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Randy Weaver - Important figure in the American patriot movement, Weaver was the man entrapped by government officials on a trumped up gun charge. A white separatist that believes he has the right to live in a community of his own choosing without the threat of Latin, Black, and Asian gangs to help "enhance" his families' existence, Weaver chose to live in a remote rural mountain cabin in Ruby Ridge Idaho with his wife Vicky and their children. Vicky had been writing letters critical of government intrusion to newspapers, and it is clear certain tyrants wanted them both silenced. A paid government agent asked Randy to saw off a shotgun on his behalf. The shortened weapon was used to issue warrants to have Randy arrested, because apparently the right to bear arms doesn't include shotguns with short barrels. When they came to his remote mountain cabin to arrest Randy, the brave federal agents shot the family dog that belonged to Randy's son -- who was out in the woods with a 22. The pre-teen boy fired back, and the courageous government agents shot him in the back as he ran in fear.

The courageous federal thugs then brought in sharpshooter Lon Horiuchi, who apparently wasn't so sharp as he was supposedly aiming at Randy, and shot and killed Vicky and the infant she was holding instead. The state of Idaho sought to prosecute Horiuchi and the murderers, but the federal government shielded the the former and promoted the latter. Almost immediately thereafter, they found 17 more Christian children that needed killing in Waco, Texas and some of the Ruby Ridge murderers were sent there to continue doing the government's bidding. Weaver and his daughter survived, sued the government, and received a significant settlement. One of the worst episode in the escalating history of government misbehaviour, the killers in government are still unindicted. A lengthy treatment of the account is found in the book The Federal Siege At Ruby Ridge which was written by eyewitness Sara Weaver. The book is in the Christian Media catalog with details online.

Rapture - The doctrine that Christ will return to remove the "church" before the tribulation. First articulated in an occultic writing known as The Apocalypse Of Adam in the Gnostic documents recovered at Nag Hammadi (pre-Christian era), the Saviour figure in this work was Seth. While it is theoretically possible the pre-tribulational heresy was planted in Thessalonica in the first century, and was the error the Apostle Paul sought to correct with his second letter, it was unheard of in scripture and the Christian church until it was first anticipated in an early work in the 17th century by an American pastor named Robert Baxter.

Shortly after Baxter, Spanish Jesuit Immanuel Lacunza hinted at the separation of the return of Christ into two stages as well, but the 15 year old Scottish girl named Margaret MacDonald enunciated a partial rapturism in 1830. It then caught on with a strange British sect run by Edward Irving called the Irvingites. Irish pastor John Darby got it from Irving, and after refining it into what is now called dispensationalism (articulating the unscriptural concepts of separate "dispensations" of God's grace to two separate entities, the church and Israel), he brought it to America in the late 1800's where it spread like wildfire.

Overwhelming documentary evidence exists of a cover-up of the source of the doctrine by early proponents that were embarrassed by the association with MacDonald's "rapture cult" which was, among other things, practicing levitation and other spiritually unsavory practices. Indeed, MacDonald first uttered the concept while in a trance. These revisionists sought to tie the origin to the more respectable John Darby, and have actually been caught changing the dates of Darby's personal correspondence to show he taught the "rapture" before his exposure to MacDonald's work. Those efforts have now been exposed.

Once entrenched in American theological institutions, a new generation of pre-trib oriented American religious leaders carefully suppressed criticism of pre-trib's origins, ousted the post-tribulationists that were previously dominant, and seized control of key prophetic associations including periodicals and prophecy conferences. The British exportation of pre-trib was complete with the Oxford Press publication of the Scofield Reference Bible in 1917 -- a work that thoroughly indoctrinated the next generation of Bible readers into the new system.

The pre-tribulation rapture doctrine is thoroughly heretical, and its present manifestation provides the theological justification for the American militaristic posture around the world in general, and in the Middle East in particular. After conquering the church, the rapture cult has become the mainstream foundational premise that is now being refined into the Jewish supremacism destined to empower the Antichrist. In short, this doctrine can send you to the lake of fire.

