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Jack Hook - Author of Babylon the Great Is Falling. Typical Rapture Cult nonsense, 7 year treaty with Israel, Temple constructed, Russia as Gog, ad nauseum. A lengthier refutation of Jack Hook is online under False Prophets.

Jah - Identity roots preacher (Ireland was the home of the Jeremiah led lost tribes, etc nonsense) that is hiding behind pen name of "Jah." Lives overseas and plies his false prophet wares via Internet. Honors the Koran as he is seeking to synthesize Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Scripture refers to it as the consummation of the mystery of iniquity. Demonic through and through.

James Dobson - Leader of Focus On The Family ministry, at one time thought to be largest ministry in America. Dr Dobson came to prominence through the integrationist approach popularized in the 1980's wherein psychologists sought to integrate scripture with secular psychology which is rooted in Freudian/Jungian premises. As his ministry grew, his spiritual integrity slipped to the complete apostasy he presently wallows in. Even beyond the corporate 501c3 issues, Dobson has lost any discernment he may have once possessed. For example, in March of 2006, he lent his name for an enthusiastic endorsement of a Catholic priest that has joined the ranks of the whorehose that mainstream "Christian" radio has become. In short, Dr. Dobson, and the organization he heads, is less than worthless and should be considered anathema.

James Tabor - Although a scholar from Notre Dame, an historically Catholic University, Tabor is not closely identified as Catholic per se. He recently made waves with the publication of The Jesus Dynasty, a piece of printed poison masquerading as a scholarly tome that posits that Jesus had an earthly father that was a young Roman soldier named Pantera that had been assigned to the `Barbarian front.' Tabor claims Jesus and John the Baptist were "twin messiahs" of a political nature -- a preposterous notion in the light of the Gospels. This is actually an early heresy, and with this book, Tabor has finally stripped off his mask of legitimacy and exposed himself as an unregenerate heathen posing as a "Christian" scholar.

James Tabor's embrace of this historically inaccurate and highly speculative account places him in the ranks of Hugh Schoenfeld (`The Passover Plot'), Dan Brown (`The DaVinci Code'), and Baigent and Leigh (`Holy Blood, Holy Grail') -- apostates all. On balance, Tabor's unmasking is a positive development, for he had developed a modicum of credibility. For instance, some years ago, Tabor was heartily endorsed by the iconoclastic writer Ernest L Martin, a key figure from Herbert W Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God. Tabor is also the primary translator and editor of The Original Bible, a modern translation that has reorganized the order of the books claiming the sequence followed was the original order of the scriptures. Thus James Tabor, and his body of work (including this new "version" of the scriptures) is to be avoided at every opportunity.

Jan Markell - Another Rapture Cult writer with a corporation called Olive Tree. Thinks Tim LaHaye is someone worth listening to. Need we say more?

Jeff Baker - Former head of now defunct shortwave network Amerinet Broadcasting. In mid 90's, authored Chequemate: The Game Of Princes, a book on prophecy. Identified America with Babylon. Post-tribulationist with years in radio via daily show The Baker Report. With his wife Marsha, attempted to build a shortwave station in Central America and became insolvent in the process. Has been out of public life for many years.

Jeff Bennet - Arizona based Shortwave & Satellite radio host of many years. Co-founder of original Republic Radio Network. Spent many years on WWCR, Bennett's program is largely patriot oriented, with an anti-New World Order perspective.

Jeffrey, Grant - TBN host and prophecy author. One of the most offensive of the Rapture Cult leaders, Jeffrey fulfills the stereotypical quip concerning how one can tell when Grant Jeffrey is lying. The answer is, his lips move. Few of the Rapture Cult leaders have the audacity to claim the ante-Nicene fathers taught the pretribulation rapture, but Grant Jeffrey will say anything to sell another book. In short, they don't get much worse than this deceiver. Under False Prophets in the ProFiles section, see The Masterful Graft Of Grant Jeffrey

Jehovah's Witnesses - See the ProFile - MORE

Jerry Bernard - Colorado based Preterist with Internet newsletter. 501c(3) non-prophet status.

Jerry Falwell - See ProFile under False Prophets - MORE

Jim Bramlett - Rapture Cult writer working on Internet. Wouldn't know Bible Prophecy if he fell over it.

Jim Searcy - Jewish supremacist with bizarre amalgam of doctrines. Advocated the recognition of the false prophet claiming to be "Elijah The Tishbite" (see snapshots under E) -- with no apology to the world when the pretender was unmasked. Still clings to the indefensible 'Prince Charles as the Antichrist' theory. Similar to several blind guides claiming the Israeli Oslo Accords constituted a fulfillment of the faulty `7 year treaty' scenario, still clinging to the same error. Oslo began in 1993, thus by all accounts, the so-called 7 year treaty would be long elapsed. Recently wrote "The 7 year peace and safety deal is now revived and renamed the Road Map." Apparently basic math skills are not required in whatever prophet school this fraud attended.

