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David J Smith

avid is the leader of an incorporated ministry called the Church of God Evangelistic Association, Inc. Because COGEA utlilizes a non-profit status, it is evidently a government registered 501C3, IRS tax-exempt organization. Since both incorporation, as well as federal tax exemption requirements mandate a legally binding vow to submit the entity to the authority of the beast government, we have a serious problem with David J Smith before we even get out of the starting gate.

Cast in the mold of the Worldwide Church Of God, founded by the late Herbert W Armstrong (see The House That Herbert Built), it's clear where Smith's theological roots initially sprouted. The WWCOG, also known for its leader's views under the term Armstrongism, splintered at its founder's death, and the old line elders followed Herbert's odd blend of the apostate doctrine of British-Israelism, and an emphasis on the government of God.

Like other end time's preachers who are caught in significant Biblical error, there are nuggets of truth in Smith's output. Indeed, the fact that some truth can be found that in his teaching probably accounts for his popularity. Furthermore, because we are living in the end time's, and most of the world is caught in a subtle spiritual malaise, Smith's critics commonly attack him for things he says that are true.

For instance, a couple of writers that have fielded written analyses of Smith scoff at his statements concerning the Nephilim, or on the subject of conspiracy. At least one Internet writer mocking Smith for his claims of a world conspiracy, calls himself a Christian, so the tendency on the part of anyone who has awakened from the Spiritual ether of the propaganda machine that permeates our time will naturally be defensive of a David J Smith. After all, there are no less than 10 conspiracies mentioned in the Scriptures!

Even Jeremiah, referencing the religion of Israel, tells us "there is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof..." (Jeremiah 22:25). Thus, the alleged believers that mock pastors like Smith for his many attempts to document several of the larger conspiracies of our time demonstrates whose child they are.

The problem with Smith is not the fact that he sees some of the multi-generational, and multi-national intrigues that have characterized the kingdoms of man for the last millennia, it's how he applies the data. The politicization of the church is destined to increase, and this momentum is destined to increase.

In fact, as more and more churches become politically active, in effect, steering the political beast that transports them where they wish to go, pastors like Smith are part of the problem.

The Bible plainly tells us the world will go all the way bad in the end, and the true believer is to come out of the harlot religious bodies, not mass within just another corporation masquerading as the latest manifestation of Christian "truth." And when it comes to doctrine, there is very little Christian truth coming out of David J Smith's corporate "ministry."

For example, most of the most significant errors that were the undoing of Herbert Armstrong's church, are deeply embedded in David J Smith's church.

In fact, it seems that whenever a minister gets just a little bit too close to the political side of things, that ancient root race doctrine seems to resurface. This seems to have carried over into David's manifestation of the Church Of God Evangelistic Association Inc (COGEA), for his ministry teaches the thoroughly apostate Christian Identity system, as well as the bovine scatology known as the Khazar scenario. In Smith's racial laboratory, God's great gift of intellect and ability, dispersed in ancient times to the Israelite and Judaean tribes, was overcome by alleged Turkish treachery.

In this myth, significantly popularized by writer Arthur Koestler's travesty The Thirteenth Tribe, the Khazars were Eastern Euro-Turks who adopted Judaism, then over the centuries, forgot they weren't born genetic Jews. Their racial lineage supposedly now dominates what modern man calls Jewry. In short, David J Smith is just another racist, propagating earlier writer's fanciful theories, in combination with his rabid anti-Communist brand of rhetoric. Himmler would have loved it.

Like so many other so called "Identity" reprobates, Smith gives lip service to the concept of grace, but underpins his mostly political preaching with pseudo-Biblical babble claiming that God's people are actually those nice white Euro folks he and other Western Europeans are descended from. In short, COGEA is just another bunch of losers propagating the lost tribe nonsense.

Since this particular pastor is known for his anti-New World Order stance, his hypocrisy is breathtaking in that he's formed his ministry around one of the most apostate elements found in the "church" today, and that is the harlotry associated with the operation of a state sanctioned religious enterprise, vis a vis the 501C3 device.

Pastors like Smith, and Armstrong before him, claim they only object to ungodly government, and thus seek to insulate themselves from the obvious criticism a Scripturally balanced evaluation would inevitably produce. The truth is, David J Smith's Church of God is feeding at the collective beast trough, just like all the other whorehouses that were so long ago assimilated into Mystery Babylon.


James Lloyd


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