See the ProFile book The Rapture Cult and its sequel Lying In Laodicea. See also The Three R's: Rapture, Revisionism, Robbery for an examination of the misbehaviour of cult leaders (a tree is known by its fruit). The most detailed and methodical history of the doctrine is found in The Rapture Plot. Two of the better books (now out of print) that can be found in used bookstores are The Church And The Tribulation and First The Antichrist by Dr. Robert Gundry (books that tell the truth of this doctrine don't sell very well, thus they commonly go out of print).

Also see the critical examination of key rapture proponent Chuck Smith & Calvary Chapel: Sound Doctrine Or Strong Delusion? More information is also online in the exposés on Joseph Chambers, David Wolfe, The Cutting Edge, and Prophecynewswatch. See also The Pyramids Are Proof Of The Rapture? All Israel Shall Be Saved? and Israel Inverted. Also find audios The Thief Of Sardis and Where The Eagles Are Gathered: America and the Rapture Volume I and Volume II as well as 2 hours of online audio at Rapture 1 and Rapture II. For a thorough refutation of the Rapture on DVD, See The Thief Of Sardis. Finally, see the online essay Strong Delusion.

Reckoning - An event spoken of in the New Testament when the LORD returns and "reckoneth" with His servants (Matthew 18:24). The word is associated with an accounting, or a numbering, and the event is described in Matthew 25 with the parable of the 10 virgins (Matthew 25:19). For a detailed examination of this epic event, see the book The Reckoning. See also the online study on The Reckoning.

Remnant Theology - A relatively recent theological development, the somewhat nebulous term means different things to different people. Sometimes called Remnant Christianity, the intrinsic meaning is that which remains - implying some larger portion has been removed, destroyed, or neutralized - is the true body of saved believers. Christian Media applies the term to the phrase The Remnant Of Israel -- a scriptural term that is seen in the Old Testament. As detailed in the Christian Media published book The Remnant Of Israel, when Christ came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, he announced that Israel (physical Israel) must be born again.

As Christ reconfigured the basic construct of Israel when He confirmed the covenant (Daniel 9:27) with Israel, those that were born again continued as spiritual Israel, and those that refused stayed in their tombs as physical Israel. Thus, the Catholic engineered theology known as "replacement" is an inaccurate label as Israel has not been replaced, Israel has been born again. Thus, the "church" has not replaced Israel. Indeed, the dispensational system that posits two groups, the church and Israel as separate groups that are both in the LORD's favor, is also in significant error. The Remnant of Israel are those that were formerly Jewish and formerly Gentile that have been grafted in to the single saved entity known as Israel. Thus, there is no place for a "Jewish remnant" i.e. the usual cult derived idea of the 144,000 as the Christians are themselves the remnant (Romans 11:5) and the Jewish and Gentile populations are lost.

While some have sought to attach the rapturist originated fraud of two saved groups (Jesus said there is one flock in John 10) to the term remnant, dispensationalism and remnant theology are mutually exclusive. Widely misunderstood (and routinely misrepresented) by those in the rapture cult, a distinctive feature of Remnant Theology is its embrace of futurism -- the doctrine that states the tribulation and the Antichrist are about to emerge. This sharply differs with those Amillennialist perspectives (Wesleyan, etc) and Post-Millennial systems (Catholic, Dominionist, et al) that see one saved group, but spiritualize the prophecies and neutralize the imminent fulfillment of all things in the process. Remnant is also sometimes mistaken for Seventh Day Adventism or Christian Identity -- both thoroughly false doctrinal systems. For more on remnant theology, see All Israel Shall Be Saved? (cmc77), as well as Who Confirmed The Covenant? (cmc64), The The Woman Is That Great City (cmc41), and Israel Inverted: All Israel Is Not Israel (cmc36). The definitive work is found in the James Lloyd book The Remnant Of Israel

Response Unlimited - Christian direct mail firm. See the lengthy probe into mail order in the file Ripoffs Unlimited in the Christian Media Research ProFiles under Vendors. 

Restrainer - This entity, referred to as a "he" in II Thessalonians, that holds back the mystery of iniquity (read the spirit of the Antichrist). The early church held the restrainer to be a political power, most likely Rome (Acts 18:16), that restrained the Spirit of Antichrist that inhabited the Christ rejecting nation of Judaea. The Rapture Cult, seeking to buttress their doctrine of the church's removal, developed the idea the restrainer is the Holy Spirit, who would then be removed with the church. Scripture never shows the Holy Ghost in a martial role, but the archangel Michael is frequently seen in the militant sort of spiritual warfare required to restrain the power inherent in the rejection of Christ (See Daniel 10). For a thorough look at the subject, see the ProFile book The Prince Of America or the audio of the same name. See also The Emergence Of Michael.

