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Ted Pike & The National Prayer Network

In a recent media editorial posted by the Reverend Ted Pike, he decried the moral erosion in America with the latest salvo related to the CBS program Swingtown  -- a network series based on wife swapping couples set in a previous era. Pike never misses an opportunity to squarely place the blame on what he dubs the "Jewish media."

Ted Pike patrols the "patriot radio" circuit regularly, where he regularly receives validation from the white male "Identity" folks who call in. Such activity demands comment.

First, let's maintain some balance in our perspective here. This is why people like Ted Pike (among many others) cross a line I find so offensive: to just broadly use the inflammatory term "Jewish media" to characterize the admittedly corrupt media giants is patently racist. Of course the major media is overwhelmingly populated by Jews - as are all major industries including banking, government, industry, etc.
That said it must be pointed out that one of the deceptions of the ruling elite is to promote racism and bigotry and to divide people along lines of class and race. While we can find many prominent "Jewish" leaders in the media we also find many blacks, Catholics, Protestants, and every other ethnic/religious group. Understand that the TRUE ruling elite are above such designations -- they are Freemasons and Illuminists   who adhere to another religion which is above such designations.

More importantly, the BIBLE tell us who controls the reigns of power on planet Earth: it is the rich men ((Micah 6:12, James 5:1, Rev. 6:15). Moreover, we do not battle flesh and blood, but powers, principalities, and rulers of wickedness in high places --the minions of none other than Satan himself. It is not only not useful, but in fact discredits our message to subscribe to and promote any type of racial/religious identification which demonizes in a broad manner any group -- including Islam.

Anyone who has listened to Sue Patterson and I on the Threshing Floor program, knows we continuously disclaim any type of anti-Semitism in our presentations. Just as we refute the racial identification of God's elect as physical Jews, so also do we avoid polarizing sensitivities by using racially inflammatory tags. The Gospel is to be preached to every nation, tongue, and tribe -- the Jew first and then the Gentile.

Ted Pike, and many others who promulgate a racially biased perspective on a continual basis, discredit the message we attempt to present. Pike is a notorious anti-Semite who uses Christianity as his front to promote hatred and suspicion and polarize and divide people who MAY otherwise receive a true Biblical message.

Pike is also a promoter of the false historical notion that the modern day Jews are Khazars -- a key component of the White Christian Identity movement heard on underground Patriot radio. While Pike presents valid criticism of the nation-state of Israel and her allies in the pro-Zionist Evangelical movement, he is NOT presenting sound doctrine, nor is he a part of any "remnant" type theology.

Because of people like Pike we are labeled as "replacement theologians," anti-Semites, racists, and Jew-haters. He is a disinformation artist who has wormed his way onto the landscape of the religious media by outrageous statements which play to the base elements of a hardcore mentality that is truly rooted in hatred.

I am cautioning against Pike as he presents an extremist narrow interpretation which is un-Biblical, panders to the fantasies of Neo-Nazis and Christian Identity adherents, and creates the very atmosphere which will entrap the multitude with the very anti-hate laws he now protests every day. Ted Pike is simply one side of the dialectic
of hatred that continues to confuse the unbeliever and muddy the waters of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
-- Randy Maugans

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