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Sacred Name Theology - A term widely used to describe the theological perspective that requires the original name of the LORD, also called the Tetragrammaton, be used instead of the term God. See the lengthy ProFile on the Sacred Name movement under Doctrines. See also The House Of Yahweh. For more detail, see the book Speaking The Sacred Name.

Seed Of Abraham -  The heir to the promise to Abraham in Genesis 12 to "bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee....[and] unto thy seed will I give this land" (Genesis 12:3,7). Widely misinterpreted to apply to the Jews whereas Galatians and Romans tell us Jesus Christ is the seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:16, Romans 9:8) -- thus the promise is to the Christians. See The Seed Of Abraham. Also see Israel Inverted as well as The Remnant Of Israel and All Israel Shall Be Saved?

Secular Bible Study Hour - A weekly shortwave radio broadcast that claims the Bible is thoroughly untrustworthy, and not to be believed. See the ProFile on The Secular Bible Study Hour under Media Figures.

Shield - Term used in New Testament describing a defensive barrier to attacks from the principalities of darkness, e.g. "the shield of faith" in Ephesians 6:16. See essay Spiritual Shielding.

Shem Tov - An alleged Hebrew translation of Matthew. See Satanic Translations: Shem Tov & The Toledoth Yeshu.

Short Space - The period of time the 7th head of the beast rules before Antichrist comes to power. For more, see Short Space article.   

Smith, David J - Texas preacher whose 501c3 name Church Of God Evangelical Association points to another of the many Herbert W Armstrong spin-offs. Smith's book The United States and British Commonwealth In Bible Prophecy confirms he teaches British-Israelism -- also called Identity. Emphasizing America's political departure from Biblical wisdom (with an eye on our supposed "destiny" as white Israelites) Smith's doctrine is in serious error.

Star Of David - Misnomer for the six pointed star. Also known as The Shield Of Solomon. The hexagon is an ancient occultic symbol embraced by apostate Israel that was carried over into Judaea. King Solomon imported the occultic symbol through his association with Hiram of Tyre, as well as his marriage to Pharaoh's daughter. Christians routinely ignore the scriptural passages that demonstrate the adoption of "the star of your god" (Amos 5) was a primary rationale for the LORD's destruction of Israel. The young Christian martyr Stephen was murdered for publicly rebuking the Jewish leadership for their continued use of the symbol -- See Acts 7:43. For more, see the books Saturn:The Shield Of Solomon and The Six Pointed Star. See also the 2 hour audio series The Star Of Solomon as well as the online essay Damage Control: Defending The Star Of Satan.

Stealth And Subterfuge - Essay exposing tactics, particularly the Prophezine cult group, detailing how they use deceit to secretly attack their opponents.

Steve Quayle - Long time Shortwave radio host. See the ProFile under Vendors.

Stevez - Internet figure involved with Christian forums, and the promotion of the venerable Geneva Bible.  

Stewart Best - Stewart Best is a long time prophecy teacher. Over the years, Stewart has published many prophecy reports, and periodicals. Utilizing his Best Video Productions, he has fielded numerous videos of interest. The one-time host of the radio program Borderlands, Stewart has spent a considerable amount of time working on the discovery of certain NASA photos indicating ancient ruins on the surface of the planet Mars. A fascinating video on the subject, Project Redstar: Martian Genesis, deals with the provocative point of view.

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