyde has adapted it to his system so the name is needed to "survive" Planet X! I'll remind the reader it is the so called "sacred name" teachers that have blasphemously stated the name Jesus is a bastardized Greek transliteration that uses the name Zeus as its 2nd syllable. Research into this heresy is published on this website (see S for Sacred Name in the snapshots section for several links refuting this heresy).

McHyde then moves into the 144,000 texts in Revelation and, predictably, ignores the New Testament statements that show the Christians as the "chaste virgin" that is espoused to Christ, and instead identifies Revelation's end time's virgins as Jews.

This is classic Rapture Cult material, as the dispensationalists always ignore the passages that tell us the Christians are the true Jews, i.e. Paul's marvelous statement that "He is not a Jew, which is one outwardly...But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly" (Romans 2:28). This is Paul's blunt account treating of how true Jews are only people that are in Christ -- regardless of whether they had a physical lineage of Gentile or Jew prior to their conversion to become joint heirs with Christ.

Undaunted by the constraints of this most basic of New Testament definitions, Tim McHyde declares these 144,000 to be physical Jews, and claims they will survive Planet X by gathering together at physical Mount Zion. Since he's post-trib, this is troubling for those Gentile Christians who have been serving Christ all along but, not to worry, Tim says you too can survive if you move to Israel!

Under the heading, "How Do We Know When Its Time To Move To Israel," he details the absolutely absurd notion that any believers that wish to survive Planet X will have to move to Israel! Then, as if anticipating the very accurate charge that he is a false prophet, Tim tells us any true prophet must a physical Israelite! He then tells  us any true prophet of the LORD will be calling for people to gather with him to Jerusalem! Of course, there's not an ounce of Scripture stating such things, but that doesn't stop the dauntless Dr. Jekyll/Mr. McHyde.

Believe it or not, there is a great deal more thoroughly unscriptural statements found in Tim McHide's prophetic output, but the verdict is clear. When it comes to the study of Bible prophecy, this individual is so far off the mark that he should take the advice offered by his website Escape All These Things -- except the "thing" we need to escape from is the overtly false doctrine offered by Tim McHyde.

- James Lloyd

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