Jim Thompson - Vendor distributing the British Berkefeld Water Filter through the sponsorship of various Shortwave and Satellite radio hosts. Closely associated with Genesis Network. Once publicly stated he was a Christian that would not sponsor spiritual offenders -- even as he underwrote programs hosted by such slimy characters as Bill Brumbaugh -- to say nothing of his association with the low-lifes at Genesis (for details see the ProFile on Brumbaugh, the snapshot on Genesis, or the book Shortwave Wars for a more thorough treatment of the history of satellite and shortwave radio networks). MORE

Joanne Reeves - Publisher of Midnight Herald newspaper. See Tom Mack

John Anderson - Preterist radio host distributing videos that attack the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine while concealing their hidden preterist agenda. Formerly in California hosting a Y2K show with Tim Wilson during Republic Radio days. Closely associated with another host named Tom Valentine, who has ties to American Free Press (see the American Free Press snapshot).

John DiNardo - Planet X theorist presently broadcasting on The Christian Media Network and on Shortwave at 7.415.

John Joe Gray - Patriot figure in Trinidad Texas that became known nationally when betrayed by "patriot" radio host Alex Jones for money. See the ProFile on Alex Jones under Media Figures. MORE

John Stadtmiller - Co-founder of the original Republic Radio Network with Jeff Bennett. Sold net to Dan & Loris Thompkins. Enjoyed years of broadcasting at Genesis (GCN), then stole Republic name from Thompkins and formed another net now known as Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). As a competitor of Genesis, Stadtmiller inexplicably promotes Alex Jones - raising suspicions concerning the hidden real role of Ted Anderson of Genesis. As the original Republic net had a "silent" partner that was concealed, it is consistent with Stadtmiller's long standing pattern of broadcast deceit to be fronting for another party. Recent evidence suggests Stadtmiller may have had a falling out with Anderson as a nasty attack was launched against his RBN network through his webmaster. The netizen seized control of RBN's website, and thoroughly defamed Stadtmiller. It turned out the individual lived in a house owned by RBN competitor, and GCN golden boy Alex Jones -- suspicious indeed. For more on the machinations in the paytriot radio community, see the trilogy of books Shortwave Wars. On balance, Stadtmiller is a considered to be an untrustworthy individual who frequently ends telephone conversations by abruptly hanging up when he doesn't get his way.

John Lewis - Louisville pastor with dispensational orientation. Broadcast history with Truth Radio and Christian Media. KJV proponent that advocates churches remove all incorporation and state registration.

Johnson, Leslie - Wife of Prophecy Club founder Stan Johnson (see below), and speaker and author utilizing the PC ministry. Teaches others how to become a prophet through a related program. PC promo says Leslie is "a licensed ordained prophet." It is unknown which authority issued that "license," but perhaps we'll all be fortunate and it will expire on her next birthday, like other licenses frequently do. Since the Prophecy Club is all about money, it's not likely she'll lose her license when her prophecy license fees go up (all fees go up you know). It's more likely her and Stan will take the multi-year discount, and renew her prophecy license for 7 years instead of the usual 3 1/2.

Johnson, Stan - Prophecy Club founder, Stan anointed himself as an Apostle some years ago. That way, he can cover all the bases that wife Leslie is not fully licensed to address. For more, see The Postacy Club. 

Jonathan Hansen - Washington state Ministry with 501c(3) that periodically works in Shortwave radio.

Joseph Chambers - See ProFile under False Prophets. MORE

Joyce Riley - Long time patriot figure with Dave Von Kleist with lengthy history in patriot movements. Early visibility as advocate of veterans with Gulf War Syndrome. Many enemies in radio community accusing Riley of numerous infractions, few charges have amounted to more than professional jealousies due to her continuing popularity in radio. Riley's program, The Power Hour, has been carried on many stations. 

Judas Iscariot - Disciple of Jesus Christ that betrayed him. In 2006, an extensive campaign was launched to use Judas to attack the reliability of the Gospel accounts. In coordination with a simultaneous media assault via the so called DaVinci Code, and James Tabor's new book The Jesus Dynasty, it is self evident a systematic assault on the Scriptures in now in progress. The Scriptures plainly portray Judas as a betrayer who was carried away by his own iniquity.

Judas Iscariot (meaning ish-kerioth or "the man from kerioth") is a rather intriguing microcosm of men that want to do things their way rather than God's way. As the treasurer of the disciples, it's clear money was a factor. Scripture hints at his disagreement with Christ as to the course the LORD's ministry should have taken. It's likely Judas wanted to politicize Jesus and broaden his base of appeal through worldly methodologies. When he saw he couldn't control Jesus' decisions, and realizing his heart was an open book to Christ (John 13:21), he sought to cash in. The pattern is clear in that Judas and the Antichrist are the only two parties ever referred to as "the son of perdition" (John 17:12, II Thess 2:3) giving rise to the faulty early belief that Iscariot would return as the Antichrist.

See also The Gospel Of Judas and James Tabor for more on a related heresy. 

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