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Nancy Reinbeaux - A Small time rapture cultist abusing the anti-spam Internet apparatus to attack those on the Internet that expose the rapture cult system. "Reinbeaux" (obviously a pseudonym) operates a rapture cult website that provides her email address for comments. After reading a series of ridiculous statements pitching pre-trib on her site, Christian Media sent her an email examining the fallacy of the pre-tribulation system. Instead of defending her position with scripture, her response was to accuse us of "spam," and to file multiple complaints against our ministry with numerous agencies, including one of our Internet Service Providers, the FBI, FTC, and even Interpol!

Incredibly, because we responded to a series of public statements made on her website to an address she provided online, and sent her a written Bible Study in the form of one of our newsletters citing scripture that contradicts the rapture doctrine she promotes, Nancy filed formal complaints against us. In those written attacks, she stated

"I NEVER subscribed to this satanic CRAP and this is RELIGIOUS HARASSMENT as
it attacks my Christian beliefs (as is clear on my Christian web site)"

Representing herself as a Christian webmaster writing to these secular authorities, she continued her ladylike diatribe with the following gem:

 "I am EXTREMELY PISSED OFF with spam and SCUM BAG spammers"

Referring to our essay on Bible prophecy as "FRAUDULENT UNSOLICITED TRASH," she accused us of a "TERRORIST FUND RAISING SCAM" and a "CREDIT CARD THEFT SCAM" -- which is quite a feat since we don't even utilize credit cards. She went on to claim that the single email we sent her featured a "forged 'from' address," as well as a "misleading subject line" and even "forged headers."

Predictably, not one accusation she made was true, and no action was brought against Christian Media (presumably the authorities have heard from this misfit before). The episode does demonstrate, however, how incredibly wicked and vile many of the promoters of the rapture doctrine actually are. We print this information because people such as this should be exposed as dangerous liars that are clearly willing to do just about anything to protect their Satanic doctrine.

After a bit of research, we learned that Nancy "Reinbeux" is just another angry woman hiding behind the cross. Her real name is Nancy Sewell, and she is an affront to free speech and an embarrassment to the Gospel. This decrepit little troll's full name and address is printed below as one to "mark" and "avoid" (Romans 16:17) as the scriptures instruct us to do.

Nancy Sewell

20825 Hwy 410 E #317

Bonney Lake ,WA 98390

Nephilim - Hebrew term for the Fallen Ones. Referenced in Genesis 6 as the angelic sons of God who fell, they are scheduled to reappear in the end times. Jesus Christ's statement concerning the end times as prefigured in the episode of Noah implicates the Nephilim as active in world affairs. See the essay The Nephilim Will Be In Direct Control Of The World Government Of The Antichrist, as well as Where Angels Dare To Tread.

New International Version (NIV) - Referred to in these quarters as the Never Inspired Version, see the essay under Newsletters entitled The Corrupt Tree Called The NIV

Newswatch Magazine - Periodical published by Armstrong spin-off Church Of God Evangelistic Association. See David J Smith in ProFiles under False Prophets

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