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Snapshots - K

An Alphabetized Index Of Groups, Individuals And Doctrines


Ken Crouch - Writer and Promoter of the 'Prince Charles Is The Antichrist' insanity.

Ken Klein - Jewish Christian writer of independently published book The False Prophet. Although never a Seventh Day Adventist, the book put forth the SDA originated theorum that the first beast of Revelation is the Papacy with the second beast as America. A former pro-football player with the San Francisco 49'rs, although a post-tribulationist, Klein still teaches the erroneous doctrine that the Jews are the chosen people.

King Of Fierce Countenance - description of Antichrist linking individual to Egypt

King Of The North - Appellation for political figure found in Daniel 11. See also the essays King Of The North as well as Daniel 11 Predicted North Vs South Conflict. For a detailed examination, see the ProFile book and/or the tape set The Armageddon Script.

King Of The South - Title of series of kings engaged in serial wars with the King Of the North in Daniel 11 - See The Armageddon Script - See also Gog And Magog

Kofi Annan - 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations, likely a manifestation of the "raiser of taxes" of Daniel 11:20 and the 7th head that "must continue a short space" in Revelation 17:10. His ouster will makes way for the 8th "head," and a shift in the prophetic pattern at the UN. See The Beast With 7 Heads and Seven Kings Have Come.

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