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Snapshots - I

An Alphabetized Index Of Groups, Individuals And Doctrines


Ickes, David - David Ickes is a self-styled expositor of "new world order/illuminati/nephilim"
conspiracy theories, who offers a sensationalized presentation of the occultic-political world powers gripping the planet. What he really offers is a deadly mixture of truth and lies. Ickes purports the existence of "reptillians" and shape shifters -- myths designed to fascinate and mislead the uninformed. For the record what Ickes teaches has no grounding in Biblical truth, but is a carnal science fiction cartoon parade of horror which fascinates and misleads. He is also a superb marketer, misleading thousands of people with purchases of his DVDs and books. While certain topics such as "brain chips," mind control and weather modification are valid subjects in understanding events at the end of the age, we need to realize that the devil, through his emissaries in EVERY avenue of media, desires to take you on rabbit trails, divert your attention, and keep you enthralled by dark forces. Hence, MANY such deceivers in Shortwave radio, internet, and alternative-underground publications will gladly entertain your darkest imaginations while "making merchandise of you."

So-called "ministries", heresy fighters, and sensationalistic "secret knowledge" purveyors blend all sorts of poison into the "good information" WITHOUT offering the true redemptive power which can only come from our knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and what his WORD says about such things. Your time is best spent plumbing the Holy Bible (KJV) and in constant searching of the knowledge of the Truth about HIM, HIS will, and HIS power. Paul gave Timothy the best possible advice on the matter in the closing of the first letter to his young disciple:

"O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science {science: Gr. knowledge}falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen."  1Timothy 6:20-21 (KJV) - Randy Maugans

- Also called Israel Identity, the doctrine associated with British-Israelism which posits the Northern Ten Tribes, upon their dispersion in the mid 8th Century BC, settled in Western Europe and became associated with various Anglo or Caucasian peoples. A false doctrine, the system has many adherents as it distracts from the crucial issue of a spiritual identity in Christ under New Testament precepts. See A Compact Refutation Of Christian Identity. For a detailed study on audio, see Recognizing Christian Identity by James Lloyd -- see also the book of the same name. See also the essays A Company Of Nations, and Israel Inverted on this site. The ProFile book The Remnant Of Israel provides a detailed presentation of the true believer's identity as a Christian. The Identity system is frequently associated with the Sacred Name movement, and the so called Two House movement as well.

Illinois Israelites aka Life Force Ministry - Small group of "anglo-saxon" Christians (read identity) led by Bill Shadbar who periodically mails his false doctrine as he seeks converts. Shadbar is petty and vindictive, even complaining of one identity ministry that didn't give him a volume discount when he ordered many books. Such illustrate the dilemma of so called "Christian Identity" in that most of their leaders are so devoid of basic New Testament doctrine, it's evident they've never really been born again. For example, Shadbar writes "We are to reclaim our righteousness in God's eyes by simply obeying God's laws....." Such ridiculous statements betray a complete lack of familiarity with the doctrine of righteousness in Christ -- let alone salvation. Scripture is clear the believer is to have no fellowship with such workers of iniquity.

Image Of The Beast - Although the mainstream church commonly interprets this in a comic book fashion such as a statue being brought to life, Revelation describes the apostate church as a corporate entity that was made in the image of the government -- the beast. The Image of the Beast is the organized church. MORE.

Immanuel Velikovsky - Extraordinary Jewish intellectual that wrote many books providing breakthrough insight into planetary catastrophism, historical timeline revisionism, and politics. After being blacklisted by US intellectual establishment because his sweeping revolutionary concepts showed vast amounts of false foundational premises in numerous fields, Velikovsky had difficulty getting published. At one point, Velikovsky wrote a column for the New York Post under the pen name Observer, and monitored developments at the UN, and the establishment of Israel. Christian Media has published those essays as The Formation Of Israel. We have also republished multiple Velikovsky titles including In The Beginning, The Assyrian Conquest, and The Dark Age Of Greece

Immigration - Vehicle for dilution of nationalism used by Cryptocracy in America. See Latino Gangs To Be Warlords In Post-Apocalyptic America

Imprecatory Prayer - The concept of offensive oriented combative prayer as seen in various Old Testament settings, particularly in the Psalms (6:10, 59:10, 79:12, 139:22, 143:12, etc.) While some superficially equate this practice as a curse that is antithetical to Christ's Scriptural admonition to love thy enemies, there are numerous New Testament passages that indicate imprecatory prayer is an appropriate weapon on occasion. MORE

Iraq - Contemporary state where ancient Babylon once existed. The Iraqi war is seen in the Old Testament. See Iraq War Fits Bible Prophecy.

Islam - World religion described in Revelation under the similitude of the pale (chloros as in green) horse. Islam's arrival as the instrumentality of Death and Hell (the Antichrist and the False Prophet) gives the duo control over "one quarter" of the Earth's 6 billion inhabitants. Islam now boasts 1.5 billion, and is described in Bible Prophecy in multiple places, including allusions to the King Of The South in Daniel 11. See Islam Rides and Daniel 11 Predicted North Vs South Conflict, and Triggering The Tribulation: The Guns Of Gog

Israel - The collective identity established by the LORD for His chosen people. At the cross, physical Israel rejected the promise from God that required them to be "born again" and they forfeited their birthright. Those that responded to Christ fulfilled their destiny and entered in to Christ, continuing as the sons of God and retaining their standing as the seed of Abraham - even as their now spiritually constituted family was joined by responsive Gentiles (the wild olive branch of Romans 11:17) -- thus becoming "the Israel of God" (Galatians 6:16). MORE

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