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Paper Prophets - Term used to describe the multitude of prophetic figures entering into prophecy ministries via desktop publishing explosion. See Paper Prophets under Media in the ProFiles section.

Pat Robertson - Significant religious figure in the American corporate church. Identified with 700 Club TV show, Robertson comes from a politically powerful family. One unsuccessful run for President of the US. Early high visibility in Christian Coalition, political-religious action group. Robertson has long been suspected of Masonic ties -- particularly with widely seen photo with a contrived hand signal thought to be Masonic. Uses ghost-writers. Ironically, Robertson's best work was a book called The New World Order (now out of print), ghost written by "Christian" homosexual activist writer Mel White. Unless something radically changes in his worldview, on judgment day, if you find yourself standing next to Robertson, you're in big trouble. 

Paul Gerig - Small time figure mailing out photos of rock outcroppings he's identified as Clinton, Bush, Gog, etc. Completely out of his mind.

Paul Sides -  Internet writer that goes by "HisBondServant" or "GLP" ("godlikeproductions"), a real spiritual cesspool; however one of the larger message boards on the Internet shows similarities to the so-called "two-house" theology as he seems to be seeking to merge Christian/Israel Identity with Dispensationalism. Stuck on the faulty 7 year treaty & Prince Charles nonsense. Beware.

Pesach - Hebrew word for Passover. Utilized in the New Testament by variant Pascha. Those that dishonour the Lord's Old Testament calendar frequently use the translation of this word to launch an adjacent attack against the true Word of God, the King James Bible. While the English text found in the KJV plainly delineates between the two religious days of Easter and Passover, the association between the term Easter and Ishtar is self evident. For more on the textual criticism of Easter versus Passover, see the essay Easter Or Passover?

Peshitta - Aramaic translation of the Scriptures. For details see George Lamsa & The Peshitta in the ProFiles section under Media Figures, and the ProFile book Satanic Translations: New Age And Sacred Name Bibles

Pete Peters - Christian Identity pastor on radio for many years out of Colorado. We've been told he was more mainstream at one time, but married into the family of early American identity proponent Sheldon Emry -- who denied a literal devil as he was sure the Jews had that role covered. Peters periodically makes statements in his newsletter or on the air that show he can't seem to find the time to check his facts. Committed to the faulty `lost tribe' scenario, he is a cheap climber with a significant following en route to the racist ward at the lake of fire. Beware.

Pike, Ted - Reverend, associated with something called the National Prayer Network. Teaches falsse Identity theology. See the ProFile Ted Pike & The National Prayer Network under False Prophets.

Planet X - Theoretical distant member of our own solar system. Astronomers have found data suggesting gravitational pull from this body which is thought to have an extreme elliptical orbit causing it to return to the inner solar system from a great distance at lengthy intervals. It is the subject of Zechariah Sitchin's decidedly devilish series called The Earth Chronicles (which has influenced millions-beware). Christian writers such as Donald Patten and Claude Burghan have utilized the documentation to tie it to Scripture. See The Recent Organization Of The Solar System, and Nemesis. See also Planet X And The Powers Of The Heavens as well as The Return Of Planet X. See also Blindsided and Delicate Earth: The History And Science Of Planet X.

Portwood (Craig) - See the ProFile under Wolves - Craig Portwood

Prince Charles - See the ProFile debunking the false doctrine of Charles as the Antichrist under doctrines - Prince Charles

Precipice - A place in which mankind is teetering on the edge. See The Edge Of The Precipice

Preterism - A preterist, from the Latin meaning previously, is one that has embraced the heresy the great tribulation already occurred in the Roman siege of Jerusalem. Some so-called "full" preterists teach that Jesus Christ returned at that time. A deadly heresy, see more on the subject in the essay Patch The Preterist Pirate in the Newsletter section (cmc18). See also Scoffers in the same section. Christian Media also publishes a more thorough treatment in the form of a small book entitled Days Of Future Past (The Preterist Apostasy which may be found in the online catalog at

Prophetic Echoes - Christian Media concept suggesting errors in prophecy are distorted echoes of Spiritual truth. MORE.

Prophetic Parallels - Christian Media concept pointing towards uncanny parallels between prophetic constructs, such as sequential predictive kingdoms seen in Daniel 2 and 7. MORE

Prophezine - Also called pz-prophezine. Particularly nasty Rapture Cult group led by Ray Gano. For an analysis of Prophezine, see Stealth And Subterfuge: Rapture Cult Tactics Betray Their True Nature.

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