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his section is designated to cover various types of media, including print and broadcasting. We have also placed studies related to the Bible and scholarship (translations, manuscripts, etc) here because the Bible is media. For examplthe Aramaic translation called the Peshitta is media, and it is detailed here. This section also profiles media personalities (radio, tv, & print celebrities) who are not necessarily identified in a ministry category, or any of the other subsets found in this ProFiles section. Periodicals and other publications are included.

The topics and individuals below are media oriented, and they are influential enough to merit their inclusion on our website.

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Alex Jones

American Free Press

FBI Memo Connects UFO
To JFK Assassination

FBI Releases Classified Proof Of ET

George Lamsa (Peshitta)

House Of Yahweh Newsletter

Lord's Coming Herald

Media Tower Of Babel
Misrepresents Turmoil

Response Unlimited

Shem Tov Manuscript

Syrian Upheaval Ignored
By Mainstream Media

The Book

The Download Of Life

The Media Massages The Message

US To Fund $20m Remake
Of Sesame Street

Battle Cry (Jack Chick)

Colonel Bo Gritz

Busybodies & Bulletin Boards

Glen Beck Leading Mormons Into
Two House Union

Good Christian Bitches?

Internet Eblasters Present
Potpourri Of Opinions

Media Spin Continues
As Contamination Spreads

Paper Prophets

Secular Bible Study Hour

Sidewinder Seeking Salvation

The Corrupt Tree Called The NIV

The Media Demon

Toledoth Yeshu

Wave Of TV Personalities
With On-Air Aphasia

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