Reward - The scriptural teaching that Christ will reward His servants ("great is your reward in heaven" - Matthew 5:12) for that which is done in this life. The Bible teaches the rewards stored up for the believer will be manifested in this life (Matthew 6:4), and the next (Matthew 16:27). A study of the believer's rewards plainly point to the post-tribulational return of Jesus Christ. See His Reward Is With Him.

Rick Strawcutter -  A pastor in Michigan that came to notoriety for his unlicensed FM radio station, Strawcutter produced a somewhat zany radio broadcast called God and Country Club of questionable spiritual value - but certainly entertaining. Distributes bootleg Patriot and Christian videos openly via a direct mail catalog, which has caused some consternation since there was that little matter of the 8th commandment. For more on Christian video distribution, see the file Patriots & Pirates: Thou Shalt Not Steal in the ProFiles under doctrines. Last but not least, Rick Strawcutter is apparently a bit unorganized as well as he still owes Christian Media money for airtime CMN booked on his behalf and he keeps misplacing the invoice.

Rick Wiles - Texas based mainstream ministry formerly associated with TBN. Went to radio with a lively and professional sounding shortwave news program, at last count producing a television program out of Granbury Texas.

Richard Palmquist - Longtime Christian/patriot radio figure in central California, Palmquist sold 2 FM stations he had built up, but retained Truth Radio Network (TRN), an early patriot network. Never a Shortwave heavyweight among the networks, TRN was a consistent source of interesting radio programming for those seeking an alternative to the mainstream gibberish. Truth eventually dropped C Band Satellite in favor of Ku band. After a year, Palmquist determined very few listeners have Ku dishes, and retreated to an Internet only network. Involved in a rather acrimonious split with former TRN General Manager Nicklaus Arthur who left to form First Amendment Radio. TRN is still on the air with a modest listener base, and Palmquist has written a new book on the Gospel which is presently being promoted.

Richard Stone - Onetime host of The Stone Truth, financial broadcast on Christian Media Network some time ago. Periodic co-host with Francis Steffan of The Frank Report on American Voice Radio. A financial investment analyst, Stone came to recognize the truth of Bible prophecy and the impending monetary collapse. That knowledge, and his conscience, cost him his job, marriage, and home as his still unfolding journey took him out of Babylon. A fine Christian man.

Rod Moyses - Principle of M2k Talk, an internet streaming provider. Deep ties with the criminals at Genesis Communications Network. Quietly embraced preterism, and behind the radio industry scenes, has rather stealthily helped to promote that false doctrine.

Roger Fredinburg - Semi-mainstream political talk show host. Not dissimilar to Rush Limbaugh, Southern Oregon based Fredinburg came to visibility through Talk Radio Network as a daytime host opposite Art Bell at night.

Role Reversals - Prophetic principle developed at the Christian Media ministry to explain certain patterns of fulfillment. See the articles Role Reversals & Prophetic Parallels  Part One and Part Two. See also the ProFile book The Lion, The Bear & The Leopard in addition to the video on Role Reversals.

Ron Weinland - Armstrongist author of book 2008 God's Final Witness. See the ProFile essay God's Final Witness Is Ronald Weinland? 

Rood, Michael - Messianic Jewish leader. Began with Prophecy Club, plays heavily to Jewish prophetic expectations through priestly garb. Widely demonstrated to be corrupt with heretcial doctrines. What Rood lacks in Sound Doctrine he more than makes up with in financial chicanery. Beware this man. See The Michael Rood Brand Of Ministry.

Root Of Bitterness - Phrase spoken of in New Testament (Hebrews 12:15) describing obsession and destructive fixation that defiles. See The Bitter Root Of Revenge.

Ruby, Lisa - Author of book God's Wrath On Left Behind. See the essay in ProFiles under Ministries entitled God's Wrath On Lisa Ruby.

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