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Hal Turner - A political radio host that formed an entity called the Turner Network, an Internet only talk radio organization, Turner is a foul mouthed bigot that routinely uses 4 letter words on his broadcast. At one time, he was topping the Internet talk charts with his brand of bashing Jews, Blacks, Latinos, and anyone else that he could fault for America's woes. The Jewish owner of shortwave station WBCQ actually tolerated Turner's vile verbal bile for a lengthy period when others would not broadcast his program on shortwave. Turner apparently couldn't convert solid streaming audio numbers into financial support and he went off the air in 2004 after a vain attempt to sell the net. Although we periodically hear he's returned to radio, his present activities are unknown to us. 

Hank Hanegraaff - Hanegraaff wormed his way into control at the Christian Research Institute at the death of Dr. Walter Martin. He has been repeatedly accused of plagiarism by multiple sources who can read two books side by side and recognize word for word theft when they see it. He was recently the subject of an informal probe by postal officials over his claim a California post office diverted donations earmarked for CRI to another party. Using that accusation as an "emergency" fund raising device, a postal official has stated the matter would be investigated.  

Hanegraaff is a flashy media magnet that has stirred enormous opposition by staffers at the counter-cult oriented CRI through several scandals. The most notorious involved a probe into a cultic group being exposed by CRI. Shortly after a critical examination began, observers claim significant donations came directly to Hanegraaff from members of the aberrant religious group. Shortly thereafter, CRI gave the cult a `clean bill of health.' There are several other scandals involving Hanegraaff including his huge salary, an opulent estate paid for by the 501c3 non-profit corporation, and other abuses. More recently, Hanegraaff has authored a book where he came out squarely in favor of Preterism. For more on Hank Hanegraaff, see the ProFile book Hank Hanegraaff And The Christian Research Institute.   

Hanukkah - Also seen as The Festival Of Lights, or The Feast Of Dedication. See the article The Heathen Roots Of The Hanukkah Bush under doctrine in the ProFiles section of CMR.

Hawkins/Yisrayl - Sacred Name Cult leader at House Of Yahweh in Texas. See House Of Yahweh (also the name of his periodical) under Media in the ProFiles section.

HAARP - The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project based in Gakona Alaska. HAARP is a breakthrough technology capable of applications in weaponry, communications, and even brain wave transmission. Based on Nikola Tesla's genius, HAARP arrays are being deployed around the world. Very scary stuff. MORE

Henry Hills - A false prophet promoting Ellen G White teachings on the Internet. He has been confronted for his dissimulations and continues to preach false doctrine.  

Herbert W Armstrong - See the lengthy ProFile The House That Herbert Built under False Prophets. Armstrong was an adherent of British-Israelism, and a thorough refutation of that doctrine may be found in the book Recognizing Christian Identity

Heritage Radio Network - Now defunct Patriot Network. Formerly known as Republic Radio (see snapshot under R), owner Loris Thompkins renamed the network Heritage after the theft of her studio equipment, Satellite transponders, and even a mass host defection at the hands of Genesis Communications Network (see snapshot under G).  MORE

Heron, Patrick - Prophecy author based in Dublin Ireland marketing a book and videos on the Nephilim (The Nephilim And The Pyramid Of The Apocalypse). Heron's Rapture Cult orientation ruins any contribution to the subject. Besides the fact he's a false prophet with the typical Cult nonsense on the "rapture" fraud, 7 year Antichrist treaty with the Jews, rebuilt temple, ad nauseum, something is very fishy about this guy. In personal correspondence and liner notes in his book, Heron asserts he has a PhD in Literature, a Masters in Business, and a Bachelors degree in Theology; yet in an email exchange I asked him if he was a Dispensationalist -- and his response was "I don't know what that is." We can only wonder how a person can get a degree in theology and not know the dominant theological system of our time? Don't waste your time or money on this pretender or his products.

Historicism - Largely Protestant interpretive system which assigns historical events long past to prophetic statements thought to occur in the future. See Ellen G White, or for a pointed look at the fraudulent historicist claim that the Papacy invented futurism in order to deflect from his its supposed identity as the Antichrist, see The Pope Invented Futurist Prophecy?

Hook, Jack - Writer of the book Babylon The Great Is Falling. See the essay under False Prophets

Holy Place - Reference in Scripture to inner portion of OT Temple, considered the most sacred. Also called Holy of Holies, drawn from Hebrews 9:12,25 in NT context. Jews repeatedly accused Paul of blaspheming the Holy Place (Acts 6:13, 21:28) as Paul plainly taught the Holy Place is now in Heaven, where Christ is seated. See Stand In The Holy Place

Horowitz, Leonard  - See Snapshots under L for a brief synopsis on Len Horowitz.

House Of Yahweh - Sacred Name group run by Yisrayl Hawkins. See the essay on the newsletter House Of Yahweh.

How Governments Disarm Citizens -  Patriot book of some repute detailing historic moves by governments to disarm the civilian populace. The book demonstrates that every gun grab in history has been followed by oppression and tyranny. Written by Doug Hudson (see more on Hudson in the snapshots under D), the host of the Founding Fathers Broadcast. MORE 

Hunt, Dave - Best selling Rapture Cult author, speaker, and primary contributor of the cult newsletter The Berean Call. See the lengthy ProFile under False Prophets. MORE.

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